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Malmö Police advised women to stay inside after dark following string of rapes

Another woman has been attacked and gang raped by several men in the Swedish city of Malmö.

The rape occurred on Thursday night and police were alerted by the victim at 1 am, early Friday morning. Police say the rape was classified as a “gross crime” and that the assault followed the same pattern as the previous gang rape.

According to Malmö police president Nils Norling, a report was registered of a “serious rape”, of a victim over 18-years-old.

Police have searched an area in Högaholm with a special dog for semen. The victim was taken to hospital but had no severe injuries.

This is the fourth gang rape in Malmö in less than two months. Media say the first three victims were teenage girls:

The first rape took place on November 4: A girl was raped by several men after a party in Segevång, northern Malmö

Over a week later, a girl was gang raped at a bus stop in Södervärn, central Malmö.

In mid-December, a 17-year-old girl was beaten and raped by several men at a playground in Sofielund in central Malmö.

On 19 december, hundreds took to the streets of the city in southern Sweden to protest, after police told women to stay indoors after dark.

Since at least a decade, Malmö has a serious migrant crime problem and recent reports say the city has at least three no-go zones.

Earlier today a police car was blown up and earlier this month a synagogue was firebombedby “Palestinian” protesters.

  1. Sweden doesn’t know it but…….they are in a holy war……. they need to begin immediate deportations or their country will cease to exist!

  2. Why is the Swedish Gov. so blind to help their people and especially the women—————- kick the uncivilized vermin out of your country and help restore order. These vermin ONLY HAVE ONE GOAL -TAKE OVER AND DOMINATE YOUR COUNTRY. WAKE UP YOUR PEOPLE ARE HURTING.!!!!!!!!

  3. If women didn’t have the right to vote the USA and Europe would be “fine”. Which sex is so easily deceived by emotions???? Which sex felt sorry for these innocent migrants?n Who votes for these psychotic left wing politicians????? Sure most males in Sweden are nothing but little girls today, but this all started more than 60 years ago.

  4. A group of real men has enetered Sweden and will re populate it. Diversity is a wonderful thing and remember all cultures are equally good.

    All hail diversity!

  5. In America we the people deal with such matters in a way that allow extraction of the body parts that cause such disrespect and abuse. It is known as Castration!

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