The Democrats: The Party of Wrong

By Joe Ragonese

I watched the Democratic Party National Convestion in 2012, when they re-nominated Barack Obama to run for a second term; and while deliberating the wording on their party platform there was a huge debate as to whether or not mention God in it.  When the proposal was announced to the gathered delegates, the speaker said, should we make mention of our respect for God.  The delegates booed loud and long at the mere mention of God.

It was a spectacle that I will never forget, and it told me everything that I needed to know about the modern Democratic Party; they are pure evil.  Over the next four years I watched in awe as everything that made America great was torn down and destroyed by the evil Democrats.

Gay marriage was codified into law, over the objections of the majority of Americans’ wishes.  Feminists took over our military, destroying our once vaunted armed forces and relegating it to a second class fighting force, like that of France or England.  Our economy tanked as an unrestricted influx of illegal immigrants flooded into the country, aided by Obama’s illegal executive orders.

These illegals took jobs that Americans once held, in construction, manufacturing, medical services, electronics, secretarial, food service, almost anything that Americans did, illegals took and often replaced the Americans who once held the positions, earning much less, without complaint.  What jobs were not filled by illegals, were shipped overseas.

Have you called technical assistance for any product lately?  Have you spoken to anyone who speaks English without a non-understandable accent?  While Democrats and their allies in the press keep feeding us the lie that illegals do the work that Americans will not, that is not the case.  Americans were looking for any job that they could find, only illegal immigrants held it.  Americans knew what was happening and no amount of media and Democratic lies could convince them otherwise.

One of those illegal executive orders signed by Obama was called DACA, or the Dreamer’s act, which would allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants legal status, and eventual American citizenship.  It would forever mean the loss of jobs for natural born Americans  The vast number of American citizens opposed that order, as well as it did the open borders policies that Democrats upheld.  Democrats did so because illegal immigrants vote as a solid block for Democrats.

Yes, illegal immigrants vote illegally in our elections and vote solidly Democrat.  That is why Democrats stop every law that requires identification of a person voting in our election, and why they refused to aid President Trump’s investigation into illegal voting.  It is why the mainstream press constantly lies to us and tells us that there is no or very little voter fraud.

Why do Democrats put everything on the line for illegal immigrants?  It is because they are losing their base of voters.  That base once consisted of working and middle class Americans who believed that the Democrat Party was the party for the little guy.  That is no longer the case.

Democrats have abandoned their base in favor of their new favored group, illegal immigrants.  Simply look at the states who have adopted sanctuary city and sanctuary state status, those places, like California and Illinois, who are solidly one party far leftist bastions of the Democratic Party.

In order to remain one party cities and states they need to rid themselves of the working and middle classes, who vote more pro-American.  To force them out, they pass regulations, outrageous taxes and laws that do nothing but punish the working and middle class.  Those they do not force to move to find employment, they force into welfare, becoming dependent on government to survive.

It was what Barack Obama was doing nationally, and what Hillary would have continued if elected.  Those who were working, often multiple part time jobs, or those who wanted to work, turned against the Democratic Party, and voted instead for Donald J. Trump.  These middle and working class Americans are a mix of blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, and all others who only wish to work and prosper in this land of plenty.  Some were solidly Democratic all of their lives; but could not remain so because of modern party policies.

Due to Democrats being so invested in continuing unlimited immigration, both legal and illegal, they have shut down the government in order to include illegal immigration into the budget.  Unabashedly Democrats placed the welfare of non-Americans over the interest of Americans.  They believe they can get away with it because they have the complete support of the media.

Democrats remember fondly how badly shutting down the government went for Republicans when they forced closure over funding for Obamacare in 2013.  Democrats had a field day, Obama weaponized the shutdown against Republicans, even forcing U.S. Park Service Rangers to deny access to a federal sidewalk in Washington D.C. that led to the WWII memorial.  Scenes of WWII vets, some in wheel chairs, flying to D.C. on a one day Honor Flight to see their memorial were stopped short of the monument, which sits in the open, by Park Rangers on orders of Obama.

These were federal workers, whose funds were stopped by the shutdown, denying WWII vets to see their memorial, the sight should have turned public opinion against Obama and Democrats, but the mainstream media, who are no more than cheerleaders for Obama and Democrats, gave little or no coverage to the outrage, instead pointing out poor federal workers who couldn’t get their fingernails manicured by a nail artist because they missed a paycheck due to the Republican shutdown (or some other meaningless sad sack story meant to sway people against Republicans.)

That one sided coverage is exactly what Democrats are relying on with this current shutdown of our government.  What they, and the mainstream press forget, or simply do not understand, is that the vast majority of Americans voted for Donald Trump because his number one priority was stopping illegal immigration.  The day he walked down the stairway and announced his candidacy, his first priority was stopping illegal immigration.  Those words got him elected, a promise he never wavered on.

Try as hard as they may, Democrats, and the mainstream media, are going to be flustered over the lack of support they receive from the majority of Americans.  The MSM will focus on pro-Democrat stories, as they always do, Democrats may feel as if they are winning because of skewered news coverage and false opinion polls, the same fake news and incorrect polling that was out about Donald Trump’s chances of winning the Presidency.

Democrats will feel as if they are winning, or feel that they have won; however, the voting public will see right through it, as they did in 2016.  Democrats shutting down our government in support of illegal immigrants is a losing proposition, even though they can’t see it that way.  This shutdown will affect the midterm elections later this year.

No matter how this current shutdown turns out, Democrats will not regain the House or Senate this year, as they expect to do.  It will be because Americans will see that Democrats are wrong to put illegal immigrants ahead of American citizens.  That is a losing policy to make a stand on.

If; however, President Trump does cave into the Democrats’ demands, and allows DACA illegals access to citizenship, he will lose both houses of congress.  Americans are fed up with Democrats whose agenda is anti-American, and will punish, at the polls, whichever party they see as being culpable of allowing illegal immigrants into this country.

We do not want more immigrants, legal or illegal, who are contributing nothing to the greatness of this country, and taking our jobs and wealth away from us.  This shutdown, and how it is resolved, will determine the outcome of the midterm elections.

Did you ever think there would come a day when American congressmen would take an action that would harm America in favor of illegal immigrants?  That is what happened when Democrats shutdown the government over the issue of illegal immigrants.  It is a sad day in our history, and just plain wrong.

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  1. What is one to say??? The best ammunition against these leftist pansyass idiots is to vote Republican and deny them any House or Senate seats.

    Wish the powers that be would hurry up and charge Hillary (and Bill along with Chelsea if those charges stand) and put and end to this evil.

    As much as Judical Watch and others continue to raise dirt on the Clinton’s, frankly I have long since tired of them.

    Just sick of evil and deceit.

    Snowflakes, wake your sorry pathetic asses up, you are co conspirators.

  2. This article is just so full of truths. “U.S. Defense Watch” is the only true on-line conservative reporting system one can read without being inundated with ads that obstruct the information being disseminated. Mr. Starmann, Mr. Ragonese, please keep it that way. Love you guys. Love America. Keep up the good fight.

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