The Pillars of America

By Joe Ragonese

There are six pillars that have held up America in its 242-year existence, they are the pillars that caused us to seek independence from England in 1776, the same pillars that made America great in the first place; and the same six that will continue to make us great again.  No matter what progressives and the left try to sell us, they are the exact same six pillars that caused the Trump revolution in 2016.

The first is “One Nation.”  Sounds rather mundane, but our nation is under attack internally from those, like New York Governor Cuomo, who belittles this nation as having never been that great in the first place.  Cuomo offers big government, higher taxes, gun control, open borders and censorship of those who do not think like him.  The absolute greatness of this country is that it rejects all of those ideas as anathema to our Constitution.

Open borders is a surreptitious route to destroying the nation from within.  It is the reason that controlling our southern border became such an issue during the 2016 Presidential election.  Real Americans, from Maine to California, instinctively knew to maintain America as one nation, they needed protected borders.  It is why President Trump’s message, “Build the Wall,” resonated with every real American.

The second pillar is “Under God.”  We are a nation not simply because we fought and bled for it, we are a nation because God intervened on our behalf.  How else could artisans, farmers, mechanics and smiths have joined together to beat the largest, best trained and dedicated army in the world?  America was blessed by our Lord at its founding, and anyone who knows about the sacking of Washington D.C. during the war of 1812 knows that an unheard-of inland hurricane swept the British out of our capital just prior to defeating us.  That was God playing his hand to sustain us until we could sustain ourselves.

Throughout our nationhood, God has protected us; right up to and including 2016, when against all odds, Americans went to the polls in unheard of numbers to defeat the agent of Satan.  (OK, maybe I am going a bit far, but if Clinton wasn’t directed by the evil one, she sure behaved as if she was.)  Against all the odds throughout the world, Donald J. Trump became the 45th President.  It was just as great a victory as was our founding after the revolution, and just as unbelievable.  Those who do not think that God played a part in that, should rethink how it all played out.

The third pillar is “Indivisible.”  I can already see the skeptics out there pulling their hair out and shouting at the computer that America has never been indivisible.  We are a nation where you can’t put three people in the same room to agree on anything.  Bill Clinton best showed how divided we are when he asked, “It depends on what is, is.”  That’s how divided we are.  But under the surface of all that division America believes in certain real principals.  Liberals, conservatives, independents, and even libertarians all agree on freedom of (put whatever you want here) is the pillar that sets America apart from all other nations.  Freedom is the unspoken pillar that binds us together like peanut butter to jelly.  It is that glue that sent liberals, conservatives, independents and libertarians to the polls in 2016 to strike down progressives, who do not want freedom; rather they want serfdom to all of us.

Donald Trump, in his quest for the Presidency knew that more binds Americans together than separates us.  It is why he went to the black community and simply asked what they have gained through Democrats, even the first black President, and what do they have to lose by voting for him?  That simple logic garnered him enough votes with the black and Hispanic communities to move into the White House.

As fractious as our MSM tries to make America seem, there is more that binds us together than that which divides us.  So, even though our indivisibility seems shredded, do not believe the MSM, we are as strongly together today as we have ever been.  This writer will make a prediction that both the House of Representatives and Senate will remain under the control of the Republican Party, in fact gaining Trump supporters this November.  In 2016, Trump made us aware of the fake news out there, it was his attempt to keep up our spirits.  Let us not forget, that same MSM is still spewing out fake news every day.

The fourth pillar is “With Liberty.”  Liberty is freedom.  Our constitution guarantees us certain inalienable rights; and then spells them out.  Right now, each and every one (except maybe the one about housing soldiers in our houses against our will) are under attack.  A recent article reinforced that the evil empire of progressives is fighting back.  Even after a Colorado baker was exonerated by the Supreme Court for not serving a gay couple, and the Colorado Human Rights Commission excoriated, that same commission is doubling down against the baker and continuing to punish him for believing in the Bible.

The baker’s legal team has had to file another suit against the commission in federal court to get them to back off.  The evil empire will continue to fight back until we get so many Trump federal judges on the bench that they can no longer use the legal system against our freedoms.  Without freedom, there is no liberty.  What progressives want is for us to submit to them.  They want us to bow to their superiority.  But that will never happen in America because we bow to no one, except Obama who bowed to every despot and tyrant in the world, while apologizing for America’s greatness.

The fifth pillar is “Justice.”  Remember candidate Trump bringing crowds to their feet shouting, “Lock her up”?  That is justice.  We are a nation of laws, it is clearly stated in our Constitution what those laws are and what is sacrosanct and what is left to the states or the people.  Leaving so much to the states and people have led to places like New York City and Chicago imposing outrageous taxes on soft drinks ostensibly to control the obesity epidemic; but rather to bring in more money that they can than hand out to buy votes.  In both places, the taxes were reversed; however, states and the people have a great leeway as to what laws they can pass.

It is the laws they cannot pass that are the most contentious today.  Progressives want to disarm us.  It is part and parcel of their dogma.  An unarmed and defenseless citizenry is completely at the mercy of the government.  It is dictatorship 101, the first thing any tyrant does is disarm his population.

That is why the 2nd Amendment is under constant attack, and why places like New York, with its despot Governor, are attacking the National Rifle Association by intimidating insurance companies that do business with them or any other organization that protects those who use a weapon to defend themselves.  Justice must protect our Constitution and constitutional rights, or else there is no justice.  It is why we must once again trek to the polls in November to insure justice remains a pillar of America’s greatness.

The sixth, and last pillar, is, “For All.”  When we Trump supporters were shouting, “Lock her up,” we meant just that.  The Clinton’s have run a criminal empire for so many years that they seem to be above the law, so our demanding justice for them was a part of our need to insure equality.  But in order for the pillars that make America great to work, ‘for all’ means that no one is above the law.

The Clinton’s were not the only ones who openly violated the laws of this land; so too did too many unknown bureaucrats who were, even as candidate Trump campaigned, violating ours and his civil rights.  The mantra, “Drain the Swamp” became the battle cry to insure for all that in America we are all subject to the same laws.  As this is being written, Obama should be looking over his shoulder if we ever really get to the point of ‘for all.’

Of course, these six pillars of America are well known to every reader.  They are part and parcel of our Pledge of Allegiance.   It is why progressives have made reading the Pledge of Allegiance an option in almost every school in America.  In fact, this writer read several days ago that one East Coast school has stopped reading the pledge all together; God forbid someone take offense at the words.

We have a long way to go to return to the Greatness that America was half a century ago; however, we are on our way back.  President Trump touched each and every pillar of America during his unprecedented Presidential campaign, and it resonated with all real Americans.  Once again, we need to come together to beat back the forces of evil during our mid-term elections.

It won’t end the fight, but will leverage it in our favor for the first time in 60 years.  And that is a good start.

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