Progressives are all about one thing – total control over the population

By Joe Ragonese

Progressives, call them what you will, international elitists, communists, dictators or tyrants; because any name fits their agenda, have one very simple goal and that is absolute control of everyone who isn’t a part of their elite crowd.  Those who fantasize themselves as the “in crowd;” and call themselves progressives, are bullies and terrorize everyone who is not one of them.  They are high school children who never grew up, who do not want intelligent discussion, rather all they want is total control of every word, thought, or idea that you may possess.

At the very top of this group are the super elitists; the Clintons are a part of this super elitist group, consisting mostly of international bankers, financiers or other money men; so is Obama, George Soros, his sons, and dozens of other names that no one has ever heard of, unless you are a part of that select group who believe themselves to be above the rest of us.

Just below those on the top, are hangers on like Angela Merkel of Germany, Theresa May of Great Britain, and other heads of state who aren’t really rich enough or powerful enough to be at the very top, but are allowed at the fringes.

There is the second tier, people like James Clapper, ex-Director of National Security, John Brennan, ex-CIA Director, James Comey, ex-FBI Director, Ash Carter, ex-Secretary of Defense, Eric Holder, ex-Attorney General, and Martin Dempsey, ex-Chairman of the Joint Chief off Staff.  There are more, but you get the idea; these hangers on provide necessary service to the super elite, and in turn are served by third and fourth tier lackeys like Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page, who are use useful idiots like most Hollywood actors, MSM journalists and their publications to propagandize to the rest of us and try to convince us that they are right, and we are wrong.

At the very bottom are the leftist groupies, pawns who want so badly to be a part of that crowd that they submit themselves to whatever degradation that the upper levels of progressives throw down to them.  These bottom feeders are college professors, school teachers, Antifa Marxists, Black Lives Matter Anarchists; anyone who supports them and anyone unintelligent enough to identify as progressive.  They will eventually find themselves victims of progressives, just like those of us who fight them tooth and nail, but don’t understand that, thinking that they will somehow be treated like the super elite.

These dupes will learn that after their usefulness is over, the hammer will fall on their antics and they will be among the first imprisoned and castigated.  That is what happened to Hitler’s Brown Shirts, who brought him to power, and after doing so were treated as traitors, imprisoned, or worse.  The same happened in Russia to the Bolsheviks, who after leading the communists to seize power from the Czars, were mercilessly mistreated and most ended up in the gulags.

You and I know this; however, progressives are intellectually challenged and do not understand these obvious facts.  It is one of the reasons that we can never forget how important our challenging their authority is to the future of America, and the world.  It is also the reason that progressives need to relentlessly impose stricter and stricter controls on all of us, to stop us from challenging them.

A little understanding on who we are talking about when discussing progressives is important in knowing why they are so intent on passing more and more restrictive legislation.  When they are fully in control, those restrictive controls will not affect them, because they do not follow the rules that they impose on the rest of us, while prohibiting us from contesting their authority.

A sentence in the Independent of London peaked my interest on the subject of progressive control.  That sentence read, “Patrick Green, CEO of anti-knife crime charity the Ben Kinsella Trust, fears the death toll will get worse before it gets better.”  Anti-knife crime charity; interesting, one more avenue of control.  It gets better and proves their reason for control, security, if a false flag.

The death toll he was talking about is the murder rate in London, England, where no one owns a firearm, not even most police.  That murder rate is higher than the murder rate in New York City, USA, you know, where we have that good old 2nd Amendment that allows people to own guns in this country.  In February, there were 22 murders, all committed by use of a knife, while New York City in the good old USA, only had 21.  So far in March (April not yet available), London stands at 23, and New York City at 21.

Authorities in England state the regular liberal dribble about gangs, unemployment and yada, yada, yada; while fearing to mention the real reason for this crime wave.  This murder rate, which is double the historic rate, is driven by illegal Muslim immigration that the European Union imposed on its members, directed by the elite, tyrannical, unelected governing body at the EU.  Oh, yeah, more first tier elitists, it is why any Brit with any common sense voted for Brexit.

London, where most of the mayhem is occurring, is a Muslim controlled city, run by a Muslim, fueled by illegal Muslim immigrants, who voted illegally in order to get their Muslim Mayor elected.  So naturally, the obvious reason for the horrendous murder rate cannot be mentioned or the PC police attack.

I digress, the point of the article is progressive control, and the key issue of that is that after all the guns are taken from law abiding people (they are not citizens in England or any other monarchy, rather they are subjects of their anointed ruler who only allows them to live by the grace of that person) what’s the next move in total control of the population?

It’s knife control.  Obviously, if you are a progressive, people can’t be the problem (especially when they are chosen Muslims or progressives), it is that pesky knife that is at fault.  There was no intent by the murderer to slice their victim into shreds, it was all because there was a knife that did it; you know, just like in the U.S. where all those guns cause murders and school shootings.

Your kitchen knife, the one that you cut your pork chop with, jumps out of the rack and stabs at random; just like that awful AR-15 locked in the gun safe in Texas does.  That is the logic of knife control, yet a Patrick Green is the CEO of a United Kingdom charity that is trying to control possession and concealed carrying of a knife.

The Times of London followed the Independent with an article that stated that youth must learn not to carry a knife in their pocket; after all, that jackknife might just mysteriously jump out of their pocket and stab some innocent passer-by without their knowledge or willful participation.  And there you have it, progressive incremental control of the population, convincing the rest of us that for security reasons, a reasonable restriction on the possession and control of knives will make us safer.  Just like gun laws that were passed, and just like those gun laws, once total control is in the hands of the government, crime rose.  We were not safer, but that was never the point.

Great Britainn is the tip of the spear when it comes to the British Commonwealth countries, like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.  Once the United Kingdom outlaws knives, the rest will follow.  The next meal you eat in Windsor, Canada, will be accompanied with a spork with a serrated edge.

Knife control is not unheard of, Japan has long controlled the private possession of knives and swords.  Trying to eradicate the Samurai tradition in that nation after WWII, strict controls of knives was instituted, which limits the length and type of knife that a person is allowed to own.  A Japanese chef needs a permit to own his butcher and cleaver knives.  Even in the US, really progressive places, like California, certain types of knives are outlawed; such as double edged daggers and others that look like weapons of war.  So, no, knife control is not a joke.

That is the future facing this country if we are not ever vigilant of those who are trying to usurp our Constitution, starting with the 2nd Amendment.  When thinking about all the attacks on our freedom coming at us a mile a minute, it all makes sense when you understand that progressives are wanna-be dictators, who must control every aspect of your life.

Never forget that our founding fathers gave everything they owned so that we, our children, and grandchildren, will never have to live under the tyranny of a dictator.  They lived under a dictatorship and wrote our founding document so that we would never repeat our past; unless we forget that past.  Progressives, on the other hand, never learned that past.

The battle for the soul of America is no longer liberal versus conservative, rather freedom versus dictatorship.  Think about that the next time someone insists that they only want reasonable laws to control…whatever they want to control.

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  1. great article, Its past time that the real patriots of America stand for our freedoms, yes, they are costly, but considering the alternative, they are worth the fight. winners never quit, and quitters never win.

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