The Truth is Revealed about Today’s Democratic Party

By Joe Ragonese

The party’s transformation from pro to anti-American occurred during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, when the old Democratic Party was turned over to the new breed of Democrats. That new breed was in the midst of attacking the party by the Antifa of the day, the Weathermen and Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), who were rioting in the streets and causing mayhem.  Their thug tactics worked and the party of the little guy was gone forever.

The Weathermen and SDS proudly proclaimed that they wanted to start a communist revolution in America, and used terrorist tactics that Al-Qaeda and ISIS would later copy, by indiscriminately bombing conservative and governmental buildings, trying to foment a popular uprising against the constitution.  While that popular uprising never materialized, those same radicals in charge of the Weathermen and SDS were now the leaders of the Democratic Party, who transformed it into today’s communist organization.  It was the exact transformation that Obama promised after he was elected President in 2008.

They were able to carry out these brazen assaults against our republic because they were protected by the Democratic Party and the MSM, just as Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the American Communist Party are today.   After the chaos ended at the 1968 convention, the liberal wing of the Democratic Party took complete control.  That faction was in reality the communist wing, and their ideology infected this nation with its anti-Americanism from that date forward.

For the entirety of those 50 years the mantra of Democrats, and their publicists, also known as the mainstream media, was that the party only wanted what is good for America, to work for the little guy, and that we cannot challenge their patriotism.  They pretended that they were as opposed to communism as we were, and believed in the constitution; while enacting legislation that enhanced communism and weakened the constitution.  Anyone who challenge their motives was skewered in the press and ridiculed, many losing their political, press or other powerful positions because of it.  It was a tactic still used today to silence opposition.

The Democratic Party lied and cheated their way to power, always hiding their true objectives.  Lies and deception go hand-in-hand with communism, it is even written in their bible, The Communist Manifesto, and Democrats are experts at camouflaging their actual agenda.

Just think about gun control, they say it is for our safety, while their true objective is to control all the power.  One of their heroes, Mao Zedong, said what they fear we will learn, that true power comes out of the barrel of an AK47.  If conservatives have guns, they have power; and Democrats want to be the only ones to have power.

To hide the truth of who they really are, they mounted a public relations campaign unlike any other in history, with the willing assistance of their partners, the mainstream media.  As they boldly lied to us about their real intentions, they continued to march forward with communist ideology. Everything from Johnson’s ‘Great Society,’ to Clinton’s demanding that banks give loans to those who do not qualify for them (which led to the housing collapse), to Obama’s free cell phones for everyone, little by little we moved closer to communism.

Democrats ruled congress for over 40 years, and each legislative session led to more and more pro-communist and anti-American legislation; along with denials that what they were doing was anything less than patriotic.  Yet they forged ahead full bore, with their desire to end capitalism and replace it with communism.

Don’t think for a minute that our welfare state has anything to do with making those accepting it safe and secure, what they wanted was to create dependence on the government.  The more people dependent on government, the less likely they are to object as capitalism is eroded while communism expands.  Each and every regulation Carter, Clinton and Obama enacted reduced business’ ability to function, so that government could take over for failing private corporations.

They are good liars, and convinced many that they their intentions were honorable, while their actions opposed those lies.  They were able to fool many for a long time, but as the old saying goes, you can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time; but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

Democratic deception crashed and burned in 2016, when middle America said no more, and voted Donald J. Trump into office.  Most Americans no longer believed the lies; however, they continued to try to convince us, aided by the MSM, that they only wanted what was best for America.  Once you start lying it is hard to stop, until someone accidentally speaks the truth.

The woman who would have been the queen (President), Hillary Clinton, finally let the cat out of the bag in defense of her loss.  The Daily Beast reported that Hillary Clinton said that being a capitalist probably hurt her in the primary because many Democrats are socialists.  This statement was made during a conversation between her and Time Brands COO, Allan Murray, on stage during a Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York City last Wednesday.

(In case you didn’t catch it, Time Brands, like Time Magazine, and all their affiliated radio, television stations and newspapers, on stage for a shared value leadership summit!  Please explain how they are a fourth estate keeping government honest when they are not?)

Clinton was asked by Murray if her calling herself a capitalist hurt her during the primary and she responded, “Probably.”  She went further saying, “It’s hard to know, but I mean, if you’re in the Iowa caucuses and 41 percent of the Democrats are socialists, or self-described socialists, and I’m asked are you a capitalist? And I say yes, but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability; you know, that probably gets lost in the ‘Oh my gosh, she’s a capitalist!”

And there you have it, 41 percent of Democrats are socialists, who want to see capitalism ended, straight from the one time head of the Democratic Party.  Some may be confused at this point, I began by saying that after 1968 the young Turks who took over the Democratic Party were leading as communists, not socialists.

Although socialists will try to make the case that they are different than communists, both believe in the same principals of governance, which they learned from the book, co-authored by German intellectuals, Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx, “The Communist Manifesto,” published in 1848.  That book has become the Bible to all communist and would-be communist.

The book lays out a utopian world where everyone is equal and all equally share in the fruits of another’s toil.  It is a fantasy as wild as Camelot, the prince who only sacrificed for those below him.  Anyone with the intelligence of a woodpecker knows that it could never happen, due to greed and other faults with humanity.  Yet, Marx’s book (for some reason everyone forgets that Engels co-authored it) is the guiding principal that drives both communism and socialism, as their goals are the same.

There are those, like Bernie Sanders, who espouse Democratic Socialism, let me assure you that no such thing exists.  The major difference between communism and socialism, even democratic socialism, is the governing body.  Communism is totalitarian, ruled by a tyrant or body of tyrants, like Stalin or the Politburo, that demands supplication by those beneath them.  The former Soviet Union and China under Mao, are examples of pure communism, as is Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela.  Places that Hillary Clinton wished she could have turned America into.

Over the 100 years that communism has existed as a political system, between 80 and 100 million people have been murdered in its name.  It is a ruthless and heartless system that controls every aspect of peoples’ lives, while it keeps them in abject poverty with no ability to rise above that lowly existence.  When the Soviet Union collapsed, most of its ordinary inhabitants were the poorest people in the world, with a living standard below those who lived in most third world nations.  They were on the verge of starvation, without everyday necessities like toilet paper, yet this is what proponents of communism/socialism want to do to America.

But socialism, your Democratic neighbor will argue, is not communism, look at Europe, they will shout.  The truth is that socialism always reverts to a totalitarian form of government, because people get tired of suffering so that their leaders can prosper.  To remain in power socialism’s overlords must become dictators; it is their only recourse to stave off its uncooperative people.

Both communism and socialism divide their population into the overlord class and everyone else, it is the only way it can run.  It is no different than the feudal system of medieval Europe.  Which brings us back to our Democrat neighbor’s insistence that socialism works because European nations are socialist.

Look closely at the European Union, whose nation/states may vote for a president or prime minister, calling themselves democracies, but each member state must subordinate themselves to the unelected and little known EU Parliament, who enacts rules on the nation/states without any input from them.  Over the past 50 years the EU has become more and more dictatorial, which directly led to the present migrant crisis, when, without consulting member states, they ordered open borders.

If Europe is the socialist paradise that the neighbor believes it to be, why are so many states now rebelling from the growing unelected power of the EU, while drowning in debt due to its unsustainable socialist expenditures; just like the old Soviet Union?

Socialism is communism, only with a more acceptable name.  Under either, you must submit to the whims of its rulers, whose interest are all for them and none for anyone else.  In the end, whether it is communism or socialism, it is the exact opposite of what our founding fathers, and every soldier from that time on, fought and died to earn for us, freedom.

The point is, that finally after years of being told that the Democratic Party is the party for the little guy, it turns out that those lone voices in the wilderness who have been shouting that they are communist, have finally been vindicated by, of all people, Hillary Clinton, who just can’t keep her mouth shut.

Finally, the truth has been said, and there is no turning back.  Democrats stand for a governing principal that is the opposite of the democratic republic that is America, which is what our constitution is all about.

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  1. Brilliant article. The mainstream media never seemed to get to the story that that Valerie Jarrett’s family were either card carrying members of the communist party, or affiliated with the communist party, and in contact with Russian communists Her father and father in law were investigated by the FBI for their ties to Russian Communism. This, by he way, when Joseph Stalin still ruled Russia. Reminder: She was Obama’s most trusted adviser.

  2. “Over the 100 years that communism has existed as a political system, between 80 and 100 million people have been murdered in its name. It is a ruthless and heartless system that controls every aspect of peoples’ lives, while it keeps them in abject poverty with no ability to rise above that lowly existence. ”

    I could say the SAME thing since 1913 when the ‘Federal Reserve’ was set up that Zionists Capitalism has killed even more. Counting WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq 1 Afghanistan, Iraq 2, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iran under the Shah, continuing VETs deaths from Depleted Uranium, PTSD, and a middle class that isn’t even in the “middles” anymore. 60 Families own 90% of all wealth in the USA. How is ‘CAPITALISM’ so great since the Zionist took over?

  3. Fantastic read! What gets me is the number of people who insist on chasing that carrot Obama dangle in front of the ignorant. I STILL believe the majority of people here in America can see what is going on, but it’s still frustrating knowing that there are people who refuse to even consider the reality of this article.

  4. Yes “Socialism” is simply masked communism to make the “Socialist” more acceptable electorally. Most Socialist Parties in the U.S., especially the Democratic Socialists of America, are really Communists in hiding. But just remember, the USSR called itself “Socialist” while we all knew the truth. Lenin and his Bolsheviks murdered or co-opted all the Mensheviks (the true Socialists) early on.

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