The US Defense Watch Holiday Fund Drive

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One comment on “The US Defense Watch Holiday Fund Drive
  1. ANYBODY NOTICE HOW THE ATHEISTISTS AND ANTI CHRISTIANS THAT RUN PUBLIC TV AND PUBLIC RADIO ARE FLOODING THEIR RESPECTIVE AIRWAVES WITH OLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS SHOWS,,,,TRAVELOGUES,,,,EUROPEAN XMAS MARKETS,,,COOKING SHOWS,,,,FEEL GOOD CHRISTMAS AMBIENCE,,,,,,,,,,,TO GET THE CHUMPS TO SPEND SPEND SPEND AND SPEND MORE,,,THI YEAR,,,,,,,under the BO REGIME,,,,,there was damn little of the above to be seen or just a small token show on public tv,,,,,NOW PUBLIC RADIO AND PUBLIC TV CAN’T GIVE US ENOUGH CHRISTMAS,,,,,,,,i guess the (((NEW YORK))) crowd is expecting a lean shopping season and needs to cheer up the christian chump shopper into going far into debt for china made crapola at box mart and the malls.

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