Kissing the Ring – The Pentagon’s PC Warriors

By Joe Ragonese

Question, what do Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and 2nd Lieutenant Spenser Rapone, U.S. Army, have in common?  The answer is that the second would not exist if it were not due to the actions of the first.  Dunford, and all Admirals and Generals in today’s armed forces received their stars because they subjugated themselves to Obama.  They willingly rejected self-pride and honor to advance their military careers.

This includes Air Force Chief of Staff, General Dave Goldfein, Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Miller, Marine Corps Commandant, General Robert Neller, and Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson, who all defied President Trump recently when stating that they can find no negative effects from transgender personnel serving in their respective services; in defiance of his ban on transgenders serving.

We can’t overlook the Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral Paul Zukunft (even though they report to the Department of Homeland Security and not the DoD) who immediately stated after President Trump’s first statement against transgenders serving, that he would not be replacing the cross dressers in his branch.  All drank from the Obama Kool-Aid well, knelt and kissed the ring.

Obama hated America’s democratic republic, and would not tolerate anyone who did not blindly follow his communist ideology; including all commanding admirals and generals on active duty in our military.  Following his election to office in 2008, he began a purge of those officers who still believed in duty to country and honor of service.

It was a silent purge, only because the MSM kept it quiet.  Everyone within the military knew it was happening, as did those who follow military events; however, the general population had no idea.    99.8% of Americans were clueless that honorable warriors were being forced out of the service, while less than honorable officers were being promoted to leadership roles during Obama’s first term in office.

While America went about its daily business during that first term, his government did more damage to our military than could ever have been inflicted by our worst enemies.  While O purged the military of every capable leader, those still in the services knew that the only way to advance under that President was to kiss the ring, and do his bidding; no matter how damaging it was for our nation.  The MSM knew what was happening, and hid it; except on media like U.S. Defense Watch and other alternate media.

Obama created untold havoc within the military during his second term as President, it was then that homosexuals, transgenders and women in combat became the guiding directives.  Prior to that second term, those commanding officers who had kissed the ring, were placed into positions of authority, throughout the military, officers who would follow Obama’s anti-American dictums.  Officers like Superintendent of the Air Force Academy, Lt. General Michelle Johnson, an open homosexual and anti-Christian, who punished her officer, non-commissioned officer and enlisted corps for their beliefs in Christianity, while simultaneously implementing mandatory anti-Christian and LGBTQ curriculum into cadet training.

Of course, there were leaders like Brigadier General Diana Holland, Commandant of Cadets at West Point, from 2016-2017, who gallantly led the military’s premier combat officer training ground to include communist instructors, who turned out the likes of Spencer Rapone, who wore a Che Guevara t-shirt under his tunic at graduation from the academy, and proudly displayed a hand-written note tucked inside his cap that read ‘communism will win.’

This officer, who also blatantly offended his superior officers on his Facebook account, is presently on active duty, and even though his egregious behavior is well known and documented, the Army cannot seem to find cause to remove him.  The Air Force is way ahead of the Army in that regard, it has no qualms about removing a retired sergeant from a flag-folding ceremony because he wished to repeat a traditional salutation that contained God in it.

Retired Senior Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez was forcibly removed from the ceremony at Travis Air Force Base in April 2016 when trying to recite the traditional invocation of retirement at the retirement of his friend, Master Sergeant Charles Roberson.  The new Air Force accepted version of the retirement salutation had been altered to remove any mention of God, was the only one acceptable to Obama’s officer corps.

According to the Air Force Times, the traditional salute, which does mention God, is unauthorized, and as soon as Rodriguez began reciting it, four NCOs, stationed at the retirement ceremony to insure that Rodriguez did not mention God, under orders of then Lt. Col. Michael Sovitsky, forcibly removed him from the base.

Sovitsky, for his diligence in obeying Obama’s anti-Christian doctrine, was rewarded by promotion to full Colonel.  Both the Navy and Marine Corps have their own stories of political correctness gone wild, like naval officer, Lt. David Nartker, who strayed into Iranian waters, was captured, and apologized to his captors for crossing into Iranian territory, and then praised them for their humane treatment, while being filmed for an Iranian propaganda video; in violation of the UCMJ.

As Nartker groveled, one of the 10 captured sailors under his command, continuously cried on camera, all fodder for our Iranian enemies to use as propaganda against America and as a recruiting tool for ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood, all among Obama’s favorite charities.  Nartker received a written reprimand and was allowed to continue commanding riverine boats.  He is a shinning example of today’s feminist military, as is the crying sailor.  It is the exact military that Obama tried to create.

Which leads us to General “lap dog” Mattis.  So many seem shocked that he moved in reverse when President Trump ordered that transgenders be relieved from service, or has yet to reverse previous Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter’s directive that commanded females be allowed in all combat branches.  That singular order weakened our military more than any other directive or order from Obama and his sycophants.  All Mattis needed to do was reverse that order, it is not an act of congress or a law, simply a directive from the previous Secretary of Defense.  With a stroke of the pen it would be history; yet, sadly, it has not happened.

Why some may ask, has Mattis not reversed that order, nor followed the President on transgenders? For those who forget, Mattis was promoted, at least twice, under Obama.  We all know that in order to receive promotion under O that he had to kneel, kiss the ring and swear an oath of allegiance to anti-Americanism.  An oath that he is fulfilling even to this day.

Those of us who love America, and honor our military, have been in shock that President Trump has done nothing about repairing our military; however, in his defense, (which this writer isn’t sure how much longer I can defend him on this issue) he is tied up with the Russian collusion fairy tale, a hostile Republican congress, as well as a combative Democratic opposition, and an out and out hostile press.

These diversionary tactics by progressives have taken Trump’s eyes off of the serious problems facing our military.  This President needs to focus on what is really important to this nation, and above everything else is the state of our military.  Without a truly functioning military, with sufficient strength to beat back our enemies, both foreign and domestic, nothing else really matters.

In order to rebuild our military, President Trump needs to purge our officer corps of Obama holdovers, as openly as Obama did to men of honor, (which will receive widespread media scrutiny) and return it to the dedicated Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine, and Naval officer corps of the past; whose only desire is to kill people and break things when our politicians deem it necessary.

It is time our military leaders kiss a new ring, the ring of duty, honor and service, then return our armed forces to the most lethal fighting force for good, the world has ever known.

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  1. Mattis should be give 72 hours to reverse Sec. Carter’s directive. If not, I would get McChrystal to take his job.
    Ban trannies, queers, and women from combat roles. We need lots of typists in the military.

    • I disagree. “Loose Cannon” McChrystal may be worse than Mattis. Retired Gen. Jack Keane would be a far better choice to succeed Mattis.

  2. I totally agree the PC vein of the military needs to be purged. the military only duty is to defend the United States from her enemies as directed by the Commander and Chief. The social experiment in the military is undermining the warrior attitude which is need to win wars. Enough PC pandering to the left, first of all they have never liked or loved the military and have done everything to destroy it. This is not a new thing it happened in Vietnam and every since.

  3. Thank you for laying this out so comprehensively. Unfortunately I was watching this unfold while at Ft. Campbell.

  4. At the time of the purges, 2010/2011 you could find the first evidence of lawful/moral/honorable actions that would result in INTERNAL and EXTERNAL conflict — some generals (officers) remained to fight from the inside, some generals pledged loyalty to obama and NOT the Constitution, some generals left to fight from the outside, some left and didn’t want any part of “this” fight.
    Score cards were kept, internal battles are and have been epic all while intelligence gatherers (like M. Flynn imo) developers a sense/scope of the problem and potential plans to deal with “the problem” (obama, hillary, progressive/communist based imo)
    Snowden, Garrow, Flynn, Rodgers, Ace Lyons, countless marines on facebook, Binney, Drake, S. Edmonds, …these will form the core of a new TRUE narrative leading to the election of DJT and the second American Revolution — when its over.
    STBY for the takedown phase (3) followed by the Truthful writing of what when on 2001-2018.
    Thanks for this article and the start down that path.
    Not “all” kissed the ring.

  5. We were so trashed by Obama and it seamed no body cared. I hope and pray that God will allow us to see our evil past ways and renew our love for God and our nation.

  6. Man, what a great article. I hope to God that the president is made forcefully aware of this situation. He could start with that four star ex-marine, that hangs around his office, and kick his ass out the door.

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