Our Enemies are Preparing for War – We’re Worried about Diversity

By Joe Ragonese

While America deems that the challenge of diversity in our combat arms is the most pressing issue facing our military, our mortal enemies are preparing to annihilate us on the battlefield; whether it is in outer space, cyberspace, on the land, sea or in the air.  China and Russia are actively building warfighting capabilities at all levels of potential combat while we waste money, time and resources trying to fit homosexuals, transgenders and females into our military.

As we exhaust millions of dollars budgeted for military research and preparedness to combat sexual harassment (which wouldn’t happen if men and women didn’t share the same space in barracks and restrooms), while building lactation stations for pregnant transgender men and naval resources to turn aircraft carriers into birthing ships, China and Russia are creating hypersonic weapons, which we have no defense for or plans to develop, space interceptors that we cannot duplicate, and anti-ship missiles that make our aircraft carriers useless in combat (except as maternity wards).

Over the last 26 years, including the first of the Trump administration, our military has eroded to second class status in the world of armed forces.  I know that some out there will disagree, and find ‘experts’ who say that we are still the top dog in the military game, that; however, is not so.

We have been attacked by cyber-warfare repeatedly, from sources as inconceivable as Iran and North Korea.  During this first year of Trump’s administration we have been cyber-attacked by either China or Russia who have worked their way into our electrical grids.  Who knows what else they have been able to accomplish.  The problem with cyber-warfare is that you don’t know that it is happening until it is over, yet is an act of war none the less.

Our next Pearl Harbor or twin-towers event may very well be the onset of a cyber-attack against our military command and control infrastructure; followed by interceptor missile attacks in outer space.  Once our command and control is lost, with the communications breakdown created by loss of GPS, communications and intelligence satellites in space, we are blind and helpless and at the mercy of our enemies.

Don’t believe the idea that we could reverse the process on our enemies and destroy theirs afterward, command and control is vital to doing that, and with it lost, how can we take out their structures?  Our missiles cannot be directed at a specific target without GPS; ok, there is internal mapping guidance of the Vietnam and Gulf War I era, but it is a secondary system that takes hours to load and isn’t as accurate as GPS.

While we are loading target acquisition into our weapons, our enemies’ hypersonic weapons are already on their way to take out those missiles.  We don’t have hypersonic missiles, and rely on technology that has been in use for 30 years or more.  As our Tomahawk missiles streak toward enemy bases, that enemy has already launched their second wave of missiles at our back up command and control centers, while their stealth fighters are targeting our command and control aircraft.

Once all command and control has been lost on the ground, in the air and at sea, enemy ground forces, directed by their still functional satellites and command and control, will be free to attack any American installations and bases they wish to destroy.  Our ground forces, which train utilizing today’s integrated battlefield systems that will no longer be functional, will not have Air Force, Navy and Marine air assets available to degrade attacking forces, let alone the ability to direct artillery and mortar fire.

Real time troop movements and maneuvers will not be seen as we will have lost that technology in the first wave of attacks, while all air assets will have to engage enemy aircraft to obtain air superiority, unable to support ground elements as our service has made all fighter aircraft dual purpose and they cannot do both simultaneously.  Without supremacy of the airspace above a battlefield our ground forces will find themselves in a slugfest with forces that do not include women and effeminate males.

Peer forces will have armor equal or superior to our aging force, with real time visuals able to track our every movement.  Our ability to do the same has mostly been lost due to our satellites having been destroyed, and a peer air force attacking our command and control aircraft and drones.  Enemy armor, artillery and infantry units will still maintain real time optics while we are shooting in the dark.

Our vaunted integrated male, female, transgender, homosexual ground combat forces, assisted by likewise integrated air and naval forces, will find themselves against a determined all male force of warriors who do not care a bit about diversity; except that they will kill all equally and indiscriminately.  It will be a bloodbath, where female stress fractures will be the least of their worries.

We are in this position because America’s priorities have been sidetracked by downsizing our military, a peace dividend after the collapse of the Soviet Union, endless warfare against tribal combatants who do not have any warfighting capabilities beyond machine guns and mortars, turning us complacent in all other areas of combat.  The Air Force and Navy have a shortage of pilots so severe that we cannot fill the cockpits of all of our aircraft, in conjunction with the shortage of mechanics to keep the aircraft flying, that is not offset by the lack of spare parts that drive maintainers to salvage parts off of museum aircraft.

While the Air Force seems bent on turning the service into a women’s branch, honoring Women’s Month with a flyby of a B1B in the hands of an all female crew over Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota, Russia is sending top of the line fighters directly at our airborne surveillance and control aircraft in the Baltic and Black Sea areas of operations, letting us know that they can at will.  The male pilot of one of those attacks so bold that he did a loop over the bird and flew within five feet of the airplane, saluting the aircraft commander before departing.

The Navy isn’t much better, recently the commander of an aircraft carrier proudly stated that the Navy’s top priority is to ensure that its female sailors get the best maternity care in the world, after one of his sailors gave birth on board ship.  All of his resources were then diverted from its primary mission to flying in an incubator, baby formula and diapers to care for the newborn, losing sight that his ship is a man-of-war, not a mobile hospital.

China certainly has noticed the state of our readiness, only days ago they harassed the Destroyer USS Mustin after it travelled close to Mischief Reef in the Spratly Islands, a group of coral atolls contested by China, who claim them as theirs even though they lay within the waters of the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam.  In fact, China claims all of the South and East China Sea as theirs, an area that is vital to international commerce.

China is preparing for war.  They are building their navy to contest ours, and are extremely aggressive in their plans to control the entire Pacific Basin.  Their Air Force is equipped with top of the line 5th generation stealth fighter aircraft, while they are already in development of 6th generation fighter technology.  America has just put its only entry of 5th generation technology into service, the do everything, Swiss Army knife airplane, the F-35; and has no 6th generation aircraft on the drawing board.

So aggressive is China’s resolve, that recently their President for life, (another way of saying dictator) Xi Jinping, gave a speech that in no uncertain terms stated that they would go to war to control what they believe is theirs.  His statement is much like Adolf Hitler’s proclamation that they would take back all lands lost in WWI, that scared England and France into ceding Czechoslovakia to Germany without a shot fired.

Jinping’s address includes the nation of Taiwan, as well as the rest of the Pacific Basin, and he has already given notice to Japan, who is trying to rapidly build its defense forces to compete with China, against their military buildup.  They have also aggressively denounced American’s imposition of tariffs that President Trump recently implemented.  China sees itself as the next world leader and is preparing to take that leadership by force if necessary.

Although China is the most aggressive in its military buildup and confrontational level, Russia is right behind them.  Russia and China have recently engaged in joint naval exercises, and plan to do so again.  While America continues to debate the cultural makeup of our military, China and Russia have been investing their capital and intellectual capacity into developing weapons to defeat Americas outdated technology and degraded warfighting capabilities.

As Ray Starmann stated in his article, “Our Enemies Are Dying With Laughter” at  US Defense Watch, the fact is they may be laughing at our absurdity, but they are biding their time until they go to war with us, or else another Democrat becomes President with a Democrat congress, like Obama, so he/she can surrender to them without a shot being fired.

China and Russia are preparing for war, America is not.  Unless we change course immediately, my grandchildren will live under a dictatorship, that doesn’t care if they live or die, and freedom of thought or movement will forever have been lost.  Your children and grandchildren will suffer the same fate.  Washington must wake up before it is too late.

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