The Scandal at the FBI

By Joe Ragonese

There is a scandal at the FBI of epic proportions, and no, it is not the one involving top officials colluding with the Obama administration to usurp the will of the voters. The scandal is that the one time premier investigative agency in the United States is no longer able to successfully investigate a crime.   Lackluster leadership and loss of direction have turned the FBI into less of an investigative agency and more into another federal bureaucracy dedicated not to solving crimes or interdicting potential terrorists, rather simply to take up allotted slots within the governmental structure.

At one time the FBI was the consummate law enforcement agency in America, and local departments turned to their expertise to help solve the most difficult of crimes.  From bone fragments the FBI lab was once able to reconstruct the face of a dead woman who was murdered 25 years prior to discovery of the tiny pieces of evidence.

The FBI lead the way in profiling serial killers and aided in their capture.  They destroyed the Mafia, crushed corrupt politicians and defended against overzealous police departments.  They were leaders in kidnapping cases and put faces to the dead while simultaneously pursuing bank robbers across the nation.  When one thought about the best in law enforcement in this nation, it was the FBI.

To simply become an agent the requirements were strict, one must possess a degree as an attorney, or in accounting, be of high moral character, in top physical condition and have a keen sense of justice.  Once the commitment was made to enter the FBI, strict conformity to the rules was mandatory, in everything from clothing to personal behavior, both on and off duty.  This was the FBI of its founder, J. Edgar Hoover and while he led the organization it obeyed his strict code of conduct.

That code set the standard by which every FBI agent to follow was held accountable; until the diversity bug infected the agency.  That malady struck in the mid-1970s, but was shelved when Ronald Reagan was President.  Other than his eight years in office, the diversity bug wormed its way through the rank and file of the one time premier agency, changing it into what it has become today; a sick by product of political correctness infested with Obama and Hillary loyalists.

The first thing needed to meet the diversity standards set by political justice warriors was to lower the standards of the agency.  First to go was the education levels necessary to become an agent; no longer must one be an accountant or lawyer, now any degree was all one needed to apply, and in some circumstances (think affirmative action) all that was needed was a few years in a local law enforcement agency.  In that way, the agency was opened to minorities and women as they could not meet the standards of existing agents.

The physical standards were also lowered; after all, no woman could be expected to do as many push ups and sit ups as a man could do.  So, neither men nor women needed to be able to prove physical agility.  Then the class standards had to be lowered so that any applicant could pass the rigid academic requirements at the academy.  Some minorities found that the testing was too difficult, while others weren’t able to meet the one time strict firearms qualification standards, so they went by the wayside, too.

All of this lowering of standards allowed the FBI to fully meet the diversity requirements that Democrats and progressives demand.  It also led to the inevitable lowering of quality of the investigator as well as the agency itself.  The one-time vaunted FBI was no more.  It had been transformed into a typical hack federal governmental agency, mired in its own bureaucracy.

I only mention this background because the FBI scandalously failed in its basic mission of domestic intelligence in the murder of 17 innocent school children in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day.  The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, might as well have walked into a FBI office and said that he planned to shoot up a school; he just about did on a You Tube Video, as well as on his Instagram account.  Had he reported himself to the FBI, I believe the same results would have occurred.

That belief is due to the fact that when concerned citizens reported Cruz’s bragging about becoming a “professional school shooter,” on social media, the FBI stated, in the aftermath of the murders, that they were unable to locate the man making the statements, even though he had his name on the video and other social media.

Truthfully, any teenager could have found him if they set their minds to the task; but the one-time leader in American law enforcement was unable to locate the suspect, who wasn’t trying to hide.  This might be thought as an oversight or someone slipping through the cracks if it were a one-time thing; sadly, it is not.

Some may remember Omar Marteen; he was the man who killed 49 and wounded another 58 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida in June, 2016.  Marteen was a radicalized Muslim who attacked in the name of ISIS; however, his radicalization had been reported to the FBI, two times prior, back in 2013 and again in 2014.  The FBI failed to follow up on leads in that case, too.

Prior to Marteen, there was Tamerlane and Tsarnaev Dzhokhar, who committed the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, the FBI had prior warnings of them from the Russian GRU who advised that they should be watched because of their travels to Chechnyan areas known to be training grounds for radical Muslims.  The FBI never followed up.

Then there was Syed Farook and his wife, Tashkent Malik, a recent immigrant from a radical Muslim nation, who were unknown to the FBI prior to their murderous rampage in San Bernardino, California in 2015.  Syed had been radicalized as early as 2011 and was an associate of the four men who were arrested in Chino, California, for plotting to kill Americans in Afghanistan.  A thorough investigation should have connected them.

Farook had a long radicalization, where he conspired with others and travelled to known radical Muslim nations, all actions that should have alerted an adept domestic intelligence agency’s attention, but never did.  Since 9-11-2001, domestic intelligence to locate potential radical Muslim extremists has been the primary task of the FBI; but again in San Bernardino they epically failed in that endeavor with this murderously radicalized couple.

There are other failures by the FBI, even in their role pursuing bank robbers; however, it all leads to one sad and simple conclusion, the FBI is no longer a successful investigative agency, and must have proper leadership and direction if they are ever again to become anything more than another useless federal bureaucracy.

Or else, we can eliminate the agency and start all over, which may be the best hope to restoring honor to our national law enforcement efforts.

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  1. J Edgar Hoover was a ‘closet homo-phoebe’ dressing up in ladies underwear for sex. Not likely the: “This was the FBI of its founder, J. Edgar Hoover and while he led the organization it obeyed his strict code of conduct.” He also illegally wire-taped Americans without warrants, even had some renditioned out of one state into another, sent overseas, or outright had someone killed by a loyal member of his “inner team”. Also, it was “tool” of ‘government’ gone screwy in respect for ordinary, and poor citizens, whether white, block, brown, yellow, or red in skin color. He wasn’t ANY better than Busk, Cheny, Rumsfeld, and the Zionist Israelis who actually DID 911. Two 110 story concrete and steel buildings do FALL in free-fall acceleration in 12 seconds FLAT; while expelling tons of steel and girders, stripped of concrete, at speeds up to 75 miles per hour sideways WITHOUT explosives. PERIOD !!! Defies the laws of PHYSICS and of humanity’s COMMON SENSE.
    There NEVER was a VALID “War on Terror”; it was always since 1776 a “War Against Poor” by the ELITE 1% and Propaganda that is the same use as Hitler used and even more devastating than anything He did in his short lifespan. America has slaughtered more than the 6 million “jew”; Hitler killed 5.5 Million Gypsies; but the Zionist do NOT want that record to be remembered, our the 100 Million Native Americans we slaughtered forever expanding for the elite 1% while sending the poor as soldiers. The FBI set up people to become ‘patsies’ for political reasons, same as the one who they KNEW to be a White Supremacists for another Mass Casualty Drill the students of the school in Florida saying they were TOLD to have one of those THIS year! So like Boston Bombing, where loudspeakers were saying:”This is a drill” and the Boston Herald tweeted out that a Drill Would be Happening at Finish line 15 minutes BEFORE bombing, and we can’t forget Sandy Hook where not ONE SINGLE student was killed. There were TWO Sandy Hook schools; one was being abandoned because it had asbestos,((like WTC) and was empty..THAT is where the police were chasing three men in woods in back, and the Local Firestation across the street was a CHECK-IN point. No, the FBI is not great for our government, neither is the DOD, NSA, DIA, DHS, and to put eve NASA/JPL on this list for wasting taxpayer $$$ Elon Musk can do a better job and for less money than Nastiest Angry Scientists Alive / Jokingly Presenting Lies

    • Ok, FBI, you want to do your job? Start with this loon, Robert Williams! He has all the makings of the very thing that you have been ignoring. I’m sure you’ll be able to find him in one of great colleges teaching this bs. Just get him off the streets before he kills someone. NOW!!!!!

  2. We need a complete overhaul of the agency. Unfortunately what will probably happen is that they will rename the FBI the Federal Investigative Bureau and call it good.

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