Developing: Female Ranger School Student Pregnant – STILL IN RANGER SCHOOL!

Stay tuned to US Defense Watch for this developing story about the further destruction of the US military courtesy of feminists and political correctness.

5 comments on “Developing: Female Ranger School Student Pregnant – STILL IN RANGER SCHOOL!
  1. As a proud Viet Nam veteran I could weep at what has been done to diminish, demoralize, and ultimately ruin America’s once powerful and noble military forces. But with US Navy warships routinely crashing into civilian vessels, in port mind you, I suppose pregnant “fighting” Rangers is no big deal, but there will be a high price paid for this silly policy if these pregnant “Rangers” are in the forefront because the male Rangers will have to waste their time protecting these women than fighting the enemy. God help us and save America’s military!

    • I completely agree.
      I sometimes think how many more casualties there would have been if women were in combat in Vietnam because we were raised to protect them (in our generation, that’s how it was).

  2. Between the Commie Cadet and the Black Power salutes at West Point and all the sex and drug activity among all the service academies, and all the PC nonsense pervading the services, this figures.

  3. Mattis is every bit the disaster at Defense that Sessions is at Justice. He has not lifted a finger to wipe out the left wing social experiments Obama started. He sits mute as the military destroys itself around him. He is a dud and could have only been promoted to General by Obama. Very soon it will fall on Trump so to why he allows this to continue. Very soon.

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