No, Liberals, You’re Not Taking Our Guns…Ever…

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  1. Morons and feeble minded people underestimate the will of patriotic Americans at their peril.

    Job one is to banish those who claim to represent us in the Congress. We have little choice but to vote all professional politicians out of office.

  2. The NRA is the “bugaboo” the left trots out to frighten the ignorant among us. There are only about six million NRA members. many are gun owners who believe in protecting their liberties, others belong simply to acquire the monthly magazine subscription, only a minority are politically active. The immense power the left continually ascribes to this relatively small organization is ridiculous.

    Besides, the political left doesn’t care about those 17 victims or ANY victim of gun violence. They’re just props in their gun grabbing crusade. This faux liberal outrage is nothing but the typical “I’m more moral than you” dog-and-pony show are so famous for.

  3. Here’s my view on gun control and I base it on my life experience as a retired Police Chief, a retired soldier and a retired Fed employee. I am just over 70, live in a very rural area of the Ozarks, married for 37 years this fall.
    I own guns. I buy more guns all the time. I trade some of the guns I have and sometimes sell others. It’s a hobby I enjoy. I put up a berm on my property to use a s a range and i shoot quite often.
    I carry a gun every day, just as I have since I was eighteen. I don’t believe I am going to get in a shoot out today or tomorrow or someday. As a matter of fact, I doubt seriously if I will ever need to “use” a gun again. I say again, because there have been a number of times in my life where I have had to “use” a gun.
    I carry a gun and own guns because I have a right to do so. This right wasn’t given to me by the US Constitution. Changing the Constitution, eliminating the 2nd Amendment, will not take that right away from me. The right is mine and the 2nd amendment guarantees that right.

    So, if someone wants to change the Constitution, have at it. But changing the Constitution doesn’t negate my right. When the Constitution was written, the 2nd Amendment was added because prior to that, the concept that every day men and women, identified as ‘subjects’ had no inherent right to self defense. That’s still true to this day in most countries of the world.

    But I am not a “subject”. I am a citizen and the 2nd Amendment guarantees my right to not only own the means for self defense against evil doers and invaders, but also to defend my freedom from my own government if it ever proves necessary.

    I would meet an attempt to change, modify or eliminate the guarantee of the 2nd Amendment as tyranny. An attack by government on me, not as a subject of their laws but as a citizen born free and independent of tyranny and empowered to resist by any means necessary.

    If we can guard money with armed guards, we should be able to guard our children. If we can guard our government buildings with guards carrying guns, we should be able to do the same for our children. If we can provide an entourage of armed guards for our leaders, we should be able to do the same for our future.

    And if the FBI is too busy to do the very basic requirements of their mission, maybe we don’t need them any more.

    It’s not like they have been very successful for the last forty years or so. The bleatings of the leaders in Florida begging citizens to say something if they see something is pretty stupid when it is found that the school didn’t say anything, the police had 29 opportunities to do something and people told the FBI twice what was going to happen and none of those people did anything to prevent the massacre.

    And they were told in advance that it might happen, the person who might do it and how he would accomplish it.

    Take my guns? I don’t think so. It now turns out I need my guns for self-protection from evil doers and the tyranny of government but also for the failure of government to do their job.

  4. NY Times idea for banks to boycott arms firms is HA HA HA stupid.

    1. Board of Dir of bank vote? Fiduciary duty to earn profit not preach policy.

    2. Shareholder approval?

    3. Activist shareholder lawsuits

    4. Sherman anti trust act

    5. RICO prosecution

    Not to mention Constitution Equal protection .

    Banks are federally regulated and cannot practice unequal treatment of legal activity. Doesn’t anybody at the NYT even know what Sherman act. Ricoh act. Fiduciary oblig. mean????

  5. If there were a few teachers in that school in Florida that were armed with concealed weapons for their defense and that of the kids they would not have had the high number of children/young adults mowed down like they were.
    There is a school in Texas that does this and advertises the fact that some personnel are armed. I think that I can guarantee that this school will never have to problem of a crazed shooter like in Florida.

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