In the Army, the Delusion Keeps Rolling Along…

By Ray Starmann

Meet the Army of 2018, where men are women, women are men, Mommies are Rangers and breast milk is served on tap in the First Sergeant’s lactation station.

In order for the complete and final unraveling of the Army’s fighting spirit and combat power to occur, the concept of gender neutrality has to be served up on a platter to the young, gullible Millennial masses and shoved down the throats of the last breed of hardass old school holdouts who are 60 days and wake up away from escaping from an organization they have seen go from the Dirty Dozen to Romper Room in just two decades.

In an Army, where we have witnessed cadets parading around in high heels, grunts from the Big Red One (a unit that landed on Omaha Beach) don pregnancy simulators, generals tell us that pregnancies don’t affect combat readiness, and the complete and utter erosion of all standards at the JKF Special Warfare Center and School, comes a new and brilliant idea from the minds of the politically correct martinets and feather merchants who call themselves generals – the GENDER NEUTRAL ARMY COMBAT FITNESS TEST.

As part of the Army’s ongoing Maoist feminist revolution, the very idea that men and women are different has to be eradicated. The concept that men are stronger and faster than women has to be obliterated. The Army’s Bright Shining Lie must continue to move forward; that massive Pinocchio that one, women are meeting the same physical standards in the combat arms as men and two, that they are the same physically as men.

Allow me to let you in on a dirty little secret, the physical standards in the combat arms are disappearing faster than dust in the wind. To this date, the Army has now graduated a dozen women from Ranger School, yet refuses to release any of their records to enquiring members of Congress. The stories of special treatment for women at Benning range from pre, pre, pre Ranger training to dieticians, showers every three days for the ladies and endless chances to pass patrols and events. Then there’s Smoke Bomb Hill, down at Bragg, where the senior cadre in Special Forces are firing so much smoke that they can’t find the mirrors they’re using to distort the truth. And, the truth is that there are apparently no physical standards left at Bragg for those at the Special Forces Qualification or Q Course. In a nutshell, your 100 year old great grandma could earn a Green Beret now.

The standards have been dropped or disappeared completely for one simple fact – women cannot meet the standards. And, women must be integrated into the combat arms because the Army’s leaders have decided that diversity is more important than winning wars.

Which, brings us back to the Army’s new PT test. The Pentagon Perfumed Princes and Princesses have informed the world that the days where troopers had to crank out standard push ups and sit ups is as passe as ‘Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em,’ running in boots, shining those boots, stripper night at Graf and carrier landings in the O Club ballroom.

In an Army with 170,000 females something had to be done. Enter the Gender Neutral PT Test. There will no longer be different standards for men and women, because there are no differences in men and women our dear leaders tell us. The Army has also stated that there are no means of evaluation/scoring established yet.


Everyone gets a trophy!

By October 2020, the new test, dubbed the Army Combat Fitness Test, will replace the three-event Army Physical Fitness Test, which was used for nearly four decades, said Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost, the chief of the Army’s Center for Initial Military Training at Fort Eustis in Virginia. By that time, soldiers across the force will have to pass the new test twice a year to remain in the service.

You remember General Frost, he was the guy who wanted to enlist self-cutters and bi-polar wack jobs before he was sabot’d by General Milley.

The new test consists of six different events, all designed apparently to be both age gender neutral, because after all a battlefield is age and gender neutral. Who hasn’t heard about the senior citizen females who stormed the ash-laden hills of Iwo Jima?

Good God…

The events are:

Strength deadlift: Soldiers will perform three repetitions of deadlift at the heaviest weight they are capable of between 120 and 420 pounds. The deadlift replicates picking up heavy equipment or a wounded comrade in combat.

Well, I for one, would definitely want a 95lb female dragging me to safety in combat. No doubt the Army will be hiding the deadlift stats, just like they destroyed the Ranger School records.

Standing power throw: Soldiers will throw a 10-pound medicine ball backward as far as they can. The exercise tests muscular explosive power, replicating aiding a fellow soldier over an obstacle or moving rapidly across uneven terrain.

Hand-release push-up: Soldiers will perform as many hand-release push-ups as possible in two minutes. In a hand-release push-up, soldiers lift their hands and arms from the ground at the bottom of the push-up.

The hand release pushup allows the person cranking out the pushups to rest for a moment, when you come to a complete stop. It is a favorite among the soccer mom cross fit community and therefore loved by the Army’s leaders.

Sprint, drag, carry: Soldiers will twice sprint up and down a 25-meter lane, drag a 90-pound sled up and down the lane, and carry two 40-pound kettlebell weights up and down the lane. The exercises are meant to simulate pulling a soldier to safety, moving quickly to cover or carrying gear.

Leg tuck: Hanging from a pull-up bar, soldiers will lift their legs up and down touching their knees or thighs to their elbows as many times as possible during two minutes. The exercise strengthens core muscles, requiring more strength than traditional sit-ups.

Two-mile run: Soldiers will complete the test with a two-mile run, as they must in the APFT. However, Frost said, soldiers will have only five minutes of rest between the leg tuck and the run, which will likely slow their times by 45 seconds to two minutes compared to the current test.

According to the Army, the new gender neutral test will help alleviate negative attitudes towards women serving in the combat arms.

The Left, and I would include most of the military’s leaders in that group seems to forget one simple point – you can’t change nature, no matter how many Power Point presentations you do and no matter how many times you drop or erase standards. The new gender neutral test, will show, like the old PT test that women do not have the same physical strength as men, nor do they have the same aerobic capacity.

War is about operational tempo. It’s about inflicting death on your enemy faster and more violently than the other guy; and yes, we will be fighting men. No matter what the social engineers say or do, they cannot answer one simple question: how does having women in the combat arms increase a unit’s operational tempo?

Having gender neutral tests won’t do anything for the Army except propagate the lie.

And, that’s what it all is, a Bright, Shining Lie…

24 comments on “In the Army, the Delusion Keeps Rolling Along…
  1. I miss the Army, mainly for the camaraderie and the structured days, but this it just total bullshit. No matter what you erase, no matter how many times you say it or drill it, you can’t change the biological fact that men’s and women’s bodies are different for a reason. I have really no issues with women serving their country in the military, but to continue the lie that women can do just as much on the battlefield is just flat out bullshit. I am not sexist by any means, but I am a realist. Islamic Jihadists don’t care that female soldiers can’t move as fast or carry the same weight that male soldiers can, and they will kill a female soldier just as quickly an a male soldier, regardless of their gender, and they sure as shit don’t care about “Gender Neutral” armies that are too wrapped up in Political Correctness to be concerned with preparing a military for war on all fronts, let alone graduating those who have actually slugged it out to graduate from Ranger School, or even SFQC.

  2. The Russians and the Chinese don’t play this SJW garbage. They also spend about 10% of what we do and they have many systems that are at parity or better then the US. We are screwed at this point either Russia or China would kick our ass. The US would have to nuclear but then again we have no defense against hyper-sonic missiles and we call Russian subs blackholes because we can’t detect them.

  3. Special Operators of today are like what good, hard stripe corporals and 11bravo E-5s were like in times past. Same on down the line.
    We pay a lot of tax money for marginal results.
    The PLA and the Red Army love it.

  4. During WWII, my grandmother and several of her sisters served in THE STEEL MILLS at home, while also looking after their families who were without fathers, husbands and brothers fighting overseas.

    Whoever thought women should serve by fighting on battlefields? No amount of $Billions will fix this insanity.

  5. I think back to Vietnam and I’d bet we never had women soldiers anywhere but in hospitals – Saigon might have been an exception, I don’t know.
    I can imagine if women were assigned country-wide there what would have happened – KIAs and WIAs would have increased among men because most of us were raised to protect women. Probably not PC today, but there it was.

  6. Where is the video showing Ray Starmann doing these “easy” tests.

    Ray, do you realize that 90% of soldiers are support?

    • I was in the Army when we had the regular PT test. And, doesn’t matter if you are support. Every soldier is a rifleman.

  7. White soldiers:
    It’s widely assumed that American minority soldiers are suffering a disproportionate number of deaths in the current war. Yet, according to iCasualites, 74% of all American fatal casualties in the Iraq war have been suffered by non-Hispanic whites. In 2004, non-Hispanic whites only made up 67% of the total population, and, more relevantly, only 61% of the 25-year-olds, which might be about the representative age of the fatalities.
    So, young whites are dying in Iraq at a per capita rate more than 80% higher than young minorities. If you are wondering about how I calculated that, it’s:
    (74% / 61%) / (26% / 39%)
    What you definitely won’t see elsewhere is an explanation of the most likely reason for this racial imbalance: IQ. To be allowed to enlist, you have to score 92 or higher on the military’s IQ test, the Armed Forces Qualification Test (the same one used throughout The Bell Curve.) Since 1992, only 1% of new military enlistees have had IQs below the 30th percentile nationally.
    This requirement disqualifies about half of all Hispanics and over 60% of all blacks from joining up, versus less than a quarter of all whites.
    Steve Sailer: iSteve: Average IQ of enlisted men……
    Yet white soldiers must also endure this:
    “Outrageous – that is the only word to describe this type of raw racist indoctrination,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The Obama administration undermines the morale of our military with morally repugnant ‘equal opportunity training’ that makes many soldiers feel unwelcome because they are the wrong sex, race, religion or aren’t part of a politically correct group.”
    White Privilege – Judicial Watch

  8. This propagates my beliefs that the Army is, or about to become one gigantic Social Services organization.
    Seeing pregnant women promoted while in uniform is sickening.
    These are just dummies not literate-enough to get a regular government job, but love the bennies.

    • Please explain how a woman, by conscientiously choosing to start a family during peacetime, in garrison, or say, right after a deployment meaning she will have the time to finish said pregnancy out in garrison, and is also promotable, is sickening.

      Do you have anything to stand on, or are you offended by well-organized, hard-working, successful women?

  9. I wasn’t in the Army, but in the Marines. The same thing happens in ALL of the Armed Forces in the present day. Men and Women are not the same, and for someone to say they are is sacrosanct to the extreme. There are some Men who are destined to serve in the Armed Forces, and fewer Women, but neither one of them should be taught or obliged to be instructed for combat unless and until they can perform what any other servicemen would do in combat. Otherwise, they are not hired in any of the Armed Forces.

  10. Because of the ultra liberal policies of the eight year Obama Administration, the U.S. Military was headed down hill fast……things are beginning to turn around, we may have to crank up the Draft to get some muscle involved and continue weeding out females and other activist…..the problem begins with Home Parenting……kids going into the Military are totally unprepared for life away from protective parents, nothing New and can be turned around if High School Gym Coaches start kicking a little Butt……….

  11. So let me get this straight – is this article seriously arguing that the useless push-up, sit-up, and 2-mile run APFT is a GOOD measure of what Soldiers need to be able to do in combat?

    Is this article arguing that the Special Forces Regiment, which is mercilessly undermanned right now due to lack of qualified candidates, is now the easy button when the Security Force Assistance Brigades give you a brown beret and a combat advisor badge after a six week advisor course?

    Or is this article just a pussy footed method of obscuring some gender anger for an Army that’s had women in it for almost 40 years?

    Fight on keyboard warriors. Keep telling those of us who are still dying in Afghanistan how much pussier we are compared to your Cold War basic training stories

    • No one is saying the PT Test is supposed to be a measure of what you have to do in combat. It’s a measure of your fitness level. As you know, the current and old PT test had STANDARDS, something that is disappearing in the military in order to pretend women can hack it in the combat arms. A gender and age neutral PT test is a joke. You know it and I know it.

      And, you can read the whole letter on SOFREP, about the complete destruction of standards down at Bragg if you don’t believe it.

      Also, there were no women in the combat arms or in many support jobs that put women close to the FLOT 40, 30 or 25 years ago.

      And, like many of my readers, I’m not just a keyboard warrior. You can check my bio. The army you are serving in has a lot of issues; social issues, discipline issues, leadership issues. You don’t see it, because like a kid growing up in a dysfunctional family you see what is abnormal as normal military life.


      • GARRYOWEN! lmao im there now, and i can tell you personally the social, discipline, and leadership issues is exactly why in combat this unit expects over 80% casualties. It is a disgrace to stand and serve besides 75% of the soldiers next to me. Not at all what i hoped and dreamt of experiencing in the army. It has become one big joke and nearly impossible to find the thirst to reenlist.

        • Thanks for your comments and your service. I wish you could have experienced the army under better conditions, when its senior leaders weren’t PC feather merchants. The army used to work hard and play hard and no one really gave a damn what you did as long as you didn’t violate any UCMJ. Morale was high because we not only knew we were good, but we knew our leaders had our backs and actually cared. If you ain’t cav…

  12. If today’s Politically Correct Armed Forces had to Parachute into occupied France and storm the beaches at Normandy (D-Day), I do believe Germany would be able to completely repel the invasion in a matter of 72 hours. Imagine these 12 “Women” Rangers having to storm the cliffs and take out the guns at Pointe du Hoc. One day soon, we are in for the biggest ass-whooping…

  13. If today’s Politically Correct Armed Forces had to Parachute into occupied France and storm the beaches at Normandy (D-Day), I do believe Germany would be able to completely repel the invasion in a matter of 72 hours. Imagine these 12 “Women” Rangers having to storm the cliffs and take out the guns at Pointe du Hoc. On day soon, we are in for a huge as-whooping…

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