Fulfilling the Oath

By Joe Ragonese

Every officer, warrant officer, noncommissioned officer and enlisted person stands before a senior officer, raises his/her right hand and swears an oath of allegiance to serve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign or domestic, when entering, or reenlisting, in the armed forces.  It is a tradition that dates back to the first Continental Army, at the inception of our independence, and then filtered down to state, county and local governmental positions at all levels.

Foreign and domestic enemies: our founding fathers were remarkable men who fully understood the nature of government and the nature of mankind.  They knew that with the type of democratic republic that they were building some despot or tyrant was going to come along and try to usurp the legitimacy of our stated principles of, for, by and of the people.

Would-be dictators do not want a government that is for the good of the people, rather they want a government that benefits them and their cronies only.  The people we term ‘the international elite’, are in reality, despots who wish only to enrich themselves at the cost of our liberty and freedom; because you can’t have both.

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the American Communist Party, and the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, all are useful idiots to be used to facilitate an overthrow of the Constitution, and then be discarded once those elitist are in power.  Think about George Soros as ruler of the world, a position he is trying very hard to obtain.  Our founding fathers knew there were George Soros’ who would come along and try to seize power in America; so our Constitution was written to defend against such an occurrence.

The first amendment to that document guarantees freedom from governmental imposition of a state imposed religion, as well as the right to free exercise of the religion of our choosing, or no religion at all.  It also prohibits government, at all levels, from abridging the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to peacefully assemble, or to petition for a governmental redress of grievances.  These rights were unheard of in 1788 when our Constitution was ratified.

As I said earlier, our founding fathers knew that someone would try to take these rights away from us, so they wrote the Second Amendment to insure that the people could fight off any enemy who tried to take these rights away from us.  They included both foreign and domestic enemie

s of the state.  As everyone knows, the Second Amendment is the one that talks about the necessity for a militia, but states, unequivocally, that the people (you and me) have a right to keep and bear arms.  The Second Amendment protects the first.

They knew that without the Second Amendment, the first would fall.  They also knew that to fight an army intent on overthrowing our government, we would need military grade weapons, like AR-15 & AK47s, which is why the militia is stated in the preamble to the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Which brings us to the state of America in 2018; our constitution is under a concentrated frontal attack, the most blatant in the history of this nation.

From out-of-control judges that are legislating from the bench, creating ‘findings’ that are nowhere in the Constitution, rampaging Black Lives Matter terrorists who capriciously murder police and white people, avenging Antifa anarchists who silence free speech with clubs and pepper spray, to American Communists who start riots over statues in public parks and governmental buildings across America.  Intimidation, brute force and unconstitutional rulings are the course taken to undue what our founding fathers spilled their blood and gave their treasure to earn.

Congress shall pass no laws that prohibit the free exercise of religion, there it is in the first amendment, and the 14th amendment clearly states that states must obey all the laws within the constitution, yet states like Colorado, Washington, California, and Oregon have laws on the books that prohibit Christians from exercising their Christian beliefs.  They not only prohibit the exercise of religious beliefs, they punish those who do.

Freedom of speech is denied to conservatives on university campuses, at town hall meetings in large Democratically controlled cities across America, and in every MSM media and social media site, yet there has been no governmental imposition of sanctions against those blatantly prohibiting a constitutional right.

When conservatives try to exercise their constitutional right to gather, mobs of Antifa anarchists and Black Lives Matter terrorists gather to forcibly deny that right, while local governmental agencies and police standby watching and doing nothing.  Shouldn’t the federal government step in, as they did during the 1960s when blacks were denied their constitutional rights?

On top of the Constitution being under attack, the President of the United States is likewise under siege by deep state operatives conducting a clandestine conspiracy to illegally remove him from office, after having been elected by one of the largest electoral majorities in recent history.  This conspiracy includes federal law enforcement, the Department of Justice, State Department, federal judges, and operatives within every executive branch and the military.

A Constitutional crisis in happening as you read this, right under our noses, and no one seems to have noticed it.  Which takes us back to that oath that all military personnel take.  In fact, local politicians, judges, officers of the court, and police also repeat that oath.  Enemies of the state, both foreign and domestic, are advancing an un-American and anti-constitutional attack on our country, aided by corrupt federal judges and enabled by an equally corrupted media.

All of this was foreseen by our forefathers, who did whatever they could to protect us from such an occurrence.  The old adage, you can lead a horse to water, but cannot make him drink, is true here.  The founding fathers gave us the tools to stop this attack on America, but like God, gave us the choice of when to use it.  We have the means to rectify this situation, all we need is the courage to do so.

There is no conundrum, America is under attack from within and without.  What will it take for our military leaders to stand up and be accountable for protecting America from our enemies, as they swore an oath to do?  I am not advocating a military takeover of our government, nor do I postulate that they interfere with any part of the government.

What I am advancing is the idea that they stand up and be counted among those who are solidly behind the Constitution, and plainly guarantee that it shall be upheld.  Starting with General Mattis, our Secretary of Defense, and General Dunford the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and then every general below them, followed by every other rank, down to and including Privates, our military must walk in lockstep for the Constitution.

That means that they must fully support President Trump, stand up against unconstitutional rulings, such as those imposing transgender service members upon our military, or allowing unvetted immigration into this country, and denial of constitutional rights to our service members. (A good start would be to publicly boot Lt. Spencer Rapone out of the service for his anti-Americanism, and then replace the commandant  at the Air Force Academy who openly punishes Christians.)

All those illegal rulings by far-left, progressive judges, appointed by Obama and Clinton, that interfere with this President from defending our borders against dangerous immigrants, or from certain Muslim countries, or allow him to conduct international treaties and the defense of our country, must be ignored until final adjudication by SCOTUS; who will hopefully dismiss those outrageous rulings.  Ignoring frivolous rulings is not in violation of the Constitution, rather demanded by it.  These officers must remember the oath of office they swore to many years ago.

Our nation is under attack and no one is doing anything about it.  Those who took an oath to do just that are standing down, considering their retirement pay before the needs of this nation.  Our nation is in peril of succumbing to the whims of despots, and those who have the ability to prevent it are looking the other way.  It is our founding father’s worst nightmare.

It is time for our military’s leaders to live up to the oath of office that they have sworn to uphold; before it is too late.




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