J. Stewart Cook’s Canadian Commentary

Is the United States of America at that point of closure…the final nail in the coffin? Did it take an American President to bury the country for good? Or will this “near death experience” bring it back to full life with a new structure of governance.

God forbid that a country take a totally new approach in how it is administered. Is there only one way to govern a country?

Is it now in a state of “mayhem,” engulfed in great confusion, chaos, disorder, and possibly destruction?

Rise up people and embrace the man you elected to take you to the promised land…”Make America Great Again.” Don’t look at him with disdain but with respect and admiration. His failures, weaknesses have all been exposed. At no given time was he forgiven for his “trespasses,” and, yet, so many have already “cast the first stone,” with abundant sin upon their very own souls. Is he able to cleanse himself, once and for all, or will his faults be his “default,” never be expunged and remain a trait of his governance?

The election of Donald Trump, as President of the United States of America, made every American look at themselves in a comparative way. Am I like him? Is there any minute resemblance? Yes, I have committed some of the same “transgressions” he has committed. Yes, I have sought to cover my sinfulness. Has he lied, or only misled the people he governs?

Why do we want to crucify this man? Why are there people ready to forgive him over and over again? WHO IS THIS PERSON?

Donald Trump “symbolizes” what was to be the “inevitable” in our society of today…LOST CONSCIENCE. We have lost our inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct, however, impelling one toward the right action.

We do not need to examine, religious beliefs, faith, prayer, for these are fundamental values that remain with those who “believe” under any circumstance.

For many, they are no longer aware of their own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings. The values they once held so strongly have deteriorated to the point that they are now “valueless.”  Each individual has their own set of values. What may be morally wrong to one may not be to another.

Since the election of Donald Trump, many have tried to impose their moral ways upon a man who seems to live in a soulless vacuum. Every possible word has been used to depict  him, for he is seen as merciless in every sense of the way. Any “good” this man may do is not recognized for what it is worth.

Is Donald Trump too unconventional to truly understand what makes him who he is? Can we afford to expend the time analizing every word, action emanating from him? Or have we resigned ourselves to letting this man govern the country, knowing that our best interests are at heart. One wonders what it would have been like had all typically endorsed the new President with all his faults and failures.

As of this day, nothing the size of a political tsunami has occurred. It has not been smooth sailing by any stretch of the imagination. Nonetheless, there have been positive developments. Words have been most damaging and unproductive. Unless the nuclear bomb is rushing through the sky and is about to strike, there is no value in discussing the possible consequences of such a strike, since it is solely based on one’s opinion and not necessarily on fact.

Is it too late? For many, they have only heard tasteless verbiage spewing out of the mouth of this President. Are they able “to turn the other cheek” forgive him and let him govern accordingly? Can we seek compromise, where both leader and people communicate in a comprehensive manner, sharing what needs to be shared, and withholding those words which only destroy the soul of the individual and the moral fabric of society.

Like many, I have witnessed the sordid, hypocritical, disrespectful, (ad nauseam), conduct of politicians, media, academia, citizens. It is a true embarrassment to a society. Yet, it is not an “apologetic” society, for no one has humbled him or herself to forgive the indiscretions of others.

It would seem that the phrase “Make America Great Again” has focused on the economic well being of the country. On the other hand, it has exposed a side of America that would have been better off kept buried. Truth be known, it is the best thing that could have ever happened. The immoral conduct, by so many, has been brought to light. Not by humans, but by the grace of God, America will one day stand as one and espouse what has unfortunately been lost…IN GOD WE TRUST!