The New World Order: My Enemy, Your Enemy, Trump’s Enemy

By Joe Ragonese

The New World Order (NWO), sounds like something out of “Star Wars” where the ‘Federation’ attacks independent, freedom loving states who only want to govern themselves.  Science fiction writers used the new world order as some malevolent, super powerful, all seeing, all knowing secret organization that wanted nothing more than to trample on individuals and deny them freedom.

It was represented as a sinister organization who used their unlimited power to control the masses through any and all means available to them, doing horrible things in the process.  In other words, the super villain that no one could ever, in a million years, like or support.  To me the NWO was a fantasy, invented by some very creative writers to sell books and movies having the ultimate bad guys.  Someone to replace the evil empire of the Soviet Union that had collapsed several years earlier.

It was what I thought way back in 1998, when a friend of mine tried to convince me that there actually was a secret organization of rich bankers, from all over the world, trying to undermine everyone but them, through the banking system, in America as well as everywhere else in the world, and to take over governments, turning them into their puppets.  They wanted to start a NWO, with them in total control.  I said it was impossible.

How wrong I was.  Over the years I watched as the NWO ran over nation after nation in Europe, corrupting European politicians and heads of state, turning them into their personal lackeys.  In America, I watched as first the Democratic Party was bought and paid for by them, and then to my horror, the Republican Party submitted their services to the NWO, forgetting all about the voters who put them into office.  (These Republicans are RINOs like McCain and Ryan… and so many more.)

By Obama’s second term, with a Republican congress unwilling to stop him; I realized the truth, they were in it together; bought and paid for by the NWO.  The one name that everyone knows and associates with the NWO is George Soros, making him an easy target; however, as previously stated, they are a secret society, and Soros, who is wealthy beyond belief, is only their frontman.  They need someone to shield them against scrutiny, so they made him extremely rich, to do their bidding.

I know this all sounds like a fiction novel in the making, but let me assure you that it is not.  The NWO is real and working very hard to usurp every government on earth.  They were very close, especially in the west, all they needed was Hillary Clinton to win the White House and they would have been able to steam roll over any and all remaining opposition.

But America, being the home of the brave and land of the free, had other ideas.  A not so humble man, named Donald J. Trump, saw what was happening and thought that it was his patriotic duty as an American citizen to stop our descent into an abyss of anti-Americanism.  To counter our plunge into oblivion, he walked down a staircase in a building named for him, and spoke to the American people, announcing his intention to become our next President, and why.

His words resonated with the vast majority of real Americans, who voted for him in unprecedented numbers, facing the most bitter intimidation, harassment, vandalism of their private property if they so much as had a bumper sticker supporting Trump, or even his slogan, “Make America Great Again,” and God forbid if they were brave enough to place a sign supporting him on their lawn.  (That’s the home of the brave part.)

Simply for not agreeing with the feeble-minded Clinton supporters, liberals subjected real Americans to unprecedented retaliation on social media formats, by every mainstream media critic, even Clinton herself when she called us ‘deplorables,’ and even in person, as complete strangers felt empowered by the radical left to confront anyone who did not think and act exactly like them.  In unheard of numbers, Hillary sycophants confronted anyone who opposed her in any way.

Antifa, a communist terror organization, was born out of funds supplied by the NWO, as was Black Lives Matter, a terrorist organization.  Both became the muscle for the NWO, who capriciously beat anyone who showed the slightest support for Trump.  Images of masked Antifa terrorists beating men, women and children filled the television screens, and no arrest were ever made because the politicians in big Democratic cities were more politicians bought and paid for by the NWO.  Black Lives Matter terrorists rioted in the streets across this great nation shouting “Kill the Police,” “look, there’s a white person, kill them, kill them,” and nothing was done for their violent behavior, even when they had the audacity to beat white people simply for the color of their skin.

The hate-filled, small minded, Neanderthals that fell for the NWO propaganda spewed out on the MSM, owned by the NWO, who are unable to think for themselves, went on a rampage of destruction trying to humiliate, coerce, intimidate, threaten or simply force freedom loving people to vote for the NWO’s chosen one, Hillary.  But most of the NWO’s super-secret leaders are European, and had no Idea what they were up against in America.  They made the mistake of reading American mainstream media papers and listening to the MSM, believing that we would fall into line like lemmings marching to the top of a cliff.

The election of President Trump set the NWO aback, and collectively gasping for air.  What Trump’s candidacy did was make the world see that populism and national pride was a good thing; leading to Brexit.  Trump actually winning the election sent shock waves across the seas, creating an environment of renewed nationalism that has steam-rolled into several nations declaring their independence.

At the heart of the NWO is the EU (European Union).  The EU was established to form a group of nations to compete with the United States, becoming an economic powerhouse of its own.  It morphed into a front for international bankers, financiers, and tyrannical bureaucrats who wanted not economic prosperity for Europe, rather for themselves.

Their malevolent desires needed refinement and patience at first, which took them so long to get to this point, yet by 2016 they had everything in place to control the entire west, with every plan to push into Asia, Africa, and what remained of Russia.  The world was theirs, if only Donald Trump hadn’t become the 45th President.  He ruined everything.

And that’s where we are today, with a world at war with itself.  Populist, nationalist, and freedom loving people versus those who wish to be subjugated to a power that, in their minds at least, will take care of them from cradle to grave.  Sounds like communism/socialism, doesn’t it? Make no mistake that is what it is being sold as, but it is anything but.  The NWO is a tyrannical group whose only desire is to control all aspects of yours, mine, and everyone else’s lives, so that they can profit from our labor.

Like all tyrants and tyrannical governments, they will do whatever is necessary to obtain power, and everything within their power to retain it.  It means that the fictional “Federation” from Star Wars, is real and vying for total control as these words are being written.  They have suffered a setback with Trump’s election, but not a defeat.  Right now, this very instant, they are concocting plans to regroup and attack freedom loving people around the world.

The only way to stop them, is to stand firm and unite against them.  And that is already happening.  Most have not noticed, but Italy just voted in a populist government, displacing the centrist government that was on the NWO’s payroll, like Obama and company here.

Italy followed Hungry, Poland, Austria, and to lesser degrees Norway and Sweden in its move towards national independence away from the NWO.   Technically, Britain started it all, but they are having a rough time leaving the EU, because their Prime Minister, Theresa May, is a NWO maidservant.  It will not happen fast in Europe, but as more countries break away from the NWO, more look to join them.  Under Merkel, Germany has seemed like a lost nation (not the first time in history), but she may be on the verge of being ousted from power in the next week. France is once again making noises about nationalism.  Even our neighbor to the north, Canada, though not in Europe, but attached to it through the commonwealth, is undergoing discontent with its NWO lackey leader, while Australia has already severed ties to its NWO servile leadership.

In America, we are ridding ourselves of our NWO lackeys, like Paul Ryan, John McCain, and others through the ballot box, one at a time; but the deep state is full of those who still believe in the promise of cradle to grave communism that the NWO is selling.  That includes the leadership of the Democratic Party and all of its lackeys, plus the everyday unintelligent people who want cradle to grave paternalism.

People like Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, and countless others who are obstructing our move away from the NWO, are slowly being phased out; whether they like it or not.  They, too, continue to fight, but it is a losing battle as long as we stay strong and understand our enemy.

That enemy is the NWO and its promise of free stuff to everyone; at least until they seize power.  What they really offer is loss of freedom and the ability to earn a decent living; look at Obama’s eight years as a templet of what they really are.  Want more joblessness, more dependence on big brother government?  If the answer is no, you must act.

America is the land of the free only because we earned that right through revolution against tyranny.  We’ve maintained that right with the blood and treasure of real Americans who love freedom and were willing to shed their own life’s blood in order to preserve it, if not for themselves, then for their family, and even people they have never met.  It is what America is all about and who we are as a nation.

To keep that freedom, and to stop the NWO, we have to go to our polling places this November and vote for anyone but a Democrat or swamp monster.  That’s how we keep America the home of the brave, and the land of the free.

10 comments on “The New World Order: My Enemy, Your Enemy, Trump’s Enemy
  1. People this is what we are fighting. With all of us with eyes wide open and everyone knowing this —we can defeat it before it hits us hard. History shows that this way never wins, and people get hurt. We don’t want this for our children. They would end up slaves to the agenda. We are fighting it now. So keep fighting and lets bury it once and for all.!!!!!

  2. I agree with your description of the world today. I must correct one thing though. The “Federation” was Star Trek, and the Star Wars equivalent was the Empire. But you are absolutely right about the plans of the NWO, and the role played by the European Union. Search for a reference to “The RED HOUSE REPORT 07-Nov-1944,” which is the blueprint for the rise of the 4th Reich. And for further background on this do a search for the research paper “Shadow of the Swastika.” This paper outlines birth of the NWO from its origin during World War II.

  3. Of course you realize that tyranny and oppression is what the greater part of humanity lives with every day and historically tyranny of the strong and wealthy over the weak and poor has been the rule, not the exception. Practically all the Third World is ruled by sadistic and truly unjust regimes, all that remains free and democratic is the Judeo/Christian West and that is where the tyrant to be Soros is making the most headway against them too, until Trump. Remember, the powerful and wealthy think the rest of us are just dirt or tools to be used and forced to work to death. It’s the way of life for most of the planet, because of the Soros New World Order of Tyranny!

  4. in honor of PAUL REVERE a founding father of our country,,,,,,and the legendary poet, Longfellow, of whom these few words give thanks……….”.Listen my children and you shall hear, the words that shall dispel your fear, in every election and every time vote out ev’ry capitol politician for now it’s our time…they care not for yours’ and only for theirs’, and take what is yours’ as if it were theirs’.,,,for tho they know they’re alone in the blame, they’ve no remorse and no shame….so act from your courage and be without fear,,,,,,and then, my children,,,,,,you’ll know,,,,,The Great Paul Revere……….”. for father’s day 2018.

  5. The phrase “New World Order” is an old one. I saw a Three Stooges clip where the bad guy (a German during WWII, IIRC) mentions it.
    There’s probably not much difference between their goals then and their goals now: to destroy freedom, which usually means US.

  6. The only reason NWO exists, is to garner more money and power for its members. If they would ever win, they would turn us into groveling in the dirt communists. If so, how does that ensure their existence, when no more goods are produced, no internet, and abject poverty for billions of people?

  7. You have it pretty close but the NWO is way more than just European countries and their politicians or even politicians here like Clinton or Ryan. It certainly involves them.
    If you really want to learn about the NWO and the Deep State in America, the John Birch Society and the New American have been educating America (those that will listen) about both for years now. They are excellent resources for greater knowledge and how to fight them.

  8. THE NWO SPEECHES OF OLD MAN BUSH,,,,THE CFR’S…THE TRI- LATERALS,,,, BILDEBERGS…THE FEDERAL RESERVE,,,,THE CENTRAL BANKS,, THE IMF,,,,THE WORLD BANK,,,,,,,ARE LITTLE KNOWN TO AMERICANS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,IMPORTANTLY,,,,,,,,,,NONE OF THE USUAL RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVE or LEFT WING NUT BLOWHARDS…..on talk radio,,,,,,cable,,,,,,net blogs and rags,,,,,,THE MSM,,,,THE OLD MEDIA,,,,,,,will OUT……these orgs….they are taboo……LIMBAUGH, INGRAHAM, COULTER, HANNITY,,,,,,,,et al …….wont touch them….THE ONLY PERSON OF GRAVITAS AND PORTFOLIO TO BASH THE FEDERAL RESERVE FROM THE POV OF THE POPULISTS who are beiing robbed at the bank since 2001,,,,,,,,,,is DAVID STOCKMAN,,,,,,,youtube old man bush’s NWO speeches……reagan considered bush,,,,,,,downstairs people.

  9. JUST HEARD ABOUT MENTAL CASE PETER FONDA’S TWEETS AND OF HIS ATROCIOUSNES REGARDING THE YOUNGEST TRUMP……….if TRUMP FAILS to put peter fonda in a rubber room pending a psychiatric evaluation,,,,,,, whereby THIS WOULD BE AUTOMATIC FOR ANY DEMOCRAT PRESIDENTS’ protocol……then there is not much hope……TRUMP IS CAVING,,,,,TRUMP IS COWERIING BEFORE HOLLYWOOD POWER……..DC pols will give him the nixon deal eventually,,,,,,,and trolling for brown votes in a reversal will not help anymore than nixon’s abdicating domestic policy to the rose red democrats did…..nixon got no mercy from the dems or his very own reps……deja vu.

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