By J. Stewart Cook

RG: Hello

PDT: Rudy. It’s Donald. How are you keeping?

RG: Fine Mr. President. So, Donald, how are things on Cap?

PDT: On Cap? Well that’s new! Where do you want me to begin?

RG: Ya, Capital Hill.

PDT: Where do you want me to begin?

PDT: Rudy, this is not one of those I’m comin’ home Friday night so let’s get together for a steak dinner.

RG: I know, I know, I follow the news Donald or should I say “fake news!”

PDT: Rudy, I need you, NOW!

RG: After all this time, you are finally giving me a cabinet position! Which, Secretary of Sanitary Waste…to clean up the mess!

PDT: Close! I need you as Counsel to join my team of lawyers in the Special Counsel’s Russia investigation…Robert Mueller’s investigation. We need to wind-up his investigation as soon as possible. He’s done a great job, but I think it has served its purpose. Perhaps he should have never been appointed! It’s one of those investigations that could lead to another issue and on to another issue. Something we don’t need at this time! We need to get this done for the good of the country.

PDT: I know it would be so easy for you to say NO after all this time. But this was strategic, believe it or not. I needed to keep some people like you for future dates and this is one of them. You’ve been loyal all this time and have stood by me. You’re a great guy! You know I haven’t forgotten you. We’ve been friends for a long time. Frankly, you’ve been in this business much longer than I will ever be, so you know what I am talking about. Rudy, you’re like vintage wine, a reserve wine. It’s time to “uncork” you.

RG: So there you have it Donald, from sour grapes to vintage wine!

PDT: Vintage wine, yes; sour grapes, never.

PDT: As a matter of fact, this is much more. I really need one to help clean up a few loose ends (if you know what I mean)! Aside from the love-hate relationship I have with the media, more hate than love, I need to kill some of those ugly stories which seem to never go away! I need you to take a look at the bigger picture to ensure we’re heading in the right direction for the upcoming election(s). Talking about big picture, I want to you clean-up the remainder of the “swamp.” There’s so much that happened with the Clinton’s, Obama etc. that has never been fully dealt with since it all came out. I want to make sure this doesn’t just slip away.

RG: Donald, you know your barking up the right tree. I couldn’t be happier than to give you a hand in all of these matters. You know Donald, I’ve been waiting for this call. I knew it would come at some point. You remember how you “sniffed” me at the department store while I was in drag trying the perfume and you made a move on my breasts.

PDT: Oh, do I ever (LOL)!

RG: Well you’ve sniffed me out again. This time I’ll keep you “abreast!”

PDT: You’re a good man Rudy. I won’t forget!

RG: Remember as I once said, Donald.. “the sky’s the limit for all Americans if we have the right kind of leadership.” So there you have it! Will speak soon. Thanks, take care and let’s get it done…!

PDT: Thanks Rudy.

What a conversation! As they say, I wish I had been a fly on the wall. It’s this conversation that Rudy Giuliani had been waiting for from the time Donald Trump was elected President.

Rudy Giuliani had hoped for the position of Secretary of State, under the President’s administration, however, it was not meant to be! As a matter of fact, no Cabinet position was awarded to him. So why remain loyal to someone who may never reward you for your continued loyalty and support. Mainly, because you are dealing with Donald Trump. Rudy Giuliani has been around long enough that he “knows when to hold them and knows when to fold them.” Perhaps Rudy was a bit of a “loose cannon” for Donald Trump, certainly at the onset. Would he be able to control him? On the other hand, perhaps Rudy new all too well that there would be turbulence from the get go. Did he want to be part of this, or sit back, weather President Trump’s political storm, and then later enter his inner circle?

Is loyalty the only factor President Trump considers for positions in his Cabinet? Only a “fool” would think so. And believe you me, President Trump is no fool! He seeks people who he believes to be qualified for the positions. Has he always been successful? No. Ironically, the position Rudy Giuliani was vying for, Secretary of State, was given to Rex Tillerson, a man with extensive international ties and experience. His role was short lived and soon he was replaced by Mike Pompeo. This is not what Rudy Giuliani would aspire to under Donald Trump’s administration.

Although Rudy Giuliani has been asked to play a certain role, it is quite possible that he be asked by President Trump to undertake other responsibilities. Trump knows too well what Rudy can offer him. Self-interest is perhaps number one for the President. That being said, things need to get accomplished with the least fanfare (for the most part).

With elections not in the too distant future, I’m betting the President will take advantage of everything Rudy Giuliani has to offer. Should the truth be known, my belief is based on the following statement from his office…”Mr. Giuliani is taking a leave of absence, effective today, for an unspecified period of time to handle matters unrelated to the law firm or its clients,” said a statement from Richard A. Rosenbaum, the firm’s executive chairman.”

“Unspecified period of time…,” this sounds like the words Donald Trump would have recommended. PDT: And by the way Rudy, the steak dinner is on me!