Connecting the Dots

By Joe Ragonese

The worst political conspiracy since the Watergate affair, when President Richard Nixon covered up the break-in at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C., is now coming to light.  The revelation that a new, damning, memo, compiled by the House Intelligence Committee, on the abuse of FISA warrants, has been released to all Representatives in the House swept through the media last week like a firestorm.

As of this writing we can only speculate what is in that memo, as it remains classified; however, the Democrats, and their allies in the mainstream media, are in panic mode because of what’s on those pages.  This writer does not have first hand information as to what is written in the memo, but by following the dots, I have a really good idea.

I am sure that everyone reading this also has an idea of what has been reported in the mysterious memo, it will allege that there was widespread abuse of the FISA courts and unmasking of American citizens by the Obama Executive branch of government, including the FBI, DOJ, NSA, CIA, ODNI, and others.  But, let us put it all into prospective, going back to the Watergate affair that caused the only President in our history to resign in shame.

As a reminder of just what Watergate entailed, it was on June 17, 1972, and in order to learn what the Democrat Party was planning to do to counter the Presidential aspirations of Richard Nixon for a second term, a group of CIA contractors broke into Democratic Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.  These were bad spooks, and they were caught in the act of stealing documents.

President Nixon, being loyal to his supporters, tried to make the charges go away, leading to a coverup of the event.  The Washington Press Corps, even back then lackeys for the Democratic Party, went into overdrive in an effort to subvert the will of the voters, and remove Nixon from office.  The left didn’t like Nixon because he proved that Democrat Lyndon Johnson was an incompetent President in his actions, and lack of actions, in Vietnam.  Nixon, through the use of unrestrained force, brought the Vietnam War to an end, something Johnson could have done in his term as President, but was too inadequate to do so.

All kinds of charges were leveled against President Nixon, from his famous ‘list of enemies,’ to his trying to suppress the press; but none were true, they were nothing but fake news to keep the pressure on the President, and to isolate him from his support in the Republican Party.  It is a tactic outlined in Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals.”  It is the working bible for American communists to take over this nation.  Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are minions of Alinsky.

To unseat Nixon, a rogue FBI agent, William Mark Felt, Assistant Director of the FBI, known as ‘deep throat,’ who was upset that he wasn’t promoted, was the main source of information to the two reporters at the Washington Post who finally reported to the public the details of the coverup of the burglary.  He provided the reporters with information directly from field reports that he reviewed prior to passing them to the Director of the FBI.  Those reports were classified and Felt’s actions were illegal; something that seems to be epidemic at the FBI.

As the information was printed, weak kneed Republicans in Congress abandoned the President, one after another, until President Nixon was forced to resign from office.  All of the other charges leveled against Nixon were nothing more than press hype to try to bring down the President; like they are now doing to President Trump.  That is what Watergate was all about; nothing more than a coverup of a botched burglary.  Not that it was right, but minor compared to what’s happening today.

Fast forward to 2016, and another President, Barack Obama, wants to know what his opposition is doing.  Today’s technology provides him with the ability to utilize the full scope of electronic eavesdropping and recording all of his oppositions telephone calls and emails.  The only thing is that it is against the law.

Nixon had his rogue CIA contractors to help him gain illegal information, while Obama had the full gambit of the Executive Branch of Government helping him try to steal the election for Hillary Clinton, whose election would have validate Obama.  Obama did not pass any meaningful legislation during his two terms in office that would provide a legacy, and did everything via executive orders, which could easily be overturned; as they were.

If Clinton won, his legacy was assured, because she would codify those executive orders.  Being criminal Democrats, no stone was unturned in order to ensure that Clinton won, legally or illegally.  Hacking into candidate Trump’s telephone lines was completely illegal, and far worse than stealing documents out of a political office, but not below Obama’s minions.

To do so would mean the complicity of the National Security Agency (NSA), the Department of Justice (DOJ), the FBI, and the National Security Advisor to the President, who was over the CIA and Department of Homeland Security.  A daunting task, and one that should not have been available to Obama.  Yet, he was able to subvert all but the NSA, who would not provide information without proper protocols being followed.

To the credit of Admiral Michael Rogers, head of the NSA under Obama, he would not allow illegal eavesdropping to occur, even when directed by the President.  In fact, as the unmasking continued at a furious pace after Trump was elected President, Rogers went around his chain of command and directly to Trump Towers, where it is alleged that he informed President-elect Trump that his lines were being monitored.

The unmasking mentioned before is the process of learning the names of those who are in a conversation with a foreign national, whose lines could legally be monitored, and what they say.  The laws allowing the NSA to listen in on calls made by foreign citizens to U.S. citizens does not allow the government to know what the American said or who they are, unless there is reason to know for national security.  It is a legal tactic to catch Americans who are helping al-Qaeda or ISIS.

This process is called unmasking, and can be done for only very specific reasons.  Yet, people in the Obama Administration who had no reason to unmask, yet had the clearance to do so, were unmasking people, all connected to the Trump campaign, at an unheard of rate.  U.N. Ambassador, Samantha Powers, was unmasking several people weekly.

Susan Rice, Obama’s Senior Foreign Policy Advisor, unmasked hundreds of people, on a regular basis for the several months that candidate Trump was running, and the months he was President-elect. With this illegal information in hand, they used their friends in the media to illegally print the information to potential voters, in order to assure that their flawed candidate, Hillary, was elected.

The dots began to surface when The New York Times and Washington Post began publishing damning stories about Trump, citing anonymous sources high in the FBI/DOJ/White House/ and etc.  The information was often classified, and it was easily seen that the story should not have been obtained, and whoever was leaking the story was violating federal laws.  Someone, we were then calling them the ‘deep state,’ was doing everything in their power to stop Trump, and to prevent his taking the oath of office.

Then, through Judicial Watch and other sources, we learned that the unmasking led to FISA warrants being issued against Trump and his staff, all based on a file paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee, through a third party to cover their tracks because they knew what they were doing was illegal.  This dossier was given to the FBI through contacts within it by the owner of the Washington D.C. investigation firm, Fusion GPS, that produced it.

Later we learned that high level DOJ personnel played a hand in developing the salacious dossier, and then used it to attack candidate Trump, and as a basis to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate President Trump.  It was a high-level conspiracy to deny the voters of America to chose their President.

The White House saw the results of those warrants at the daily briefings that the President received every day.  There is no doubt that President Obama was responsible for the illegal activity of his agencies.  Whether he personally directed his minions to illegally spy on political opponents is not yet known, but he was provided the information from those intelligence agencies and knew that it violated several federal laws.  He didn’t care, because he was sure that Hillary would win with all the chicanery taking place, and no one would know.  He thought he would never be caught being a crook.  There was one report that noted that the first words out of Hillary’s mouth after losing the election were, “We’re all going to jail now.”  She knew what they had done.

But when we accept that there was widespread corruption at high levels within Obama’s executive branch to deny Trump the Presidency, more dots, a bit more faded, start to surface.  This illegal use of the executive branch began much earlier than what is being discovered now; only because it was during Obama’s first term, we seem to forget.

Lois Lerner and the IRS stopping Tea Party websites from becoming charitable organizations occurred before the 2012 election.  Also prior to the 2012 election there were widespread reports of members of the press, who were critical of Obama, being suppressed.  Fox reporter, James Rosen, was spied upon in 2009 by Obama’s minions, and CBS News investigative reporter, Sheryl Attkisson claimed that some branch of the government infected her computer with a virus that allowed it to read her emails and stories in progress, after doing stories on the Fast and Furious investigation by Attorney General Eric Holder and Barack Obama.  Receiving no backing from CBS, she was forced to resign.

Those known events, and many we do not yet know about, helped swing the election for Obama’s second term, when by all rights he should have lost.  Once back in office, his silencing of the press and other efforts to reshape America continued, using all means possible, both legal and illegal.  In May 2013, Attorney General Eric Holder subpoenaed records of 20 telephones at the Associated Press’ New York headquarters after they did a story on the CIA.

Members of the mainstream media feigned outrage, but the attacks on a free press worked and Obama silenced all opposition, except for Fox News, talk radio and blogs on the internet.  Richard Nixon only wished that he had the ability to monitor his opponents and the press as did Obama.

But that wasn’t the only thing that Obama did to ensure that he won re-election in 2012 against Mitt Romney, the IRS targeting of the Tea Party probably secured his victory as the groups trying to work against him were not able to unite in opposition against him, and he shamelessly lied for several weeks about the Benghazi attack and death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and several others that occurred on September 11, 2012, only weeks before the November election.

What other nefarious deeds were undertaken to defeat a hapless Mitt Romney may never be known, but as Romney was not a fighter, he accepted his fate as had all other RINOs before him.  It is only when a true fighter and advocate for we the people took office, Donald Trump, that Republicans, not RINOs, developed enough spirit to stand up to the illegal deep state that is trying to undue the will of the voters.

It was all in front of us, right before our eyes, the dots that led to the odious criminal elements within the branches of government that are supposed to protect us from such atrocious political crimes.  We just had to connect the dots, something that the House Intelligence Committee is working hard on, trying to learn how deep and how long the tentacles reached into the federal government.

We may get an idea when that classified memo becomes unclassified.

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  1. I was a Police/SWAT officer in the 1970’s and the FBI was considered by us to be the Eagle Scouts of American law enforcement. When all avenues were blocked to help solve and prosecute a crime, you could go to the FBI and know that they would do the right thing. All of my Brothers in Blue agree that federal law enforcement and especially the FBI has now morphed into a 21st century Secret Police/ GESTAPO! We now fear and have no trust in the FBI/ BATF/ DEA/ BLM/ (armed?)IRS/ and most of the other alphabet feds. How and why have these once fine and honorable Americans turned against their fellow Americans and the Constitution of the United States? How can they look into their eyes in the mirror everyday. SHAME, SHAME,SHAME!! Way past time to CLEAN HOUSE!
    Guantanamo is waiting, you sell outs!!!

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