By J. Stewart Cook

It took the Democrats all this time to finally comprehend, or we believe so, what makes President Donald Trump “tic.” And the bait? No one else but Donald Trump himself!

I recently read an article by Rick Newman, a writer for Yahoo Finance, and I quote…”For those still mystified by Donald Trump’s appeal, the latest Congressional smackdown reveals why he manages to survive virtually every crisis and remains a formidable political force.” A force to be reckoned with, I say!

How humiliating, how embarrassing it must be for the Democrats to finally realize they were “out-foxed” by one of the “slickest” talking politician’s of all time. I’m not talking about the likes of Ronald Reagan, I mean our very own President, Donald Trump. Laugh out loud (LOL), I truly can’t say “slick,” nor can I say “smooth.” I have it…OBTUSE. By definition, one who is “obtuse” is not pointed or acute but “blunt,” difficult to comprehend, not clear or precise in thought or definition. We may have just hit the nail on the head!

I refer to President Trump as a “Savant Extraordinaire.” A “savant” is a person of learning; especially one with detailed knowledge in some specialized field, business in his case. Or one who exhibits exceptional skill or brilliance in some limited field, politics, perhaps. “Extraordinaire” though self-explanatory, would mean someone outstanding or remarkable in a particular capacity.

It would seem that he has, and will continue, to “pull the wool” over the eyes of his opposition. Is he a master at creating “mass confusion” for others and yet things in his mind are “crystal clear?” Perhaps not crystal clear, but clear enough that he can accomplish what he has set out to do!

Let us look at the recent “spending bill” where the White House and Congress failed to reach the “deal” they wanted.

The President and company needed a spending bill passed to keep the government afloat. What better timing for the Democrats than to given consideration to the immigration proposal via the “bill.” So the “Master of Confusion” sets the tone and the Democrats believe they have the Republicans on this one. To add to this confusion, “a la Trump,” he throws out this line…”The Democrats are turning down safety and security for citizens in favor of services and security for non-citizens. Democrats are holding our Military hostage over their desire to have unchecked illegal immigration.” What a “spin!”

Donald Trump is more than a “spin doctor.” He’s the General Surgeon of “spinning!” The question remains…are the Democrats on to him or will they continuously fall into the Trump “trap?” It is to be seen. My guess, the Democrats are “trapped” for good. President Donald Trump will always find the right “spin.”

Let it be known, the “Spinmeister” is alive and well. Perhaps when it’s all over he will write another book with the title…”The Art of the Spiel!”

  1. More likely the “Art of the Squeal”. He makes his enemies squeal like a pig.
    After he is President he can publish “Bark Like a Dog!”, because he can get them to do that too. While he is shoving it in them!!

  2. The key to success are not empty words but credibility. Trust is hard to earn. Few leaders get it. Most squander it. I was not a Trump fan, I supported Cruz.

    But each day I thank God that the Hildabeast was defeated and America has Trump.

    His SOTU was great because it reflected his beliefs and principles. Contrast his to Obama’s and you can see the difference in the men.

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