Today is more than a just a day off

By Joe Ragonese

On Monday there will be no mail, banks will be closed and garbage will not be picked up.  Why?  Because it is a day to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He is an iconic figure in America, especially to the black community.  But, what he did, was for the good of all Americans.

Personally, my first run-in with Jim Crow laws was when in tech school in the Air Force, while stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi, in 1963.  While walking down a sidewalk in downtown Biloxi, in uniform, by myself, I approached a group of five African-American teen boys coming at me.  They took up the entire sidewalk, I stepped off the sidewalk, onto the grass to allow them to pass, when, as one, the entire group of five jumped off the sidewalk and onto the street.

The quick movement shocked me and I asked them what they were doing.  One replied, ‘just obeying the law, mister.’  Looking around at the beautiful city, with its antebellum architecture, marble pillars and drinking fountains, I saw on each of the drinking fountains a spigot off to the side of each, where blacks drank.  There were public bathrooms, marked white only and at the local lunch counter there was a sign prominently displayed that read, dogs, niggers and GIs not allowed.

That was the south of 1963.  In reality, it was as much of an open wound to our nation as was our Civil War, fought to free slaves, who should have never been enslaved in this nation.  But, history cannot be changed, only corrected to better reflect more civilized behavior.

This open wound on our nation was invisible to most Americans, because the majority of us lived in the North, where Jim Crow laws did not exist.  Yet, any African-American, who ventured below the Mason-Dixon Line became subject to these humiliating and divisive laws.  Men and women who risked their lives for our nation, yes, black servicemen were subject to these same laws, and had to forgo the protections of the U.S. Constitution just to visit or train in a place like Biloxi, Mississippi, or Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., did exactly what a minister of God is supposed to do, he led his people in peaceful protest to highlight the excesses of southern justice.  It was a noble cause that needed to be accomplished.  America could not look the rest of the world in the face and feign moral superiority when we treated 10% of our population as less than true Americans.

Dr. King was successful at having the laws changed, at the cost of his own life.  It is a shame that he was killed just before fruition of his dream, because he was exactly the type of leader that is needed today to reign in this new wave of bigotry, that is labeled white privilege.

Those same voices shouting out against white privilege today were the voices who created Jim Crow laws.  Yes, many blacks bandy about white privilege; however, they are not the problem, but those whites who support them are.  Those whites supporting the cry against white privilege are people like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, and all the far-left radicals in the Democratic Party.

These white people, who mimic the anti-white rhetoric have power to change laws that will provide second class citizenship to middle class white people, especially those who do not follow the rules of the radicals, you know those of us who voted for President Trump.  Let the Democrats retake the congress in 2018, and all progress toward making America great again will be halted; get another President like Obama, and laws will be passed punishing white people for being born white.  Laws that will hurt much worse than affirmative action did.

And, that is exactly what this new wave of anti-white privilege is all about.  It is another avenue to separate those of us who are not left wing radicals, into groups vying to protect our status as true Americans.  If the left can break up this coalition of voters who placed President Trump into office into factions trying to get their piece of the pie, rather than thinking of the overall good, they will have found their path to victory at the ballot box.

Barry O number 2 will become Prez and Nancy and Chuck will lead us to the promise land of elite power, while the rest of us peons scrape by looking for scraps.  We, of course, will have exactly no power, just as southern African-Americans had before Dr. King led them to freedom.

Dr. King had a dream, he made a speech about it during a huge Washington D.C. demonstration and rally protesting racial injustice.  In that speech he said that, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

This writer has the exact same dream, that my grandchildren will not be harassed because of the color of their skin, but judged by the content of their character.

This is why we have Monday off, to reflect on how far our nation has moved from wanting only righteous inclusion of all races, to the point we find ourselves in today, where the color of our skin is once again the determining factor in how we are treated.

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  1. joe,
    please check historical facts. the civil war was not fighting for slavery to end. it was the north industrial complex forcing its rules on the southern states. following secession by the southern states the fed refused breaking apart of the union and began armed force and invasion of the south
    An excellent reference would be ready a copy of The Real Abe Lincoln. best wishes

    • Roger, Northern industry vs. Southern slave based agriculture came to a head in 1833, but did not go to war because slavery was not an issue; it was fading away at that time.
      Only after invention of cotton gin were slaves more important to southern economy.
      We went to Civil War because President Lincoln was an abolitionist, and South Carolina started war firing on Ft. Sumpter.
      Saying Civil War was not fought over slavery is what apologists for confedercy always argue. Fact is that it is not the case.

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