Children Should be Seen and Not Heard

By Joe Ragonese

Americans can’t seem to remember their past, and must relive their failures over and over again.  Being led by children is never a good thing, and bad things happen when we do.  Allow me to explain why.

When I was growing up the axiom, children should be seen and not heard, was what parents lived by.  My parents never tried to be my friend, rather they acted like responsible parents whose authority was beyond reproach.  They behaved as a parent, always keeping my best interests in mind, yet making decisions that benefited me, not based on my feelings, rather on what was the right thing to do.  I would do as told, not because I understood why I was told to do some task that I did not wish to perform, rather because it was in the best interests of the entire family that I did.

It didn’t always make me feel good, but in the end, it taught me, my brother and sister, the values that would see us through life and how to cope with reality.  My family wasn’t unusual, rather it was the norm in the 1950s.  My generation, the baby boomers, was the largest generation that America had ever known up until that time.  Our numbers more than offset the huge loss of life caused by WWII.

Entire industries sprung up simply to meet the demands of my generation.  That created a sense of entitlement that was beyond reasonable for some, such as those who rebelled against the strict control our parents held over us.  They even gave it a name, which the press called the ‘generation gap.’

Many in my generation rioted against any policy or position that they disagreed with.  The war in Vietnam was a flash point.  Many did not want to go to war, after all our parents suffered in the big war, why did we have to suffer too?  It was unfair to so many men who were frightened to place themselves into harm’s way, so they did the dishonorable thing and fled to Canada after protesting in the streets yielded no results.

Don’t get me wrong, many who protested were doing so because they saw that the strategy of the war by President Johnson was not to win, but to maintain a status quo.  We did that ten years earlier in Korea and in 1964, when the Vietnam War began, Korea was still divided and half controlled by the same communist leader who started it.  We lost 36,000 men and gained no results.

So, when Johnson sent our troops into Vietnam to accomplish the very same results, it is understandable that some may have objected.  The problem was, that once we committed troops, every time young people protested, it caused more Americans to die.  Every protest weakened us internationally and gave our enemies a weapon to continue attacking us.  Each attack caused more Americans to die in battle.  All North Vietnam needed to do was continue the fight until we yielded to the protesters.  And that is exactly what happened, as our military never lost a battle throughout the entire war, yet the victory was handed to the communists by weak kneed politicians afraid of bad press.

Young people, who thought they were doing the right thing, were instead led by communist manipulators whose only desire was to destroy America.  Unfortunately, being young and naïve, most of those protesting didn’t have a clue they were being used, and hurting America in the process.  Many grew up and later realized their mistake, while some, to this day, try to justify their anti-American behavior.

The inroads communism made during those tumultuous days remain with us today in the form of so many teachers, journalists and politicians who are completely indoctrinated into its evils, and implant pro communist, anti-American doctrine in young minds not yet able to understand right from wrong, or good from evil.

While less than half of all boomers were ever seduced by communist rhetoric, the percentage that was indoctrinated accounted for a huge number of Americans who DEMANDED that those civilized ways that had made America great, be changed.

Give an out of control child an inch, and they will try to take a mile.  Once weak kneed politicians gave into the screaming youth over Vietnam, they demanded even more change.  Everything from privacy laws which better protect criminals, to long established legal doctrine changed to better protect outlaws, at the expense of law abiding citizens, all because we chose to listen to the whining of children that did not want to be held accountable for their actions.

Along with protest and political upheaval, came an entitlement belief that those who created the tumult were somehow above the law.  That led these out of control children, some now growing into adulthood, to commit outrageous acts, most of them criminal.  Drugs were rampant during the 60s, and while illegal, abusers felt above the law.  So, the laws were changed to accommodate them.

At the time, we had the most liberal Supreme Court that America has ever known, due to 40 years of Democrats selecting judges.  The Warren Court was the first to impose laws that congress refused to pass, legislating from the bench.  We had a case that allowed nationwide abortion based on an issue that any other court would have thrown out, as the child was already born and the plaintiff had withdrawn her challenge before the ruling was made.

This court found that there was some secret code in the Constitution that implied a right to privacy, which was not written anywhere in the document.  This same court found more unwritten rules, that dictated criminals had to be notified of certain rights before interrogation and that if those words were not spoken in exactly the right order that they were free of any charge against them; everything from rape to murder, it didn’t matter as the criminal was always right to Justice Warren and his court.

Other preposterous rules were imposed, such as the fruits of the poisonous tree, where if an innocent error was made by arresting police, the defendant was freed.  It was a time as silly as Alice in Wonderland; but law enforcement was made to carry the burden of those insane rulings.  The outcome of such outrageous findings, all imposed because children didn’t wish to be held accountable for their actions, especially when caught with drugs, resulted in the highest crime rates in American history.  Rates so preposterous that they have never again been reached.

During the 1970s, crime was out of control, because we chose to listen to children.  Drugs were big during the 1960s and 70s, and of course the young people who used them didn’t want to go to jail when caught violating the laws about possession or sale, so they just protested and changed the laws and the rules governing police so they can’t arrest and prosecute them.

The drug epidemic led to the highest murder rates ever in this nation.  The Wild West was mundane compared to the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia.  Each of these cities, and every large city in this country, had murder rates that were insane.  New York and Chicago saw murder rates hover near 2000 a year by 1978.

Los Angeles and Boston had close to 800 murders each year of the 1970s, with crazies like Charles Manson and the Boston Strangler roaming the streets because, oh yeah, we closed all the mental institutions because they were cruel to crazy people.  Look where that got us, with the mentally ill now living on the streets; luckily they like warm places that cater to them, like California.

Drug crimes led to an array of other crimes to support drug habits, because drug users couldn’t hold down a job while high.  Burglaries, robberies, rapes, auto theft, up to and including murder.  Most attributed to the drug epidemic, but others, like rapes, simply because youth wasn’t accountable for their actions, so what the heck, why not.  It was a time where most law abiding, working, non-drug using families were frightened.  There was no safe haven as druggies came from respectable neighborhoods and robbed close to home, as well as the mean streets of inner cities.

Finally, a grown up was elected President, Ronald Reagan, and in his dignified way he brought law and order back to this great nation.  While crime didn’t disappear, it became manageable.  Once again respectable families were secure in their middle and upper class neighborhoods.  The constant fear of crime abated during the 12 years of Reagan and Bush 41.

Bill Clinton, and his criminal behavior, allowed us to slip backwards, with rising crime rates, and drug usage becoming codified through the media, on television, and in the movies.  With the upsweep of drugs, came the increase of crime.   George Bush, 44, held the line once again, with 9-11 and patriotism stopping much of the drug crimes due to simply not accepting criminal behavior; but Barack Obama opened the flood gates of criminality once again, even using his DOJ and FBI to side with criminals and oppose police and law abiding citizens.

Another adult is now in the White House, Donald Trump, and he has already lowered the crime rates by simply standing with law enforcement, where his predecessor inflamed criminality and racism.  Although we find ourselves in the throes of another heroin epidemic, we have a President who is actually doing something to stop it, unlike Obama who inflamed it through open borders which allowed drugs across them in horrific amounts.

The reason that I relive this history of the last part of the 20th Century and first two decades of the 21st, is because of the children’s march against guns in Washington D.C.  Everyone knows that school children are incapable of organizing such an event, which was graciously provided to them by the American communist party, who cloaked itself in the guise of the Democratic National Committee.  Funding was provided by George Soros through several of his front companies, and American businesses that cater to communist causes, like some NFL teams, also provided money and transportation.

The MSM insist that we must listen to these children, much like they did in the 1960s.  What’s lost is that children do not understand what they are doing, and are easily led.  They want to be stars for a day or two, like that David Hogg who envisions himself as a spokesperson for whatever his handlers decide he will front for.  The press, mostly in the hands of progressives, tells us that we cannot tell these children they are wrong and wrong minded, after all, we might hurt their feelings.

These children, who in the wisdom of legislators are not mature enough to legally sign a contract, responsible enough to purchase a bottle of beer, and most unable to vote, are somehow supposed to be smart enough to tell us to trash the Constitution that allows them the freedom to protest in the first place.  It was this same logic that led baby boomers to change laws and policies to the point that led us into a crisis of crime.

Millennials, who now make up the largest generation America has ever seen, are trying to replicate boomers and transform America.  The last time that children controlled the conduct of our political system it led to out of control crime, where there was no place safe in America, with murder rates that only happen in third world countries.  Do we really want to do that again?

All of this proves the old adage, ‘children should be seen and not heard’ was correct.  It was repeated throughout the centuries by people who changed the world for the better, creating the civilization that now exists.  If we allow ourselves to be controlled by children, the 1970s are a harbinger of what awaits us; a perilous time of high crime, murder and untold property destruction.

It’s time that adults act like adults and tell these children to shut up, grow up, and learn before opening their mouths about things they know nothing about; even if it hurts their feelings.  It might even cause them to grow up to become meaningful and productive citizens.

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