The Boys of Pointe du Hoc


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  1. Growing up as an Army brat with a father who caught the end of WWII meant that my friends and I knew most of the battles in the war – and, yes, we played Army, too.
    My father was assigned to Germany and we went with him in 1960, until the Berlin War went up – the first and only time he ever brought his M-14 and field pack home for a few days. We were put on a troop ship (SS General Patch) for home the year afterwards.
    A little over 20 years later, I took my family to Germany for 7 years when I was in the Army, too.
    My kids knew about WWII, especially Pearl Harbor and D-Day, growing up (adding Korea and Vietnam to the mix, as well).
    As a former teacher, the amount of things our students today don’t know about our history is a travesty.
    There are many things our children should be proud of, being an American and proud of our accomplishments should never take a back seat to politics and political correctness – never.

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