The Verdict is In – What Does it Mean for America?

By Joe Ragonese

A San Francisco jury found Jose Inez Garcia Zarate not guilty Friday of the murder of Kate Steinle, even though he admitted to it. The jury consisted of mostly 21 to 30-year-old millennials, and three foreign born residents of the country. Reports from Breitbart News indicate that the jury worried more about the gun that killed Steinle than they did about her death.

Zarate was found not guilty of all included charges, except a felony for a felon in possession of a firearm, which could land him in jail from one to three years. In California, and to Millennials, that is considered justice. The federal government indicated that it will deport Zarate when he is freed from prison; that is if the State of California, now a sanctuary state, will cooperate with federal agents.

The saga of Katheryn “Kate” Steinle has already been forgotten by many. Please allow me to refresh your memory. Kate, a Millennial herself, 29-years-old when she was gunned down on July 1, 2015 on pier 14 in San Francisco’s bay, lived near the pier which has a view of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. She was showing off her neighborhood to her father when the bullet struck her, taking her immediately to the ground.

As she lay on the dirty pier, her head in her father’s arms, her last words, before passing out from loss of blood, were, “Help me daddy.” She was transported to a nearby hospital, where she passed away within the next few hours. By then her killer was already in custody.

Jose Inez Garcia Zarate was the man who murdered Kate. He was a 53-year-old, seven time convicted felon from several different states, and went to San Francisco because it was a sanctuary city, where he would not be deported again. Zarate, from Guanajuato, Mexico, had been deported five times prior to the murder of Steinle, and in fact, had just been released from the San Francisco County Jail, where federal agents had asked the Sheriff of San Francisco to put a hold on him for deportation once again.

The Sheriff’s Office did not comply with the federal request because they are a sanctuary city, which refuses to aid ICE agents to deport dangerous felons who are illegally in this country. Zarate should not have been in America in the first place, and would not have killed Kate if the Sheriff of San Francisco would have complied with the laws of America. FYI, he lost his bid at reelection over this incident; yet San Francisco remains a sanctuary city in defiance of all logic and reason.

Zarate’s defense lawyer successfully argued that the gun was the killer, not the man. The prosecution, led by ADA Diana Garcia, must have been the most inept and inexperienced lawyers of all time to allow the gun to become the offender, rather than the man who pulled the trigger; three times. His attorney, Matt Gonzalez, successfully argued to the six men and six women Millennial jury, that the killing was an accident.

Gonzalez led the jury to believe that seven time convicted felon, Zarate, found the pistol, only minutes prior to killing Steinle. The jury bought the line that the stolen gun, which was stolen from a Federal Bureau of Land Management Ranger’s private car, four days earlier, was abandoned under a bench on Pier 14 and that Zarate found it just in time to kill Kate.

Zarate had confessed to a news agency and said that he was shooting at seals but missed and hit Steinle. If that were the case, he would be guilty of at least manslaughter. The jury did not convict him of that charge, or of reckless homicide, which would have been the case if he were shooting at the seals and missed. Again, the jury didn’t find him culpable of reckless homicide.

Gonzalez was able to convince this mostly Millennial jury that the gun went off without Zarate doing anything. OK, if you believe leftist anti-gun dogma; that is a conceivable idea. But if you know anything about guns, they do not go off on their own; it takes a person’s finger pulling the trigger.

The jury heard Gonzalez weave a tale of a man who knew nothing about guns, in fact, stating that Zarate didn’t even know it was a gun. The jury came to believe that simply handling the weapon it accidentally went off, three times.

The gun was a top of the line Swiss made SIG Sauer P239 in .40 caliber. It is an excellent weapon with more built in safeties than need be mentioned. It will not go off by itself, nor will it fire if dropped, even on its hammer over a loaded round; especially three times. It is a compact pistol, used for concealed carry by law enforcement and any civilian who wishes to spend the amount of money asked for this quality weapon. There is a physical safety to prevent the trigger from being pulled, but may not have been activated at the time. That safety doubles as a de-cocking mechanism.

The pistol is a double / single action; which means that the first round is fired double action, and each following rounds are single action (which means with the hammer already cocked.) The first round takes ten pounds of pressure to fire, and the trigger pull is very long. While this slows down the first shot, it is an added element of safety to avoid any accidental discharges.

After the first shot, the hammer is automatically cocked, and the trigger pull is short and crisp, with an approximate 6.5 pounds of pull to discharge the next round. For personal defense or law enforcement use it is ideal. Ten pounds of trigger pull is hefty, while the 6.5 pounds is much easier. So, had the first round been fired by an inept novice, as Gonzalez indicated Zarate was, it would have taken an effort to have fired it. It isn’t something that just happens.

The follow up shots would have been much easier to expend. But is it realistic that three bullets are accidentally fired from a pistol? Only in the world of uneducated Millennials is that possible. Young people have been mis-educated to believe that guns, not people, are evil, and that mere possession of a firearm is deadly. This incident would prove it to them if they were stupid enough to swallow the logic fed to them by Gonzalez.

The worst part of this is that the prosecution did not destroy the line of reasoning that Gonzalez was feeding the jury. The prosecution team must have been as ignorant of weapons as was the jury. The politically correct, far left group think that infects San Francisco, as well as most of California, is why Zarate was found not guilty.

Had this trial taken place in Crown Point, Indiana or Omaha, Nebraska, the jury would have rolled over with laughter at the illogic of a gun accidentally going off three times. Instead, California’s politically correct indoctrinated Millennial jury drank the Kool-Aid of leftism and freed a confessed murderer. It was OJ all over again, they would rather free a murderer than convict him for politically correct reasons.

The worst thing about this verdict is that this Millennial jury is at the forefront of the Millennial generation taking control of America. They are going to control all aspects of government, politics, education, sports (if allowed to exist), medicine, manufacturing (if it doesn’t all go to China under them), transportation, and every other structure and infrastructure of this nation, in a mere 20 years.

The problem is that as a group, Millennials are not intellectual. While no less educated or intelligent than any generation that has preceded them, they have no interest in learning facts or applying them to whatever situation they are confronted with. To the Millennials reading this, you are the exception to the majority because you are going out of your way to learn facts that others in your age group will not. Being on this website and reading this is proof of your intellectual curiosity.

It is the lack of that intellectual curiosity that highlights the Millennial Generation. Leaders among Millennials will appear, and soon. How they guide the rest of their peers will determine the future of America. If they continue living in their parents’ basements, with no desire to create or improve their own destiny, America is in trouble.

If, however, as President Ronald Reagan believed, Americans will always do the right thing, Millennials will grow up and take their leadership responsibilities seriously. If they do, it will be because of the great American Revolution that occurred on November 8, 2016, when Americans did the right thing and voted Donald Trump President, in defiance of all the politically correct propaganda that was spewed out in endless amounts leading to that day.

We the people, (whom the left calls deplorables) did the right thing to save America for this half of the century; now it is time for Millennials to do the same for the next half.

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  1. Ray, there are studies and polls out now that show that slightly more than hlf of all millenials would rather live under socialist or communist style governments. Much of this is due to the indoctrination they receive in government schools and in universities where faculty are predominantly unrepentant anti-capitalist Leftists.

    Sadly, I fear the country is doomed. The Left is patient, they will wait and I fear, someday they will win UNLESS there is a conservative counter-revolution.

    On the other hand, I think we may see a civil war before any meaningful swing back to conservative, representative democracy as envisioned by the Founders is restored.

    Paul Connors
    Former Sr. Editor, DefenseWatch

      • Yes, his aphorisms remin with me to this day. Interestingly enough, he was NOT a conservative and while he distrusted ALL “perfumed princes,” I think he distrusted those on th right side of the spectrum even more.

        One of the things I really disagree with him on was he was pro-conscription, while I and most conservatives are not (especially in non-World War type scenarios where the life of the nation itself is not imperiled). Hack believed draftees kept everyone more honest because they were not careerists. That may have been true during his day, but I always preferred serving with people who chose to be in uniform.

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