Lock Her Up – Why It Matters

By Joe Ragonese

The Clinton crime syndicate has been around for over four decades.  Many reading this will not have been alive when Bill and Hillary committed their first felony.  In 1978, Bill raped Jaunita Hickey (Broaddrick), a 35-year-old Nursing Home Administrator, who was working on then Attorney General Bill Clinton’s gubernatorial campaign.  Whether this was his first felony is debatable, but it is as good a starting point as any.

While Bill was dallying with Mrs. Hickey, Hillary was converting her position as wife of the Attorney General, and possibly First Lady of Arkansas, into cash; her favorite pastime.  She became involved in an illegal money laundering operation in the guise of cattle future options trading.  As a complete novice in the futures market, she was able to turn $1000 into $100,000 in nine months.  That is unheard of in the futures market and no one else has ever been able to replicate that feat of profit making.  It was money laundering pure and simple.  Understand, that at that time Bill and Hillary’s combined yearly income was $58,000.

They had accomplices in that endeavor, as they would in every enterprise throughout the following 40-some years.  Over that time period their list of accomplices would grow to staggering numbers as their political outreach grew.  Some would even go to jail rather than truthfully state Hillary and Bill’s involvement in crimes.

Their entire time in the Governor’s office, two terms, was clouded with womanizing, corruption and other illegal schemes.  There were rumors of drugs being run on rural Arkansas airstrips into and out of South America, with Bill’s stamp of approval, and of course, the Whitewater financial dealings, that had Hillary’s stamp all over it; again with more minions who were the fall guys for the Clintons.

Bill won the Presidency in 1992.  He was sworn in on January 20th, 1993, and within months, turned that presidency into a scandal with the Travel Office firings.  The investigations into that incident alone covered a period of seven years, from 1993 until 2000, when a special prosecutor, Robert Ray, issued his final report stating that Bill Clinton played no part in the controversy; however, Hillary was the person who instigated the entire illegal enterprise.

Ray’s final report stated, “That while some of (Hillary) Clinton’s statements were factually false, there was insufficient evidence that these statements were either knowingly false or that she understood that her statements led to the firings.”  He went on to recommend that no charges be brought.  Again, she lied to the FBI, a felony, and was let off for being stupid.  The same treatment that FBI Director James Comey would give her 16 years later in her email scandal.

While it may seem like Hillary is actually the corrupt one in the duo, that is not accurate.  Bill is more than a dirty old man, he is a treasonous President who sold military secrets to the Chinese government in trade for cash to his re-election campaign, his legal defense fund and his presidential library fund.  All money laundering enterprises before they hit the mother load with the Clinton Foundation.

As a reminder as to how corrupt Bill is, he sold military technology to the Chinese government that allowed them to build missiles and military hardware, in sufficient amounts and with enough technology, that today allows them to shoot down our satellites from bases in China with interceptor missiles developed from the technology sold by Bill.

Both Russia and America are playing catch-up with them today.  At the same time he was selling China secrets, Bill was decimating our military and stopped all space technological development.  That may have been a part of his deal, too.  While Bill was taking the lead as the money maker in the Clinton crime family, Hillary was busy defending against Travelgate and Whitewater, that might also include murder.

Vince Foster was said to have committed suicide using a Civil War pistol.  Four investigations all concluded that the cause of death was in fact suicide; however, rumors persist that he was murdered on behalf of the Clintons due to his knowledge of their illegal activities in both the Travelgate and Whitewater incidents.  Those rumors do not go away, as late as June, 2017, U.S. Representative, Pete Olson, R-TX, stated on a radio program that during the infamous Arizona tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, that Clinton told her to “call off your attack dog with Hillary, that we killed Vince Foster because he knew too much, and the same could happen to you.”  Two days later James Comey recommended that no charges be filed against Hillary.

Olson has since stepped back on that statement; but the rumors of murder to protect the Clinton crime family continue over and over again.  The incidence of people who know damaging  information about the Clintons, and can prove it, who die in fiery airplane crashes, are shot to death on the streets of Washington D.C., or are stabbed to death, are too frequent to be coincidence.

The litany of Clinton crimes are too many to delineate here, but the main question of why putting Hillary (and Bill, what the heck, let’s throw Chelsea in too) in jail for their crimes is the question we are asking.

The importance is that a family of criminals, at the highest levels of government, have operated illegally, openly, and suffered no consequences for their actions; longer than the majority of Americans have been alive, has turned the notion that we are a nation of laws into a laughing stock.

Young people see that crime pays, and pays big, and that there are no repercussions for those acts.  They believe they too can behave in that manner, that they have a birth right to do so; the rise of Antifa is a good example of that belief system.

The openness of Clinton crimes without ramifications has changed the basic principal of American jurisprudence.  People see Clintons getting away with crimes for their entire lifetime, without paying a price for their bad behavior, and they emulate that behavior.

It has changed how many Americans see this country, how they interact with each other and has given rise to the hatred between the sides of the culture wars.  On the international front, it has turned our once moral interactions with less moral governments into a negative rather than a positive.  They see what’s happening here and counter any position we take with them by pointing out our own corruption.

When once we debated liberal thought versus conservatism, today’s leftists (who are not liberals, but tyrants) refuse to even listen to any point of view other than their own; and why should they, after all, there are no consequences for one’s bad behavior.

The most important reason to lock her up is that most Americans do not believe that high power Democrats (note this does not apply to Republicans) can be held to the same standards of the rest of us.  This is how dictatorships start, one group thinking themselves superior to another.  It was this thought process that invited Adolph Hitler and his NAZI party to become the only power in pre-war Germany.  It is what Antifa wants to happen in America with its masked, black hooded thugs beating anyone who espouses opposition thought.

To begin the process of Making America Great Again (MAGA), Hillary Clinton must go to jail. Seeing her behind bars will teach a lesson that cannot be denied, even by college professors and snowflakes.


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