The United States Space Corps is Coming and the Sooner, the Better

By Joe Ragonese

President Trump recently announced that he has decided to form an independent armed force whose responsibility will be the protection of our assets in outer space.  He noted that space has become a warfighting realm, and that America is falling behind other countries efforts to reign supreme in that element.  He emphatically stated that will not happen, and that we will once again become the leader in outer space.

With dreams of returning to the moon, and actually putting a man on Mars, the President has decided to revamp NASA, that his predecessor destroyed for political reasons.  Like President John F. Kennedy, this President has the vision to reach for the stars.  He also has the pragmatism to understand that due to the importance of our satellites orbiting in outer space that control almost every aspect of our daily lives, they have become a target for our enemies.

Establishing a Space Corps is important to our national security, and one only has to look at those who ridicule the idea, and those who oppose it, to realize just how important a step this is.  Of course, the MSM ridiculed the idea as out of hand, being the military experts that they are.  Just as they ridiculed President Reagan’s multi-faceted outer space ballistic missile defense system, called the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), which they dubbed as ‘Star Wars’, in an attempt to belittle the project and the President.

SDI was so important, that it bankrupted the Soviet Union, trying to keep up with the advances made, causing the collapse of worldwide communism.  The MSM never understood, nor did they try to, the significance of the project.  Today, many advances in battlefield technologies are the result of the studies done with the SDI undertaking.

But, more important than the ridicule from the MSM about formation of a USSC, are the responses from China and Russia, our potential adversaries in the outer space battleground.  Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Geng Shang said that China has noted relevant reports about Trump’s proposal.  “Outer space,” Geng said, “is all humanity’s property.”  He went on to add, “China advocates the peaceful use of outer space and opposes the placement of weapons, and an arms race in outer space.  In particular, we oppose turning outer space into a battlefield.  We hope that all parties could work together to ensure that outer space will forever be peaceful and tranquil.”

Geng was questioned by a reporter about China’s own militarization of outer space, which he refused to answer.   A typical reply to a rather obvious question.  China knows that the MSM in the west will not push that issue too far in their lust to embarrass President Trump.  Yet him going before the world’s press to push back on America trying to defend its outer space assets, tells a lot about the importance of moving forward with the effort.

Russia’s foreign ministry was more aggressive in its statement, declaring that Trump is courting a military confrontation in outer space.  “The purpose of the instruction (Trump ordering the development of a space corps),” stated Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, “was described in very clear terms—dominance in space.”

Zakharova continued in an agitated tone, “A military confrontation in outer space could have the same destructive effects as the nuclear race into which the United States plunged the world after World War II.”  She then denied the Pentagon’s assertions that Russia is among the countries working on weapons that could attack the American satellite network, even though only two days prior they tested a space interceptor missile.

“As for those who wish to know more about Russia’s military space force, I’d like to stress that its nature is purely defensive,” Zakharova said, “Our country is not interested in tackling any tasks in space with the use of attack weapons,” she claimed.

Both nations, who are weaponizing outer space and have been ever since Obama gave up on it, have their own space forces as independent arms of their national military.  They do not want America to start one of our own because right now they have a significant advantage in outer space warfighting capabilities.  They want to continue with that advantage.

President Trump is correct that we need an independent Space Corps, which this writer outlined the reasons for in an article at U.S. Defense Watch on July 22, 2017, titled, “The United States Space Corps.”  Under Obama NASA was gutted and its primary purpose was to prove that global warming is real and that we must take drastic steps to solve the problem.  That gutting by Obama terminated all forward movement on military development to protect our assets in orbit.

It was so complete a destruction of NASA, that the USAF had to use private and foreign rockets to deploy military satellites into orbit.  We even relied on Russian spacemen to repair our satellites.  The complete decay of our space program rendered us to the mercy of Russia and China to continue threatening our space assets.  Only China and Russia’s recent aggressive militarization of outer space has brought to light our deficiencies in that area.  Luckily, President Trump has seen the need to rectify that problem.

The USAF, whose job is the protection of space assets, has been too busy trying to keep 25 to 60 year old airplanes flying and fighting unending wars, at a time of reduced budgets, to spend too much of their limited money on outer space programs.  They know this and ignore it, because they are trying desperately to fulfill their present earthly mission.  This is the reason that forming a separate service for outer space is important, now.

The Navy also has a space agency within its structure; it needs to be incorporated into the new USSC, as does NASA, which no longer has the capabilities it did eight years ago.  In order to accomplish the dreams the President has for further space exploration, while protecting our present assets in space, and to regain military supremacy there, the USSC needs to be formed as soon as possible.

However, the United States Air Force, which would have oversight on the new Space Corps, is reluctant to move ahead with President Trump’s wishes to start the new service, because they see it as secondary to their primary mission on earth.  Even Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, has tried to dissuade the President from forming this new branch of the services.

President Trump must push his service heads to move forward with the project, as soon as possible, because we are behind China and Russia, and move further behind them every day.  The Air Force talks about developing outer space programs, yet continues to move forward only on its earthly warfighting abilities and assets.

It is the reason we need a dedicated United States Space Corps whose only responsibility is the protection and supremacy of outer space; and the sooner the better.

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