Why do Democrats keep passing gun laws?

By Joe Ragonese

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, Connecticut, and many other states passed gun laws prohibiting the sale and possession of “assault” rifles.  Each state defined their law a little differently, but the gist of the laws is similar, turning semi-automatic rifles into illegal contraband, and those who possess them into outlaws.  Wherever such laws are passed, the majority of those who owned the weapons prior to passage kept their guns and refused to turn them in.  The MSM bandies this fact about so as to make it seem that passing these laws mean nothing and we should not fear them.  Think again.

The fact is, that each law passed, while not being enforced presently, will one day be executed to the fullest.  Democrats know this and every chance they get, they pass more laws that they know will not be enforced right away.  The reason for passage of so many laws is simple, to ensnare as many conservatives and libertarians into their legal trap.

Make as many non-believers in progressive dogma criminals as possible; that is their goal.  Every would be dictator knows that you cannot become a tyrant until you disarm the general public.  All of the rhetoric about militias not being able to defeat a well armed and well trained army is espoused because progressives want to lull us into believing that.

Of course, it isn’t true.  Then there are those who say that they will give up their guns over their cold, dead bodies; and that is just as much a fiction as the left’s saying that an armed population doesn’t stop a tyrant.  Conservatives are law abiding people, and only a severe set of circumstances would push them into an armed rebellion.

Our founding fathers did not go lightly into armed resistance against England, they tried every way possible to avoid it.  It wasn’t until the British Army, in all their arrogance, decided to boldly march into Concord, Massachusetts, to confiscate the military arms and powder stored there that Americans finally took up arms in their defense.

It would take that level of arrogance to again spark an armed rebellion against a would be tyrant.  Even though the left acts as if they don’t know our history, they do; which is why they have not tried going door to door to confiscate our weapons.  Instead they plan on gradual confiscation of our guns, singularly and seemingly innocently, that most will not realize that we are in jeopardy of losing our Constitutional rights.  It is why we need the NRA so badly.

The left would simply go door to door taking our guns if they thought they could get away with it, but know that if they tried now that it would spark armed resistance.  They are waiting for the right time to take our firearms, knowing that time is fast approaching.  It is what finally happened in Australia and New Zealand, but the people of those two nations have never been citizens, rather subjects of a monarch.  They have been raised to be subservient, something Americans have never been.

Many reading this will think that something so sinister could never happen here.  Think again.  When Bill Clinton was President, during his first two years, when he controlled both the Executive and Legislative branches of government, he leaned very far to the left.  Most have forgotten how leftist he was, but it was those progressive tendencies that finally did him in.  He lost both houses of congress, as well as the power that he had to shape events because of his progressive governance.

During those years, before he spent his time taking bribes from China and chasing women around the west wing, he conducted a survey through his top military brass, which was circulated to lower levels of front line personnel, asking if they would obey orders to enter homes to forcibly confiscate firearms.  It also asked if they would shoot Americans in furtherance of orders.

The press did not report this, but I saw one of the surveys which asked those questions in the middle of a long list of other questions.  Clinton was judging the mood of his military and how far he could push them.  I don’t know what became of that study, but nothing further happened because he lost congress to Republicans with a backbone who stopped him from too much more damage to this country.

With the 21st Century came an entire new outlook on governance, as millennials began to take over many government positions and voted in large numbers.  Their views seem to be counter to those of us who grew up in earlier times.  They showed their tolerance to progressive ideology through things such as their acceptance of Obama’s far leftist governing style.  As the years continue, more and more millennials will ascend to power, as those of us in earlier generations fade into the past.

Obama offers us a glimpse into our future.  With relative ease, he circumvented 242 years of American traditions and turned the infrastructure of government into his personal play things.  The military willingly accepted gays, transgenders and women in combat, while all agencies within the Executive did his bidding; think the DOJ and FBIs abuses of power to overlook his criminal actions.

Meanwhile, with the military brass succumbing to his will, it weakened the fighting abilities of each branch of the service.  It did not take a long and hard road to outwit our military leaders, all it took was a purge of those who disagreed with his wishes.  In only a few short years he had bloodlessly removed every honorable commanding general to civilian status, keeping only lackeys who would do his bidding.  When real Americans voted congressional power to Republicans, they caved into him too.  America was at the mercy of an out of control communist bent on transforming this nation into a Soviet style dictatorship.

A simple look at today’s military leaders shows how completely corrupted they have become.  General Mattis, now Secretary of Defense, refuses to obey President Trump’s orders to stop transgenders from serving, while General McMaster, Director of the National Security Council, refuses to speak the words, ‘radical Muslim terrorist.’  He insists that terrorists usurp the Qur’an, when in fact they quote directly from it every time they indiscriminately kill innocents.  This is the level of leadership in today’s military, when they simply bury their heads in the sand, rather than identify the actual problems facing our nation.

Today the military is so corrupted by Obama’s poison that they allow openly communist officers into the academies, on the front lines and in positions of power.  High ranking officers fully support gays, transgenders and women in combat as if it is something that is good for the services, rather than the burden it is.

They support this progressive agenda so completely that they openly defy the President of the United States when he orders that transgenders will not be allowed to serve, or any action that does not meet their progressive ideals.  Just think about all those generals who were quoted saying that his tough talk against North Korea was hurting the problem, while now we learn that it was a great strategy.

If Clinton’s questionnaire were to be sent to military leaders today, I am sure they would overwhelmingly agree to violate the Constitution to invade Americans homes and confiscate their firearms, shooting Americans who resist.  As scary as it is, we are merely one President away from a point in time when our government could turn against us and the Constitution.  Look how close it came to doing so under Obama.  Had Clinton won, we would have been doomed as a nation.

Democrats passing all those ‘reasonable’ laws are for one reason only, to turn law abiding citizens into criminals, so when they finally do have the right President in office, they can obfuscate the seizures by saying that they are only going after criminals, not law abiding citizens; and how could any American, from either party, object to that?

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  1. Progressives and gun control nuts know the UK method of gun control was a gradual imposing of more and more regulations, red tape, regulations to drive people OUT OF gun ownership.
    If less people own guns, the easier it is to marginalize them and impose gun control, then bans and confiscations.
    After the Hungerford Incident in the UK they banned all semi auto guns and shotguns. After Dunblane (1996) they outlawed all handguns.
    They are just attempting to catch up. The AW Ban of 1994 to 2004 was a crown jewel to them, but it died out.
    They are now attempting to force gun ownership to 21 years old and ban all semi auto rifles. They will “settle” for making guns only legal above 21 years old.
    The know that if people don’t acquire a familiarity with something at least as a child it is very unlikely they will be interested or pick up an association with it after 21 years old.
    The vast majority who do pick it up will be men. By thoroughly indoctrinating girls and women they will get them to force men to get rid of guns around them.
    In fact I hear domestic abuse “advocates” saying that ANY feeling of threat by a woman from any man, especially if they ever dated the woman, should allow them to file a PFA (Protection From Abuse) order and it should ban a man from owning a gun for life. Just an accusation, no report to police, no arrest, nothing but an accusation.
    I am sure they can find attractive “True Believers” to go on a date and file PFA’s, maybe dozens or hundreds per year. Possibly thousands.
    This is a hysteria based “Moral Panic” being used to push their propaganda campaign. Politicians are panicking and that feeds their agenda. The faster and with the least thought they can get gun laws passed the more likely there will be mistakes made in the wording.
    The BATF used a misplaced comma in the NFA law to declare certain shotguns Destructive Devices (DD, requires Federal Registration, some states have declared them illegal) retroactively. More things like that could happen.
    If this was fought or just ignored by lawmakers it would die out. They know they have to strike fast, before people start to realize what they are saying is lies or such a bad exaggeration of the truth, or violation of basic property rights and even civil rights. Then they would lose and fail to pass anything.

  2. If the new generations wish a police state may all their wishes come true after me and mine have shuffled off this mortal coil.

    I will then bar the gates of heaven against them.

  3. why do democrats keep passing gun laws…… easy, guns don’t talk back nor can they defend themselves.

    Far easier to tackle an inanimate object than to tackle the real problem, mentally unbalanced people and their treatment.

  4. Ps: As you’re reviewing this would you please remove that last “I suggest that you” & please change the word “many” to “may I suggest”


  5. The only reason they continue to pass these laws is to make it easier to take from you.

    MOLON LABE!!!!

    The only gun law that counts says “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”

  6. We need change. We have a subversive so-called Government now. This does not sound or look good. Barry Obama was a puppet who has done much damage.

  7. I can say that you are wrong on the last point. While a lot of the leaders at the General level are leftists, the majority of the military is conservative and would never allow the kid of confiscation that you mention. I served for 16 years in the Army and can tell you that the people who would obey orders to confiscate are few and far between. They are, further, so outnumbered by conservative, law abiding, constitution serving military members, that they would be quickly squashed from the services.

    • When did you serve? I wouldn’t follow the military’s current leadership into water. They’re worthless PC lackeys. Yes, back when I was on active duty from 88-93, the military was different.

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