You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

By Joe Ragonese

It all began on October 1, 1997 in Pearl, Mississippi.  Luke Woodham, 16, killed his mother in their home, and then went to Pearl High School where he killed his ex-girlfriend, and then, for the heck of it, went on to kill one more and wound seven others.

Until this incident, all the murders that occurred in schools were directed at a specific person over some perceived wrong.  That is, except that time in Austin, Texas, in 1966 when Charles Whitman climbed onto an observation tower and systematically began killing anyone he saw in his scoped rifle sights.  He killed 17, and wounded 31.   That was the exception until Pearl, and then the flood gates opened to copy-cat school shootings.

I mention this because this Valentine’s Day yet another of the senseless school shootings happened at a Parkland, Florida, high school, where at last count, 17 are dead.  In its aftermath, the same political rhetoric is spewing out, the left condemning easy access to guns, while the right insists that we need to look more closely at mental illness.

Both may be right, and both may be wrong; however, I have my own opinion, which may not be shared by many, but it seems so logical that I don’t understand why.  When I was growing up anyone with the purchase price could walk into their local hardware store and walk away with a gun of any type; pistol, shotgun, or rifle.  There was no age limit on the purchase for either the firearm or its ammunition, no background check and no waiting period.  In those days, the only thing regulating firearms was that you needed a license to go hunting.

With all that freedom to purchase firearms, there were no school shootings, murder rates were within acceptable levels, and there was little need for regulation.  That all changed in 1968.  The Firearms Act of 1968 came into existence in response to the murders of politicians, President Kennedy and his brother, Robert, four years apart, and in-between, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  There was little need to control firearms prior to that time, except to those who wanted more control on the citizens of America.

As to the murders that the Gun Control Act of 1968 responded to, those politicians who were murdered were killed by political activists; one a communist, the other an anti-Semite, and the last a racist.  It was the beginning of the assault on the Constitution, starting with the 2nd Amendment.  Gun control is not to protect Americans, rather to control them.  It is interesting that the wording used by the Democratic controlled Congress of 1968, used within the bill to control firearms, was copied directly from the German gun control act of 1935, of the Nazi party.  All tyrants need to keep guns out of the hands of free people.

The Gun Control act of 1968 opened a floodgate of other local anti-gun legislation, making it harder and harder to purchase, possess or carry a firearm.  With all this legislation, one would think that we would finally be safe from criminals with guns; sadly, we are less safe.  Yet, with both zero legislation on firearms, as well as with rather stringent regulation on them, no school mass shootings occurred until 1997.  So, a reasonable person would have to ask themselves what changed between 1968, and 1997 that would induce the spread of this particular type of murder.

It was the cultural changes over that period of time, including feminism and the political correctness surrounding it.  Between 1967 and 1997 we underwent the most severe cultural changes imaginable.  We went from a nation where a married couple with 2.5 children was the norm, to a nation where over 70% of married couples were divorced, with the incumbent residue of children being raised in single parent households; mostly led by women.

This change, from male and female households to female only households, was orchestrated by left wing politicians.  So much so that they even changed the tax code to punish married couples and reward single parents.  Boys grew up without any male role models, and behavior patterns changed dramatically, where murder rates rose and gang violence proliferated.

Many women who try to raise boys in a single parent home have no clue about male needs and nurturing, and want them to behave more like little girls.  When they don’t behave like girls, feminists make up some medical condition and put the boys on drugs to keep them numb and docile; the exact opposite of male behavior.  Attention deficit disorder (and all the others like ADHD and such) that affect students, affect boys almost exclusively.  Has anyone else beside me found this strange?

Add to that the emasculation of men in general, which hurt boys the most, and there is a really good chance that those young males feel powerless in today’s society.  When they walk into a school armed and prepared to kill anyone in sight, they are merely striking back in the only way they can figure out in their young undeveloped minds, knowing that something is unnaturally wrong, but not knowing what it is.

Look at the facts, raise a young man like a girl, giving him dolls and make him play nice, while depriving him of toy trucks and guns, at the same time deriding competition, telling him he is evil for having male parts, and never having winners and losers in their games, it is as unnatural as a three-headed elephant.  Men thrive on competition and challenge, while women shun those very same things; it is simply human nature.

Feminists and the politically correct are trying to change human nature because they don’t like the fact that boys are biologically different than girls.  They try to make us believe that there is no difference between the sexes except the external parts.  They point to Bruce Jenner as evidence; look little children, he is now a she.  Only thing is, he is still a he who wears girls’ clothes.  Bruce Jenner still has more upper body strength than most humans on this planet, and all the estrogen pills in the world will not change that fact.

But this isn’t about cross-dressers, it is about little boys who go to school and kill their classmates.  For the most part, what all of those who go to schools and kill have in common is a feeling of total worthlessness, brought on by bullies and feminists alike; all denying them any self-worth.  They live lives where being a boy automatically makes you bad, a potential rapist in the eyes of feminist; and it is even worse due to white privilege.

These young men have been bullied by their peers, unseen by their parents, who can’t seem to listen to their fears and problems, and society in general.  They believe that no one understands what they are going through and how fearful they are of their future.  What they have endured this far in their lives has been horrible and there is no end to their torment in sight.  Tell me, what do they have to lose?

Unfortunately, many find solace in the belief that if they kill enough of their antagonists, that somehow their problems will mysteriously disappear; and if they won’t, at least they got to act like a man once in their short lives.  For those minutes, they are slaughtering their classmates, they are in control for the first time ever.

Contrast the shooters to men who were raised with fathers in their houses; in that same Parkland school JROTC Cadet Peter Wang, 15, died getting others out of harm’s way.  The difference between growing up with a male role model and not is striking.

No amount of gun control or mental health intervention will change human nature; until we turn boys back into boys, and girls back into girls, our culture will continue to slip into an abyss of senselessness.  We are looking squarely into our politically correct socialist future, when we see these school shootings, one of despair, hopelessness and utter absurdity.

Today we are living in an abnormal society, where we believe boys are girls and girls are boys.  We can’t even decide which bathroom to use; that really shows how dysfunctional our society has become.  If you really want to do something to stop school shootings, go back to normality.  That old saying is true; you can’t fool Mother Nature!

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  1. From my 80 year-old perspective, this editorial is precisely on point. Thank you Joe! Excellent work. Best wishes, Wayne

  2. While I agree that raising a son without his father being in the home can cause identity issues, you cannot assume that all mothers are nut-job feminazis who give their sons dolls to play with. By the same token, not all fathers are good role models for their sons.

    There’s nothing normal about “gender fluidity”. We need to protect our children from outside influences that seek to turn goodness into evil, and normalcy on its head. Whether one parent or two, the way back begins with bringing the teachings of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ back into family life – the sooner the better.

  3. I agree 100%, and it’s what many have been saying for a long time! This goes much, much deeper that just “too many guns”. FOR ONCE I wish the political Left would look in the mirror and see that all their ideology does is create people who are angry, confused, entitled VICTIMS who have no idea how to cope with life. Their ideals do nothing but destroy morals and nuclear families within society, thus more people have no direction or hope in their lives.

    If the Left are gonna be simple minded enough to blame JUST GUNS for these things, at least be consistent and blame the rise of liberal ideology for indoctrinating people with a moral-less, confusing society, Hollywood for indoctrinating people with violent movies and God-awful rap/hip-hop music that glorifies hedonism and sin, too. It’s the person behind the gun and no amount of healthcare will stop them if they don’t understand right from wrong, to the point where killing someone is no big deal to them. These people are being raised in a vitriolic, confusing, moral-less society.

  4. Thank you for presenting some background history for gun control in the US. I would agree that forcing a boy to play with girl dolls and taking away action figures would be a problem, but it is rare. None of the shooters had parents who did this, and the average liberal would agree with you that this is wrong. Most feminists even say that boys need positive male role models. However, I agree that part of the problem is today’s parenting, as I discuss in

  5. How incredibly stupid. Blaming school shootings on the feminists and boys raised by single mothers. Men that have these views are usually closet homosexuals.

    • Liberals are completely responsible for the degradation of American society and values. Liberals created the environment that has led to these school shootings.

    • This reply demonstrates why one cannot have an intelligent conversation with a progressive; their only defense for their bizarre ideology is to deflect truth, logic, and tell lies. Iam, probably a female or a man who identifies as a female, cannot face the truth so he/she tries to alter it through innuendo, name calling and deceit.

      It is a sad fact, that progressives are simply ignorant beings with no grasp of the truth.

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