Creating Chaos

By Joe Ragonese

What if the FBI did not investigate Nikolas Cruz, the monster who murdered 17 people in Parkland, Florida, because they wanted the political chaos caused by another school shooting?  What would they have to gain?  Questions like this arise because of the lack of trust that many of us now have in the FBI, due to shenanigans they have occurred during and after the Obama Presidency.

Most of us would not have believed that the agency would be capable of such a travesty; but think again.  The recent discoveries, coming to light in the House and Senate investigations into Russian interference, have found that the Obama administration corrupted all executive branch agencies, including the FBI, and that they lied and broke many laws in order to control the outcome of the 2016 election for President.

When they failed in that mission, they worked illegally and tirelessly to stop President Trump from taking office and then to impeach him from office.  Is it possible that this corruption began much earlier than we suspect?  The findings from the congressional investigative committees suggest that this level of duplicity, on the part of the FBI, and all other executive branch agencies, are well within their realm of betrayal for the entirety of the Obama Presidency.

Fast and Furious was a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) scam, orchestrated by top level Department of Justice officials, including then Attorney General Eric Holder, whose principal objective was to cause death and mayhem in Mexico that would cause the then Democratic controlled congress to enact harsh gun control legislation in America.  The deaths caused would be acceptable to achieve their end goal of more rigid gun control.

The DOJ knew that people would die due to their reckless acts of allowing guns to flow south of the border, they didn’t care.  When a U.S. Border Patrol officer was killed, they didn’t care about that either, except that it exposed the entire scheme.  This occurred early in Obama’s first term as President, without much effort he had already corrupted the BATF, Department of Homeland Security, and the DOJ, which the FBI is under.  The deaths caused by the drug cartels was acceptable; just as the death of children attending school in Parkland, Florida, would be acceptable in order to enact harsh gun control.  The ends justify the means mentality of all communist/ progressives.

Until Fast and Furious came to light, no one would have ever believed that the U.S. government would knowingly illegally sell guns, not to capture drug cartel leaders, but rather to enact more gun control laws. Until the corruption perpetrated by the Obama administration was finally learned, no one would ever think that something so sinister could happen in America; yet, it did.

But the BATF is not the FBI, or is there really a difference?  Remember, the end game was to enact more harsh gun control measures.  Given that, let’s look at the reaction to a few mass shootings that occurred during the Obama administration.

There was the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, it is still widely used as an example of why we need to outlaw AR-15 type “assault” rifles.  The shooter, Adam Lanza was a mentally disturbed young man who stole the rifle from his mother, whom he also killed; but that didn’t stop left wing nuts from condemning the gun and demanding stricter gun control.  In its aftermath, the left went on a frenzied effort to enact harsh gun control measures.

Even though there are laws on the books that prohibit stealing, and murder, the left believes that if we enact one more gun control law that somehow it will stop school shootings.  When there are no school shootings everyone forgets about gun control, so could the FBI have simply ignored all the warnings about Cruz in order to enable a crisis to enact more gun control?  Look at their recent record of lies and corruption in order to forward their chosen progressive political agenda, and that should answer the question.

In September 2013, there was a mass shooting at a naval yard in Washington D.C., but it didn’t help progressives with their agenda because the shooter was black and used a shotgun.  That one has been mostly forgotten.  But a white supremacist, Dylann Roof filled the bill in June 2015 when he walked into a black church and killed nine people; that incident is still used as an example of why we need more gun control, too.  It also was used to start a frenzy over racism, condemning the Confederate flag and statues in public places.

Not surprisingly, the FBI’s failure in that case allowed Roof to legally purchase the gun he used in the mass murders in South Carolina.  Was that an oversight, or another intentional failure in order to create chaos?  We may never know, but the litany of FBI failure that lead to mass murders is astounding.  Could it be a sign of an agency unable to carry out its assigned duties, or in a more nefarious way, be a sign that the FBI is allowing these failures in order to further a progressive agenda through chaos?

Among some of the FBI’s other huge failures, was Omar Marteen, a radicalized Muslim who killed 58 gay people at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida in 2016.  The FBI had two warnings about him in 2013 and again in 2014.  They did nothing again; was this simply a failure of the individual investigators, or an agency wide program?  It would not seem to be an individual case as it happens repeatedly throughout the Obama years.

Prior to Orlando, was the Boston Marathon in 2013, where brothers Tamerlane and Tsarnaev Dzhokhar used two pressure cooker bombs to kill and maim innocents completing their 26 mile runs.  This was right after Obama had been reelected to a second term, and we all remember that he famously told Russian President Medvedev to tell Putin that after he was re-elected that he would have more leeway.

Leeway to do what, exactly; cause chaos?  The Boston Marathon bombing certainly would fulfill that bill, and the FBI had had two prior warnings about Dzhokar from the Russian GRU.  We know that the Obama administration was sympathetic to the radical Muslim cause, could he have had the FBI look the other way?

For 24 years of my 36 year police career I was a detective or an investigator, one of my first lessons as a rookie detective was that there is no such thing as coincidence, yet the string of failures from the FBI are either a terrible coincidence, or a deliberate act.  If they are a deliberate act, it is a conspiracy of such enormity that we are in the middle of an attempted political coup d’etat against our elected government.

I do not believe in conspiracy theories under normal conditions, yet the levels of friction used to cause chaos in America for the sole purpose of changing our political structure cannot be overlooked.  As my old Boy Scout handbook said, be prepared; we must be prepared to counter the coup attempt being undertaken by George Soros and his minions here in America.  It is no coincidence that there is an Antifa, a Black Lives Matter, and violent confrontation against every principal that made America great in the first place, with Soros’ fingerprints over all of them.

The counter-coup that needs to be undertaken to ensure that America remains great, is that in November we need go to the polls in as large of numbers that we did to elect President Trump, and make sure that our Congress is not taken over by progressives, who will wreak havoc on America.

Between now and then we need to actively become a part of the political process and devote time to ensure that real conservative politicians go to Washington next year.  Some within the conspiracy call themselves Republicans, like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins, but are far from it, we must work to replace RINOs like them, as well as many Democrats as possible.

The time is now, and the fight is in our hands, what are we going to do?

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  1. Great article.

    Just a point that our memory impaired people need to be reminded of.

    25 years ago there was the first attack on the World Trade Towers.

    The Clinton’s refused to treat the terrorists as such and gave them a criminal trial. This meant that all means concerning evidence and how it was obtained had to be provided to the defense.

    The defense was-wait for it- ERIC HOLDER.

    Needless to say the facts that the US was able to listen in on the terrorists cell phones and satelitte communications were revealed. Other sources and methods were also revealed.

    This is what progressive Marxists do. They hate America. And will use any means to destroy it.

  2. Here’s what I’m going to do, or not do as the case may be:
    1. I am not going to donate a penny to the RNC. After what Mich McConnell et al did to Judge Roy Moore, (and President Trump before him) only suckers (IMHO) will donate to the RNC.

    2. I’m going to donate to first time constitution loving white male Christian patriots, who have the guts to go up against deep pocket GOP incumbents running for reelection. The Constitution holds the remedies we need to restore our Republic. Mine is my voice and my vote, and it’s not going to support ANY incumbent, irrational (by nature) women or feminazis wailing for “social justice”, gender fluidity or DACA nightmare illegals who are breeding like bunnies.

    3. We need a Congress with the spine to enact their power under Article III to eliminate any and every federal court except the SCOTUS, and put an end to Federal District courts stifling the President’s agenda at every turn.

  3. I’ve never been one to buy into or drum up conspiracy theories, but as this article stated, it is impossible to see these incidents as coincidences. I’ve been thinking ever since the Florida shooting that it just doesn’t make sense as to why the FBI basically ignored Cruz and the infinite red flags he was raising. Then, of course, there’s Paddock and Las Vegas, and quite literally nothing there makes sense. The authorities seem intent on keeping their mouths shut regarding that. You could even go back as far as 9/11. No, I don’t think that was orchestrated by the US, but I do wonder if our intelligence knew something was about to happen and completely ignored it.

    Again, I don’t buy into these wild conspiracy theories, but it’s painfully obvious that there are many people actively involved in destroying America from the inside. Divide and conquer is their short-term goal.

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