Tyrants and Turncoats – Democratic Party Contenders for President in 2020

By Joe Ragonese

Democrats want a female President in 2020 and no man need apply, black or white (especially white, having been born with that nasty white privilege.)  There is little doubt that having lost their chance of electing the first female President with Hillary, that they will continue to hammer away at getting a woman into the Oval Office.  Several are presently vying for the position; two female Democrats, Kamala Harris the Senator from California, and Kristen Gillibrand, the Senator from New York, are among the leaders in that quest.

Other Democratic Party females have yet to show their hands; except for Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts, who is as likable and trustworthy as Hillary.  Warren stands little chance at getting the nod from the Democratic Party because of her open lies about being an American Indian, her age and her shrillness; which is too much like Hillary.  Yet with Democrats you never know, as they are still living the fantasy that their political platform under Hillary was a winnable one; if only they had a different woman leading the charge.

The front runners, Harris and Gillibrand are as different as night and day, one, Harris, is a true believer in socialism / communism, and Gillibrand, who believes in nothing; just like Hillary, whose positions will change with the political winds.  Presently those winds are blowing throughout the Democratic Party as radically far left as they can go.

The only way that either of them, or some other female Democrat, will become the party’s nominee, is to out socialist the others.  As Hillary said in a recent appearance in New York City, at least 41 percent of Democrats are dye in the wool socialists who believe that capitalism is bad.  That 41 percent drive today’s Democratic Party, and in reality, are probably more like 54 percent of Democrats.  It has been a long time since a real American patriot has aligned themselves with that organization.

This is the party that at its 2012 convention loudly booed the mention of God in their platform, and who relentlessly attacks the Constitution and everything that makes America great.  To the far leftists who control today’s Democratic Party, America is not great and has never been so due to the white men who fathered it.

Of today’s Democrat front runners, Harris, who is of both African-Jamaican and Indian heritage, grew up in San Francisco, whose residents are the most socialist and anti-American population in this great nation.  All that is bad with California politics emanates from San Francisco.

As we know, California is the most totalitarian state in this nation, dictating every aspect of their citizens’ lives, everything from the foods they eat to the cars they are allowed to drive to the gas put into those cars; to even passing a new law requiring all new housing / apartment construction must include solar panels to offset electricity usage.  The Second Amendment is under constant attack in the state, as is the internal combustion engine, which pending legislation is about to prohibit.  It is the most tyrannical state in the nation, run by tyrants, of which, Kamala Harris is a die-hard member.

As San Francisco District Attorney, she refused to seek the death penalty for a police killer, even though the police union and even then Senator Diane Feinstein requested that she do so.  On the other hand, she prosecuted to the fullest, every corporation and business who violated California’s incredibly strict and harsh draconian environmental protection laws, even starting a special unit in the DA’s office to do so.

Her most famous, or infamous act, was shortly after being elected to replace Feinstein as California’s Senator in 2016.  In 2015 a young investigative journalist, David Daleiden, in collaboration with Sandra Merritt, approached Planned Parenthood attempting to purchase fetal tissue under the guise of medical research.  Selling fetal material is illegal.  The high ranking leaders of Planned Parenthood not only agreed to sell the material, but bragged about how much money they earned from it, enabling them to purchase expensive cars and eat fancy dinners.  Daleiden then published the videos, which soon became public knowledge.

Abortion is sacrosanct to progressives and feminists, and as such, as soon as the progressive, feminist Harris was sworn into office, she directed the Obama corrupted DOJ to seize Daleiden’s laptop, ID cards, and other property in order to prosecute the young journalist for bringing the truth to the public.  That her actions were in violation of the first and fourth amendments to the Constitution, Harris, as a typical communist tyrant, couldn’t care less.

Harris has a F-rating from the NRA, constantly calling for more and more harsh gun control at every chance she can.  Harris is a dyed in the wool anti-American, pro-communist Democrat who proudly calls herself a socialist.  Her natural instinct is to be a tyrant, demanding everyone who doesn’t do what she says must be severely punished.  Her governing style is Obama on steroids, and if ever elected would completely destroy freedom in America.

Gillibrand, on the other hand, has all the scruples of Hillary Clinton, with a more likable appearance.  Being younger is a plus to this turncoat, who built her brand as a blue dog Democrat, who would serve her congressional district, which was mostly conservative, as one of them.  Of course she never lived up to the promises made to her constituents, always voting with what then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi dictated.  Never once did she defy Pelosi’s wishes that hurt America, as her constituents elected her to do.  She voted to enact every job killing legislation that the then Democrat controlled House wanted.

When Clinton was appointed Secretary of State by Obama, Gillibrand was selected by the Democratic Governor of New York, the disgraced David Paterson, who was found guilty of corruption in a witness tampering case and of accepting bribes, to fill her unserved term as Senator.  Once a Senator, she had conservative restraints of her congressional district removed, because to be reelected statewide was different in the liberal state, she no longer had to pretend to be conservative.

This woman learned her trade serving as an intern in Republican Senator Alfonso D’Amato’s office while attending law school, and presented herself as a conservative Democrat, all a fraud as she has no real beliefs.  She postured to be elected in a conservative district, but above everything else, all she wanted was power, no matter what she had to say or do to get it.

As soon as she was appointed Senator, a statewide position, she turned hard left, forwarding every feminist and socialist agenda that the communist Democrat Party now projects.  While radical leftists term her overnight transformation as evolution, those who believed in her enough to elect her to office in the first place call it flip-flopping.  She is a turncoat, who has no principals, other than self-interest; just like the woman whose seat she took.  And just like Hillary, if she said the sun rose this morning, you would have to look out your window just to be sure she isn’t lying, because she doesn’t know how to tell the truth.

Today she is one of the strongest proponents of women in combat, homosexuals in the service, and cross-dressers receiving the inappropriate and costly medical treatments that go along with that mental illness, and all at government expense.  This weakens our military beyond repair and aids our enemies immensely.  Why a woman who has never been in the military, nor has had any members of her family who has served, has become the most outspoken proponent of destructive social engineering in the military, is one of the biggest mysteries today.  Worse, as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, military procedures are enacted due to her meddling.

The only difference between her, Hillary and Elizabeth Warren, is that she is younger.  None of them know how to tell the truth, and none of them believe in anything more than what is good for them.  If she were to be elected she would govern just like Hillary would have; God help us all.

The worst of the turncoats, and the most dangerous, is Tammy Duckworth, she is just as much an enemy of the state as was Revolutionary War turncoat and traitor, Benedict Arnold.  Duckworth, who at this time, having just giving birth, doesn’t seem to desire becoming President, entered political life after recovering from massive wounds received in Iraq.  She lost both legs and partial use of one arm.  Her military record and horrendous injuries make her the most dangerous Democrat woman because she presents the appearance of an electable female candidate; but is anything but.

Ladda Tammy Duckworth, now a Senator from Illinois, was born in Thailand, of a Thai mother and American father.  Through her father, who is a World War II Army veteran, she can trace her ancestry back to America’s Independence, where some of her ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War.  This Daughter of the Revolution (DOR) attended post graduate school at George Washington University, where after 9/11/2001, she signed up for ROTC.  A rather selfless and patriotic act.

Upon graduating from George Washington U., she was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army, attending flight school, and becoming a co-pilot on a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter.  After earning her wings, she reverted to the Illinois National Guard as a member of the 106th Aviation Battalion, 28th Infantry Division.  She was called to active duty in 2004 to fight the ongoing War on Terror, was sent to Iraq and shot down by an insurgent’s RPG.  In that crash, she sustained her horrific wounds.

As soon as she recovered from those wounds and returned to Illinois, she was approached by Mike Madigan, head of Cook County Democrats and the most powerful Democrat in Illinois, as well as Illinois Senator, Dick Durbin, and asked to run, as a Democrat, against Republican Joe Walsh, whose congressional district Duckworth lived in.  Walsh was elected in the anti-Obama Republican wave that spread across this country during his first term, and Illinois Democrats were frantically trying to reverse Republican gains in the state.

We do not know Duckworth’s politics prior to that meeting; however, afterward she was a dyed in the wool Democrat, whose only purpose is to destroy America.  In that meeting she made a deal with the devil, and has never turned back.  We can only think that a DOR, daughter of a WWII vet, a U.S. Army officer, and a wounded veteran herself, would be somewhat of a patriot, a person whose ideals support our Constitution.

Sadly, after selling her soul to the Democrat Party, she has become just as anti-American as everyone else in that far left radical party.  Duckworth voted for every Democratic bill that hurts our Constitution, from anti-gun rights (even though she owns guns), to anti-human rights, to Trump obstructionism in both the House of Representatives and later, after winning the seat from Republican Mark Kirk, as Illinois’ junior Senator.  (Illinois is now as Democratic a state as is California, with the same sanctuary state status and stupid tyrannical taxes and laws.)

Because of her unique background, including her military service and the horrendous injuries sustained in defense of this nation, she is the biggest threat to America because she is eminently electable.  No one is going to beat her because the American voter believes that she is a crook, like Hillary, a thief, like Warren who obtained her position under false pretenses, a liar like Gillibrand, or a tyrant and left-wing kook like Harris.

Middle America, who voted Donald Trump into office because they saw exactly who Hillary was, will not see past her military record and look at her congressional voting record.  She presents the most severe threat to our nation at this time.  Unless she does something really stupid, she could very well be our first female President.  If elected, she will govern just as Hillary would have, in her best self-interest, and to hell with the rest of us.

If Duckworth is asked to run for President in 2020, she has the best shot at winning, and because she sold her soul to the devil, America will suffer because of it.

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  1. The Democrat Party/Soro tool has no clear idea what or how to run against anyone. Indeed, by 2020 President Trump’s plans to Make America Great Again will have Americans taking pride and joy in their full and well paying employment, their bright and hopeful future for themselves and their kids, and a return to a genuine belief in the decency, goodness, and moral values inherent in the Judeo/Christian West. Americans also now know who their enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC are and will never trust them again, much vote for them. We love and trust Donald Trump, he speaks from his heart and he expresses what our hearts feel. I used to be a Democrat and I used to think that the Democrat Party had some clever and quick thinkers running the party, but it looks like the lowliest Mafia hood could do a better job trying to hoodwink the American People than anyone in the DNC. Indeed, the DNC leadership and it’s policies seems to be in opposition to everything that America and the Judeo/Christian West espouse and practice. The Democrats are in the electoral wilderness for at least the next couple of generations, and possibly indefinitely. My fear is that like in ancient Rome, the truly radical Democrat opposition will either incite or attempt the assassination of President Trump. Trump must be very careful and even more clever than he has ever been. The Democrats are now like cornered rats, lashing out at everyone who fails to worship at their altar of Soros Leftism.

  2. I don’t knwo, I think Dems would love Satan to run, and the last time I looked he was a man. But who knows maybe he is a transexual and could run on that, the Dims would love him/her/it even more.

  3. 16 MAY 96,,,,the good die young,,,,,WHO WILL JOIN ME IN SAYING KADDISH FOR ADMIRAL JEREMEY MICHAEL BOORDA…..he was thee sailor’s admiral!

    • if you go to youtube and seek,,,,,rabbi cy stanway “mourner’s kaddish,” he will say mourners kaddish for those beloved who have passed in a most heartfelt way.

    • Yes, Kaddish, but he was walking around with a fake V device on his Navy Commendation Medal.

        • THE BIGGEST TRAGEDY SINCE JFK’S DEATH WAS COVERED OVER WAY TOO FAST IN THE MEDIA,,,,,a commoner mustang right to the top,,,,,,this alleged suicide does not fit his psych profile in the least,,,he was the ultimate survivor of health wrecking naval brass pentagon politics. he was also somone that lived in my neighborhood in chicago when we were very very young, we trod the same cement but of course never met,,,,,my navy llifer smcpo cousin looks so much like him in his coat,,, it’s is scary,,,,,but they have much ethnix in common and my mother was a ww2 wave assigned to hunter college and pop merchant marined in the south pacific dodging torpedoes. shipmates are forever.

          • He was wearing a Navy Commendation Medal with a V for Valor device he never earned. Hack outed him.

          • i googled up some quick scuttlebutt on hack that i never would have heard from him on his FOX news chatter with the usual cast of clowns at Fox……this guy comes across like an old school dinosauer,,,just like me,,,,cromagnon views like me….we would have gotten along well,,,,,but a good man died without cause and other sites ask tough questions about his death,,,,except for one possble reason of that might explain it…the whole trajedy reminds me of the warrren commision fast shuffle.

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