Our Endless International Wars: None of Our Business Around the World

By Frosty Wooldridge

“War is a racket,” said U.S. General Smedley Butler in World War I.  “Wars make money for bankers, corporations, and let the little guy die on the battlefield.”

Since my youth, I watched our country fight useless wars around the world for the past 60 years.  Korea killed 33,000 innocent American kids for absolutely nothing.  Vietnam killed 53,319 U.S. kids while injuring 350,000 both physically and mentally as it dragged on for 10 years. It accomplished nothing but death and ecological mayhem in Nam. It killed 2.3 million Vietnamese.  It created the rampant drug culture in America.  Desert Storm killed 400 kids with zero reasons for that conflict.  Over 2,300 of our kids suffered death in 17 years of Afghanistan, with more to come. We killed bin Laden: so why didn’t we leave?  Over 4,800 of our kids died in Iraq.  On the financial front, these bogus wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past 16 years created in excess of $7 trillion in U.S. debt.

Who made out like bandits?  Corporations, bankers and stockholders!  Who lost? Answer: you and your military kids!  You and I stand $20 trillion in national debt. We pay and pay and pay!  The US infrastructure rots while our tax dollars build other nations.  Our schools rot, our teachers suffer penury wages and our kids lack basic educational excellence—but we fund endless wars that accomplish what?  This country witnesses millions in poverty, millions of homeless and millions out of work, not to mention horrific social problems as to race, welfare, immigration, environment and more—yet we keep fighting bogus wars.

Our third president, Thomas Jefferson warned against any wars or foreign entanglement whatsoever.

Nonetheless, President Trump, using scant information, much like Bush with his “weapons of mass destruction” farce or LBJ with his “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution”, unloaded on Syria this last weekend.  More death, more destruction, more misery and more suffering for countless people. Which means, we’ll see more Moslem terror attacks in our country against our people!

Our country maintains 700 military bases, 450,000 personnel on those bases, and war equipment in 80 countries around the world. To what point?  To what reason?

Why do we make everyone else’s business our business and why do we maintain endless wars in other countries?  Why?

What and who gives us the right, the moral authority and the audacity to start these wars, maintain these wars and fuel these wars?  We’ve stuck our noses and bombs into Iran’s country, Chile’s country, Panama’s country, Korea’s country, Iraq’s country and Afghanistan’s country for decades.  Our CIA disrupts entire governments of elected officials if we don’t like them.

Does anyone in Congress know his or her right hand from his or her left hand?  Why do our elected officials fund those attacks, those wars and their continued atrocities?

Since we suffer a plentiful source of swamp behavior in Washington DC, the MAJOR culprit for wars and less than honorable behavior, rests in those shady and ‘bought’ Senate and House reps that we the people elected.  We must investigate, then vote, for ONLY those whose records demonstrate honorable actions, versus stilted choices.  We must elect those who demonstrate verifiable trust and honor, and move toward term limits…to gain fresh insights.

I write this column in total exasperation as to our last six presidents who waged wars on foreign countries and their people.

Fact: we really do not know what’s going on in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.  We can’t discover the truth because every news agency carries a slant, a prejudice and a bias.  They report what their ‘rulers’ tell them to report.

What do we know?  We know that Moslem nations fought wars for turf since the 6th century.  We know that Africa, Asia and the Middle East fight wars because they fight wars.  Why make their wars our wars?

How about this idea?

Withdraw all our troops and military hardware from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  Take our bases out of 80 countries and bring our kids home to our country.  Just leave! Let those countries settle their differences by themselves.

All we need to do: protect and defend our borders!

Which, of course, Congress won’t do and hasn’t done for 40 years! We’re being invaded by 1,000,000 (million) legal immigrants annually and 500,000 illegal migrants each year.  It’s time to defend our country and keep our noses out of everybody else’s business.

How about you?  Aren’t you sick of our wars?

If you, like me, feel exasperated that our presidents and Congresses’ lack of wisdom and grounded leadership as to these interminable wars, will you spend some valuable time finding worthy candidates for the next elections, thus empowering yourself as you live the Declaration of Independence we are so privileged to embrace…. We the people, in order to form a more perfect union….

Any chance the United States might mind its own business?

5 comments on “Our Endless International Wars: None of Our Business Around the World
  1. All these wars, in places far away, and people, of whom we know little. We shall have peace in our time. Sayth the appeasers forever and ever.

    They will never know war, nor will their children. It is the children of others who be forced to confront the ravaging wolves that these appeasers unleashed.

  2. I wish the USA would do all that. Cut or losses and return to our own homeland and defend it from WITHIN. But our economy is based on making war. We don’t have the intellectual integrity MAGA = Make America Great Again FIRST and FOREMOST in our policy. And both political parties are culpable. Term Limits are something I have already put into a New 21st Century Deceleration Of Independence. Something Jefferson should have done along with 25 year moratorium on ‘classified’ documents, images, videos or any other Government created issues or files for the public to see COMPLETELY without ANY ‘redactions’ nor any delay; even if it includes names and places.

  3. Come on Frosty,
    I understand your desire to just disengage in the world and come home. I also agree with you in the cost’s of under planning and under delivering in (Warfare) the most serious action taken by mankind. However as a Vietnam Veteran I hope you have come closer to understanding, the Vietnam war not lost over there. If it were a loss (I don’t think it was) it was lost here in the U.S. Starting with the media and activist Anti War, SJW’s, Free Love, etc. (living large and protesting to match) This is where the most drugs were consumed (Protest politics) in which we are currently witnessing another blight today. This IMO produced the generation of far left professors taunting their tenured positions as untouchables, while sowing discord simultaneously. Thus requiring the need for this discussing now. We need to take the win-loss proposition out of political discourse at home, and properly put it back into warfare over there, where it belongs. Desert Shield/Storm were the best executed large scale combined operation’s in history, It worked wonderfully on the ground, but the objective was short of a win, by one man. Saddam Hussein Additionally my veteran brother, we know what tends to fill the vacuums when we leave. So we leave the least vacuum possible to complete the operation.

  4. I disagree that Vietnam was lost at home because of protests. It was because USA Military STILL refuses to understand your enemy. Something ShunZu said long long ago. We do NOT understand why Sunni and Shia cannot get along in modern times while they lived together for thousands of years. Also we fail to understand Afghanistan people, we are there for the CIA to keep running drugs for cash to do more ‘regime change’ ops around the world. They do things that Pres Trump doesn’t even know; which is why he had the Military send four armed helicopters to surround the CIA about a year ago. We have a WAR MACHINE economy and until THAT changes; we are HATED around the World. China and Russia with the One Belt Road development in Laos is progressing faster than anything the IMF, World Bank or ANY other Western policy could effect such POSITIVE change. They only change the USA & ZIonista Iraehell do is make things WORSE it whatever military and foreign policy decisions.

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