Where the Buck Stops

By Joe Ragonese

When Harry Truman was President there was a plaque on his Oval Office desk that read, “The Buck Stops Here.”  The truth is, in most matters dealing with the Presidency, everything within the executive branch of the government ultimately ends up on the President’s desk.  That is why the recently released memo, authored by the House Intelligence Committee, is so important; it is what it doesn’t say that is the most important.

The memo outlines abuse by the Department of Justice, and its primary investigative branch, the FBI, in obtaining FISA warrants to spy on American citizens, in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.  That in itself is damaging enough to the agencies involved; however, it is minor in comparison to what is not said in the memo, which is that the abuse didn’t occur in a vacuum, it happened in the open by people who received their orders from above.

The illegal efforts by the Obama administration to spy on their opponents required the cooperation of almost every department within the executive branch, just to provide justification to the courts so they could use the enormous apparatus of the federal government to electronically monitor every word and deed of their political opposition; namely Donald J. Trump.  To do so required the willingness of department heads to violate the laws of the United States.

Through those efforts they received real time information on the Trump campaign’s plans of action, so that they could prepare for it, or through their willing allies in the mainstream media, counter them before they happened.  It took a combined effort of many executive branches just to get to the point that the DOJ and FBI could begin the actual spying under the cover of the law.

To do so, the National Security Advisor, Susan Rice unmasked hundreds of Americans using false pretense, the State Department under John Kerry, through U.N. Ambassador Samatha Powers also unmasked hundreds, the information was passed to the Department of Justice, under both Eric Holder and later Loretta Lynch, and then they used the FBI under James Comey to both spy on Trump and to clear Hillary of her illegal deeds, which were many and often.

The CIA under James O. Brennan played a role, at this time we don’t know what it was, but he signed onto the ‘Russia did it’ false premise, as did the Department of Homeland Security under Jeh Johnson.  The Office of Director for National Intelligence (ODNI), and Director of National Intelligence (DNI), James Clapper, as DNI headed both, as well as 16 other intelligence agencies from the military and electronic collection agencies, was the go to man who did the actual spying using different sources of the NSA, DIA and others, who all fell under his command.  He bitterly attacked Donald Trump after leaving office and to this day is a source of false information to the leftist press.

All of these agencies had two things in common; they worked directly for the President of the United States, and they all played a role in assimilating information to spy on candidate Donald J. Trump.  All worked together to stop Trump from winning, and after he did they banded together to stop President-elect Trump from taking office.

Some of these agencies, if not all, are still working to undue the votes of Americans who elected President Trump, by trying to impeach and remove him from office.  The Special Prosecutor, Robert Muller, also a part of this evil cabal, is doing his best to indict President Trump on any charge that he can find, or invent.

The Republican memo on FISA spying, released Friday, is only the tip of the iceberg.  Each agency that knowingly and willingly aided in trying to stop candidate Trump, reported to the same man.  These agencies did not operate exclusively of each other; rather they operated in unison, directed by one head; President Barack Hussain Obama.

All roads lead back to Obama.  To put some historic context to his involvement, we know that he directly interfered in the Israeli elections, spending millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars trying to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a man he openly and vehemently disliked.  That action may have been the precursor of his attempt to stop Trump.  We also know that the Internal Revenue Service, another executive branch agency, interfered with the political process during the 2012 election.

Then Director of the IRS, John Koskinen, who remarkably is still head of that agency, had numerous meetings with President Obama, leading up to the IRS scandal targeting conservatives, led by Lois Lerner.  Her actions alone may have been enough to cause Mitt Romney to lose the election that by all rights he should have easily won.

The memo does not say these things, but an investigation would inevitably lead to that conclusion.  Corruption does not start at the bottom and work its way up; it starts at the top and works its way down.  How far down?  FBI Agent Peter Strzok and DOJ attorney Lisa Page have never been invited to the White House, and have never shook Barack Obama’s hand, yet they worked diligently at stopping Donald Trump and reinforcing Hillary Clinton.  Did they do this at the behest of James Comey?  They certainly did it with the knowledge of Comey, that is in the memo.

While they are not low-level operatives, they are far enough down the chain of command to make a reasonable observer worried that this level of corruption goes much farther down into the bowels of a highly depraved federal government.  How far, well we know that one female Secret Service agent, Kerry O’Grady, out of the Denver office, felt comfortable enough to post anti-Trump messages on her Facebook page.  As a Secret Service agent, she would be charged with protecting Trump when he was in Colorado, yet she stated that she would not protect him.  How many more, and how far down the line does this corruption go?

To end, once and forever, the degeneration of this nations executive branch, the man who ordered all of the corruption in the first place, Barack Obama, must be perp walked into a federal lock-up.  When law and order is reestablished, and only then, will our national survival be assured.  If there is not a follow up with imprisonment of malefactors, then I believe that we have reached the end of the American experiment, begun in 1776.

Just as Truman showed, the buck stops at the President’s desk, this President needs to ensure that justice is carried out fully and thoroughly, because if the laws do not apply to everyone, then the nation devolves into anarchy.  The vision of what it might look like has already appeared with Antifa in places like Charlottesville, Virginia, Berkley, California and at every college campus when a conservative speaker tries to tell the truth.

Our law & order President must insure that the laws apply to all, equally, to make America great again; if he does not, I fear that a constitutional America will no longer exist.


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