J. Stewart Cook’s Canadian Commentary

Like everything in President Trump’s world nothing need be complicated and sophisticated. What’s so complicated in building a wall between the USA and Mexico? What’s so complicated in setting-up a “Kool-Aid” stand and selling its produce to those who want a drink?

Well here I go again, citing a song to compliment this article. Yes, it was in 1970 that Ray Stevens came out with the hit song…”Everything is Beautiful.” And this is the world Donald Trump would like, “a la Donald Trump!” As the song goes, “Everything is beautiful, In its own way, Like a starry summer night, Or a snow covered winter’s day. Everybody’s beautiful,
In their own way, Under God’s heaven, The world’s gonna find a way.” Yes, and Donald Trump has found a way. Because, when all is said and done he will simply say…”I did it my way!”

Are we baffled because Donald Trump is running a country (the most powerful country in the world) whimsically. In other words, in an erratic or unpredictable manner! We may be baffled, including all the so-called experts, however, the wheels keep on turning and the USA is alive and well (perhaps “alive” but not too sure about being “well)!

So, what about the economy? As long as we own the “Kool-Aid” stands and sell the produce to others the economy will do just fine. This will only reinforce the President’s motto…”Make America Great Again! And by what means is he doing so? That dirty little word in the economic world…”Protectionism.” I guess the old version of protectionism was “Mercantilism,” popular in the 16th to 18th century in Europe. It was devised “to increase a nation’s wealth by imposing government regulation that oversaw all of the nation’s commercial interests. It was believed national strength could be maximized by limiting imports via tariffs and maximizing exports.” So what’s the issue? Sounds straight forward to me. It seems to be working for the President…so far!

But it’s not also about the “trade deficit.” You know, “a bang for my buck.” Just a minute now, whose getting the bigger bang? It would seem that the President has made himself a list of products being manufactured in the USA and a list of products being imported. So he’s made the list, checking it twice…hoping I’m not on it, because if I’m a country causing a trade deficit I might as well pack it in and say…”Toot, Toot, Tootsie! Goodbye!”

So here we go! The President opened Pandora’s “economic” box…good-bye to the U.S.A. trade agreement with South Korea, the Trans-Pacific Partnership withdrawl, Japan and Europe announces their own trade deal, etc.

And let us not forget NAFTA. Negotiations started on August 16, 2017, between the USA, Canada and Mexico. They are still ongoing. This subject matter I have addressed in former articles and, like all, awaiting the outcome!

In 2018, the President imposed tariffs on washing machines, solar panels, steel, aluminum, electronics, aerospace products, etc. Other countries retaliated. One could spend each day awaiting a new tariff to be imposed. But when does it end? We all know that “protectionism” doesn’t truly work. This was evident during the years of the “great depression.” The consequence is retaliation by other countries and consequently, international trade declines. Furthermore, exports are reduced and thus increase prices on imports. This is everything the USA does not want to hear nor live by!

So let it be, one-on-one trade agreements with other countries rather than the multi-lateral approach. Put it this way, the President would like to take the “Lou Bega” approach as found in the song Mambo No. 5…one, two, three, four, five, A little bit of Monica in my life,
A little bit of Erica by my side, A little bit of Rita is all I need, A little bit of Tina is what I see,
A little bit of Jessica here I am, A little bit of you makes ME your man!

Welcome to the USA, we’re open for business!

  1. Protectionism doesn’t work? Since 1997 over 20 trillion dollars has gone overseas through “free” trade. The greatest loss of industry has occurred due to the so called “free trade” bs. Anyone who works overseas knows how deep and wide this has been spread.

    The tariff barriers American businessmen have to deal with are huge. It took MacDonalds over 20 years to establish itself in Russia due to free trade.

    Exactly who has benefited from GE sending its factories overseas? The workers?

  2. I HAVE SAID THIS AD NAUSEUM ALL OVER YOUTUBE from 2007 to 2012,, in my,lucid political postings……THE REPUBLICANS take care of the wealth class, first, last and always,,,,,,,,,everyone else can suck air……TRUMP IS A SOLD GOLD NY BUSINSSMAN THAT DOES JUST THAT…… but he gave the vets a better option recently,,,,,but HE GAVE THE WEALTH CLASS ALL THE GOLD WITH HIS TAX CUTS AND FEDERAL RESERVE APPOINTMENTS. the republicans steal the vote of the struggling class mainstreet and state street people with meaningless theatrics and clownery patriotism and even christianity. THE DEMOCRATS,,,take care of the wealth class equally as well and give the lowest levels the hard won gains of the struggling middle class,,,,how’s your bank account nest eggs doin???,,,,it’s called wealth redistribution,,,,,,,the aggregate wealth of mainstreet retirees nest eggs and humble depositor savings in banks and credit unions. you have been paying for the recovery and all those new civil service jobs since jan 2001. YOU MUST KNOW HOW THE FEDERAL RESERVE OPERATES TO BENEFIT THE WALL STREET WEALTH CLASS,,,,,,,since at least jan 2001 when war was declared on struggling pensioners’ and savers bank accounts…….THE RESULT IS THE DESTRUCTION OF THE MIDDLE CLASS…….the struggling MIDDLE CLASS class HAS NO PARTY OR REPRESENTATION IN THE USA……the dems thru JFK were populist,,,,,,,the reps were wealth class…JFK’s death was the bloody overthrow of our democracy into the hands of a communist infrastructure……and the commies don’t believe in poverty and self denial for themselves,,,,,,only the bottom 95 percent,,,,,,,,POPULISTS,,,,,,believe in a better standard of living for the 95 percent,,,,communists want shared misery for the 95 percent. TRUMPS ECONOMICS will increase the cost of a can of corn, and a gallon of milk and a pound of ground beef, WE WILL GET CHINESE CHICKEN IN RETURN…….however TRUMP HAS STOPPED THE WAR ON COAL,,,,lower nat gas prices for heating, BUT OIL PRICES HAVE ROCKETED SINCE NOV 2016,,,bought gas lately…….the post war 40’s and 50’s and 60’s thru nov 63 were our golden age……..and the commies routinely ridicule the 50’s and early 60’s….unlike europe, the usa has no militant populist class……the wall street class controls everything, the democrats are the dominant class regardless of the numbers and the republicans are the submissive class,,,in the end there is only one party,,,,the wall street wealth class party,,,,,,believe it or not.

  3. POST SCRIPT,,,,,,DID ANYONE BELIEVE WE WERE IN DANGER OF GOING TO WAR WITH NORTH KOREA…….hellfire……not for a second,,,,,,,all theatrics,,,,NORTH KOREA WILL BE A VIRGINAL NEW PLAYING FIELD FOR WALL STREET INVESTORS,,,,and the whole fast food industry among others……HOW ABOUT APPLE CRAPPLE being made in the north,,,,,how about GIBSON GUITARS being made in N. Korea…….their population is highly educated and skilled and will work cheap,,,,,hungry for the success of red china,,,,,,,they want KENTUCKY FRIED CHIKEE and whoppers and pizza hut and starbucks,,,,,and tim cook wants his apple crapple to thrive in the north…..ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY,,,,LOOK TO THE MONEY…..bad haircut guy wants a TRUMP HOTEL, CASINO AND GOLF RESORT for all the new business people that will make the north the new economic jewel of asia…………….the wall street class thinks ahead.

  4. GOOD NEWS FOR STEAK LOVERS AND BUYERS OF GROCERIES……….WELCOME CHINA TARIFFS AS WELL AS OTHER COUNTRIES TARIFFS on our ag exports that give our VERY WELL OFF FARMERS,,,,,,,world markets which mean skyhigh prices for usa consumers….FORGET THE POOR MOUTH OF THE FAMILY FARMER,,,,,,,,they live high on the hog and moreso for the corporate farm biz……IF YOU LIKE PAYING 10 DOLLARS FOR A POUND OF GROUND CHUCK then,hate the tariffs…….as far as china made crapple goes,,,,,SHOP EBAY OR GARAGE SALES…….for deals…..

  5. I JUST HEARD THE REPUKELICANS WANT TO BALANCE THE BUDGET ON THE BACKS OF THE ELDERLY,,,,,,,WITH HUMONGUS CUTS TO MEDICARE,,,,,SOCIAL SECURITY,,,,,,AND MEDICAIDE…….THEY WANT TO MAKE A STATEMENT….FOR FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY……yes the same repukelicans that came together and passed the plaitnum gold diamond wealth class tax cut package of historic size and scope that will give the top three percent untold wealth at the expense of the elderly and needy……..NEVER EVER DOUBT ME…..i dont get a penny for my thoughts and am forsworn to tell the truth…….THESE REPUKELICANS MUST HAVE A WISH TO BE ALL RIFFED NEXT NOVEMBER….do not let them down,,,,,AT THE BALLOT BOX JUST SAY TO EVERY INCUMBENT REPUKELICAN,,,,,,,,,,YOU’RE FIRED!

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