The Attack on the NRA is an Attack on Freedom

By Joe Ragonese

The NRA has been under attack for at least 50 years.  By 1978, communist revolutionaries who failed to spark the armed insurrection of America that it tried to foment in the 1960s, began attacking the Constitution on several levels, using subterfuge to convince us that they only wanted reasonable changes akin to modern values.

One of the Constitution’s more troubling rights, in the eyes of those bent on destroying America, is the 2nd Amendment, which safeguards a person’s ‘right to keep and bear arms.’  When citizens are armed, they can defend against those who wish to destroy America.  Most Americans know this, as do all those who call themselves progressives.

Progressives are nothing more than communist revolutionaries with a more acceptable sounding name; however, they pretend to be forward thinkers who only want what is best for America.  What they see as best for America is to completely destroy all of its traditions and institutions and replace them with a replica of the failed Soviet Union.  President Obama called it transformation, and he came close to doing so.  Had Hillary won, the transformation would have been completed.

When progressives began their attack on the NRA, it was way too powerful to confront head on.  In 1975, even Presidential hopeful, Democrat, Jimmy Carter, was a member of the organization.  It was a time when no one could be elected President who was not a member.  To begin the attack, they began by demonizing individual guns.  Anyone remember Saturday night specials?

Saturday Night Specials were cheaply made guns that were usually very small, of small caliber, and very inexpensive.  It was the chosen weapon of many poor people, for both defense, as well as to hold up a gas station or liquor store.  Progressives, aided by the mainstream media, attacked these guns until they were outlawed in the expanded Gun Control Act of 1968; in its 1970’s version.

The way the left attacked the weapon was simple, just as outlined in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, they isolated the weapon, telling anyone who would listen that the gun was worthless, and attacking anyone who defended the weapons.  Those who tried to show a need for such a weapon were then isolated, so that no one would listen to them any longer.  They were shamed into silence.  The NRA eventually caved in and was silenced by this tactic, and the Saturday Night Special was history.  It was a very effective strategy.

It did not work overnight, it took years of discrediting the cheaply made weapons with television stories and mini-documentaries produced telling of the evils of the weapons.  Newspapers would print the make and model of the weapon used to kill and always include something about the Saturday Night Special strikes again.  Hysteria was produced against the weapons, making people believe that if only Saturday night specials were outlawed, murder rates would somehow fade into history.

You have to remember the era, the 1970’s were the most violent period in American history.  Chicago, Los Angeles and New York all had murder rates hovering around 1000 per year, Chicago’s peaking at 1800 in 1978, and every large city in the country had outrageous murder rates.  Those rates would stay the same even after the Saturday Night Special was outlawed.  Like all of the left’s promises, they are lies told to change the political structure of America, not to curb crime rates.  It wasn’t until Ronald Reagan became President and stood up for local law enforcement that the murder rates declined.

Yet, as murder rates declined, the left still tried to outlaw guns.  Once successful in outlawing Saturday Night Specials, they went after all handguns.  They used the same tactics that found success against Saturday Night Specials, but were not as effective with pistols, due to the majority of Americans understanding they were being lied to by the MSM, reinforced by information and political maneuvers from the NRA.

Progressives came close to outlawing handguns by saying that they weren’t for sport or hunting, they are only made to kill.  Self-defense was always ignored as a legitimate reason to own a pistol.  But the NRA launched an all out offensive against those who tried to grab our handguns and beat them back.  That NRA victory made them the number one target.

This back and forth between gun grabbers and the NRA continued over private ownership of pistols until Patrick Purdy entered Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton, California, while armed with an AK-47 rifle and killed 5 and wounded 32 others in January 1989; followed in October 1991 when George Hennard drove his pick-up truck through the front window of Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas and killed 23 people and injured 27 more.  Even though he was armed with two pistols, a new hysteria was whipped up against guns.

Progressives had a new weapon to hang their hats on to ostracize, the ‘assault’ weapon.  Bill Clinton was President, and congress was controlled by Democrats, it was a perfect storm for gun grabbers, and a hastily drawn up bill was passed that outlawed ‘assault’ weapons that Bill Clinton signed into law in 1994.

It had a sunset clause, which Democrats vehemently opposed, that ended the prohibition in 2004.  The bill outlawed any semi-automatic weapon that looked like a military weapon and limited magazines in pistols and rifles to no more than 10 rounds.  It was a silly law that did two things, it drove up the price of that type of gun, and it sent NRA members to the polls in record numbers to change congress.  In the 1994 mid-terms Republicans took control of both houses of congress for the first time in over 40 years.

It stopped all of Bill Clinton’s far left policies and allowed him to chase women around the Oval Office until he was impeached.  A scientific study of the impact of the assault weapons ban, by the National Research Council found that of the 10 year ban it showed that it “did not reveal any clear impacts on gun violence outcomes.”  It was a worthless piece of leftist legislation that was enacted not to reduce crime, rather to control law abiding citizens.

The ultimate goal of progressives is to destroy the Constitution, knowing that if they destroy the 2nd Amendment, that the entire Constitution will fall quickly afterwards.  The only organization protecting the 2nd Amendment is the NRA.  Without the NRA we will become England, New Zealand, and Australia, where mass murders are committed using knives because no one has the means, or right, to defend themselves.  The entirety of those three nations are gun free zones, and murder and crime has risen every year since they outlawed guns.

One recent terrorist attack in London was committed using a truck on a bridge to kill and maim people, followed by a knife attack in an adjoining restaurant.  Even responding police could not stop the mayhem, as English police are only armed with night-sticks.  Until special armed police units arrived, the attack continued.

The attack on the NRA is at a fever pitch right now, in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, fueled by students from that school who have become overnight stars by preaching against guns and the NRA.  Even President Trump has caved on several basic principles due to the hue and cry coming from progressives.

The NRA is our only hope now of staving off the hounds who see blood in the snow and want nothing less than the complete removal of the 2nd Amendment.  Our founding fathers knew that the private ownership of weapons would come at a price, Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1787 that, “What signify a few lives lost in a century or two?  The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.  It is its natural manure.”

As cold hearted and un-politically correct as those lines are, it is clear that the argument that the founding fathers never envisioned the mass killing that a military grade weapon can cause is nothing more than a progressive fantasy.  The 2nd Amendment was written for the purpose of private citizens owing military grade weapons to defend the Constitution against any person, or army that might try to destroy it.  To fight an army, one needs weapons of equal or better quality than those of the enemy, not hunting or sporting guns.

It is a tragedy that so many innocents died at that Florida school, but their blood is the price of liberty.  Progressives want to ban guns so they are the only ones with guns.  Once progressives control all means of offense, we will be living in a tyranny where we are no longer citizens, rather subjects of the all powerful progressive gods.

The assault on the NRA is an attack on all liberty loving Americans and the freedom that our founding fathers fought so hard to obtain.  We must become active in protecting our freedom, and that of our children and grandchildren, by making sure to vote in November, and defeat these haters by electing conservatives in large enough numbers to shut down their anti-American schemes for decades to come.


4 comments to “The Attack on the NRA is an Attack on Freedom”
  1. The attack on the NRA is a pre-made propaganda campaign to force gun control. They saw that they lost any momentum after Las Vegas and got no real gun control out of it. I am sure they were ready to try after the Texas Church shooting but in a small town, and with the shooter being shot by a NRA instructor with an AR-15 they aborted the launch.
    This one was a perfect for them because it is in an ultra-liberal area. You will notice that there are no close friends or relatives in there perfect race distributed core group of “spokespersons”. The accusations of “crisis actors” is wrong, This event happened and no one added those kids in years ago on some sort of “false flag” operation, but they are “actors” because they asked for volunteers and these people stood up.
    David Hogg has been seen before on video trying to insert himself into a local story in another area of the country and was a very minor “activist” before. Those buses to Tallahassee for the “rally” and the plane tickets to Washington DC didn’t appear magically. The Soros/Bloomburg union helped start it out, “Everytown For Gun Safety” has already added them on as an auxiliary under them. Oddly even Planned Parenthood is providing money and organization. Planned Parenthood worried about dead kids, a new definition of “Ironic”.
    Soon they’ll add a victim or relative of a victim. They grab people coming out of the “Shock” stage of grief, lock them into “Anger” against an object, the gun, and wind them up and set them loose.
    This is going to continue because they’ve got celebrities throwing cash at it now. This whole thing is like a powdered drink mix. It takes the blood of victims instead of water though.

  2. I joined the NRA Saturday night. The NRA and AR-15s are the “bugaboos” the left trots out to frighten the ignorant among us. There are only about six million NRA members. many are gun owners who believe in protecting their liberties, others belong simply to acquire the monthly magazine subscription, only a minority are politically active. Bottom line, the NRA represents those of us with the common sense to hold ourselves accountable. The immense power the political left continually ascribes to this relatively small organization is ridiculous.

    Besides, the political left doesn’t care about those 17 victims or ANY victim of gun violence. They’re just props in their gun grabbing crusade. This faux liberal outrage is nothing but the typical “I’m more moral than you” dog-and-pony show liberals are so famous for. They claim guns are “unnecessary” and that they evidently sneak around at night and force people to commit crimes. Their logic about guns could be attributed to alcohol and sports cars, too. Together, they kill more innocent people annually than guns, but those deaths don’t matter because you can’t politicize them as easy as guns. Their ultimate goal is global power, and you first have to disarm the public. The United States is their biggest obstacle, and once the 2nd Amendment is out of the way you won’t have citizens that will fight back once they really start tearing into the Constitution and our civil rights.

  3. Great article but I disagree with one statement: “The only organization protecting the 2nd Amendment is the NRA. ”
    This is simply not true. There are many organizations that support and defend the second amendment. Such groups include the John Birch Society and Gun Owners of America plus many other conservative groups. It is the combined efforts of all who support the constitution and the 2nd amendment that count, not just one organization..

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