The New World Order

By Joe Ragonese

A war with North Korea is almost inevitable, avoiding one may not be possible; but anything can happen.  President Trump has backed himself into a corner with all of his tough talk and tweets.  Not that I am criticizing him for it, what had been done in the past didn’t work, this approach had a possibility of succeeding; in fact it still may.

The thing about tough talk is that if it isn’t backed up, you end up with egg on your face, and down the line it will bite you in the butt.  A simple look at a few recent past Presidents will prove the point.  Bill Clinton sent troops into Somalia to capture the warlord, Mohammad Farrah Aidid because he was stealing the food shipments sent by the United Nations.

That mission had a catastrophic failure when a mission to Mogadishu to capture some of Aidid’s lieutenants went very bad.  Known as the Battle of Mogadishu, it cost the lives of 19 American soldiers, with 73 wounded, plus one Malaysian and one Pakistani soldier killed, and 9 others wounded when they came to the rescue of our troops.

After it was over, President Clinton showed the yellow stripe on his backside, and did nothing in retaliation for the deaths of Americans, in fact, he simply pulled all Americans out of Somalia, and installed Aidid as the governor of Mogadishu.  That act of cowardice directly led to the attack on America on September 11, 2001 and the death of over 3,000 American citizens.

It also led Saddam Hussein into standing up to George W, Bush, not believing that he would invade if conditions were not met.  The Iraqi War is also due to Clinton’s cowardice.

President Obama showed his yellow side when he drew the line in the sand with Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, warning him against using chemical weapons against his own people, “or else.”  Of course, Obama did nothing when al-Assad defied him, letting the world know, once again, that we are a dog with no teeth.

Obama’s cowardice led to the rise of ISIS, the first Islamic Caliphate since the Ottoman Empire, Iran’s rise in power, stature and control of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, as well as Russia becoming a major player in Middle Eastern affairs, all to fill the void left by a weak kneed United States and its cowardly President.

So, when President Trump talks tough to both Iran and North Korea, is it any wonder that they do not believe that anything will happen to them?  North Korea, in particular, is not as wise as are the Persians.  Iran showed common sense after Jimmy Carter left office and Ronald Reagan took over, they may do so again for President Trump.  It was after President Reagan took office that they sent home the American prisoners they were holding for over a year.  They also laid low during Reagan’s presidency.

Which leaves the 30-something Millennial supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, who doesn’t have enough common sense to back down from a creditable threat from President Trump.  That means that Trump must back up his words, or become a laughing stock like Clinton and Obama.  This is why a war with North Korea is all but inevitable.

There is another path; however, that can be taken short of war, and that is through China.  China can, if there is incentive for them to do so, halt Kim’s nuclear and chemical programs.  Why, you may ask, would they do so?  The answer is simple, the profit margin.

China is no longer that huge communist nation with dreams of spreading their communist ideals worldwide, because they found capitalism, and once that genie is out of its bottle, there is no putting it back.  While China prepares for war against America, building a first class armed forces and space corps to challenge us, it is reluctant to go to war with us.

Chinese businessmen have a huge investment in America, they manufacture the majority of our retail goods, and they are partners in more businesses in this country than most realize.  A war would highly disrupt the flow of income to China, which needs that money to build the military to fight us.   They will if they must, and at times seem like they want to, but that capitalist genie keeps them in check.  Only if we challenge their wishes for regional hegemony will the risk of war with China be too great to avoid.

It is the same with Russia, when communism fell there, the capitalism genie infected them too.  What had once been a Cold War between those two nations and America to stop the spread of communism, is today three capitalist nations competing in the same arena of world trade for the sole purpose of profit.  In a strange twist of fate, China, Russia and the United States have more in common than that which separates them.

All three nations want the recognition they deserve for their accomplishments, which leads us to conflicts in some areas, like the South China Sea, and Taiwan.  China is a proud nation who feels that Taiwan is a part of China, and in all likelihood would go to war to secure it.  The same is true of the South China Sea, they think it is theirs, along with the oil rich reserves under the seas.

Russia believes that all the oil under the Arctic Circle is theirs, as are the Baltic States and some fringe areas, like the Crimea, are rightfully theirs, too.  These areas of contention cause some distress throughout the west, and any could lead to war.  After all, the Baltic States are our NATO Allies, as are some of the fringe areas that Russia claims as their own.  But what China, Russia and the United States all have in common is that all believe in national sovereignty, national pride and secure national borders.  Which puts them at odds with today’s Europe.

There was disturbing article that indicated that the European Union (EU) wants to form its own armed forces, a singular military controlled by the EU’s non-elected parliament.  The article stated that the preliminary steps are being taken to begin the formation of that EU army, navy and air force.  These EU politicians are a group of people who believe in a worldwide federation, controlled by a single governmental body; them.

Led by the likes of George Soros, the EU does not want to rely on NATO, because it is controlled by America, which it no longer sees as its partner (since Hillary lost).  The driving force behind this singular EU armed forces is, of course, Germany.  Could this be the beginning of a new 3rd Reich, or maybe a 4th?

The EU does not want to recognize states or nations.  That is really what is behind the open borders that German Prime Minister, Angela Merkel, is so insistent on; even if it means hundreds of thousands of Islamic migrants crowding out a country’s population.  They want a one world order, led by them.  That ideology makes them as dangerous as communism was during the Cold War, especially if they have their own armed forces that answer only to them; not an elected national forum.

By forming their own armed forces, they would immediately be at odds with nations who have a strong national identity, like the United States, China and Russia.  They want only one banking system, one unelected national government that turns its inhabitants from citizens into subjects of the state, and one legal system that they put into place.  That One World Order would control everything from what you eat for breakfast to what toilet paper you will use.  It is the rebirth of National Socialism, where the army and secret police control the people.

While none of this will play out today or tomorrow, there is a shifting of alliances occurring in the world today.  Former enemies are being bound together by mutual beliefs, while old allies are turning against their historic and trusted friends.  It is the beginning of a new world order that in 50 years will not look anything like today’s breakdown of political states and nations.

When you think about the rift between left and right, the hatred, animosity and vitriol, it begins to make sense when the endgame is understood, a one world order.  To defeat that prospect, remember that united we stand, divided we fall.


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