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Join US Defense Watch Radio host, Ray Starmann, at 1230 PST, today, for another action packed, no holds barred, zero politically correct show. Ray will outline in detail the PC, Diversity and Leftists Destruction in the US military during the last six months, while discussing who is responsible for the complete wussification and feminization of our military. Ray will also discuss the day’s news events. Fasten your seat belt for the type of conservative talk radio you won’t find anywhere else!

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  1. At this rate, the future will see the Army build/modify APCs that will hang to the rear to support pregnant and new moms.
    These special APCs will have a special suspension, so not to upset the moms and the newborns, no weapons, a refrigerator for breast milk and snacks, air conditioning, couches and padded side panels for everyone’s comfort, with at least one that will be able to be quickly converted for “delivery” operations.
    If more diapers are needed, then the APC will be able to call for an emergency air drop.
    When it’s nighty-night time, the APC can softly play music from a selection of tunes, too.
    Any enemy that dares to conduct loud firings of weapons will receive a properly executed chastisement from the unit’s JAG – so there.

  2. i said i would never return,,,,,,when the republicans win,,,,they loot the country for the wall street wealth class and global corporations,,,,,via historic tax breaks and stuffing the federal reserve with wall street stooges…the repukelicans are no friend of mainstreet, they win because they are the lesser of two evils,,,BUT THEY ARE STILL EVIL INCARNATE!…TRUMP IS A WALL STREET STOOGE,,,,some say a sock puppet for the city of london rothschilds that bailed him out wth a hugemongus loan in the late 80’s or early 90’s……..HOWEVER PULLING BRENNAN’S TICKET AND DRAWING FIRE FROM OBAMA LACKEYS LIKE THE RED RAVEN AND A FEW OTHER GRANDSTANDING BRASS HATS,,,,and EVEN PETRAEUS,,,,,who was seduced and abandoned by a twerp of girl and resigned in utter disgrace as cia chief, MOTIVATES ME TO ADMIT……that his political action against the commie voting brennan SHOWED CHUTZPAH…..the country would be better off with pence as chief,,,,,a country club poster guy repulican if there ever was one,,,,,he would go along to get along but his historic views on the federal reserve are in keeping with the needs of retirees who are being slowly killed off and drained of their nest eggs.,,now as the STAR MAN knows,,,,IF ANY OF THESE DOUBLE DIPPING GRANSTANDING RETIRED BRASS HATS REALLY WANTED THEIR TICKETS PULLED….they would put it in a formal request per DOD policies and procedures and submit thru their COC liasIon office. these rear echelon heros can’t get off the stage.,,and i always thought bin laden died in tora bora,,,,?

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