Sexual Harassment in the Modern Age

By Joe Ragonese

Harvey Weinstein is a sexual predator that deserves all the opprobrium that has been heaped upon him since the first reports surfaced of his heinous behavior. Weinstein was the apex of a Hollywood / Los Angeles system that evolved for the sole purpose to exploit women.

To all of the women reading this, when was the last time that you bared your breasts and preformed pornographic gyrations in order to obtain work, or to advance your position at work? I’m not talking about an office affair, rather going to a possible employer to obtain a job, or to your boss and asking for a pay raise, by acting in an immoral and undignified manner. I’m just guessing that your answer is never. The only time you should be doing anything like that is if you were shooting a pornographic film for Nu Bay or some other porn site.

The system in Hollywood was created, thanks to the liberal and feminist movements who believe that if it feels good to just do it, to do just that. In order for a woman to find work in the film industry they will have to bare their breast and preform pornographic gyrations, because every movie, film and television show has at least one scene that an actress must behave in that manner.

When was the last time you went to a movie that did not include gratuitous sex, which showed both a man and a woman bare from the waist up, preforming some, usually several, sex acts. Most of those sex acts did nothing to enhance the movie, rather for the sole purpose to titillate the audience. Not everyone wants to see sex scenes enforced upon them in every film they watch because a lot of people prefer to pick a time and a place for such pleasures. This can easily be arranged with one of the top paris escorts.

Sexual titillation went from the big screen to the small screen as television followed, even though morality laws prohibited some scenes from being shown, those laws were pushed and pushed, until today we have teenagers watching after school shows, where teen girls and boys bed each other on a regular basis; until the act of lovemaking is no longer something special, rather the norm and expected of a young girl, or else she is ‘out of it.’

To become a famous actress, on the big or little screen, and earn large incomes, a trip to several different agents is necessary, and at each agent the actress is expected to show her naked body, and then demonstrate that she knows how to preform several different sexual acts. Once an agent was assured that you met the physical standards of titillation, and signed you as a client, he/she would move the aspiring actress to several different casting agents, who put her through the same ‘screen tests’ to see if she might fit into any of their productions.

Before anyone had one frame of film taken of her, she had to debase herself, using her body as her stock in trade, multiple times. This degradation and demeaning of women is the accepted standard of the industry, which only 50 years ago refused to show scenes of a man and women in bed together; even married couples. Watch an old “I Love Lucy” episode, where Lucy and Ricky go to separate beds.

That was the norm in the 50s and early 60s, before the sexual revolution destroyed our nation’s moral standards. Morality was forsaken because liberals wanted everything to be about them. In order for it to be so, there could be no shame, no guilt, and no morality. It was the me generation, where women were no longer ladies, and men no longer gentlemen. The feminists of the time wanted total independence from men, and to do so, they had to prove they were just like men, and could have as many meaningless sexual encounters as any man.

Unwed motherhood was the inevitable offshoot of meaningless sex, so feminists turned the shame of it into something positive, where today we constantly hear how this single mom is such an incredible person, even though all studies prove that unwed mothers’ children suffer more in poverty and are more likely to become drug abusers and criminals, than married parents.

Years of civilization were forsaken for the thrill of uninhibited sex. That standard quickly relegated, until we have the perverted men and women of Sodom and Gomorrah, aka, Hollywood and Los Angeles. They set the left’s standard of behavior, that has become so degenerate that it breeds thousands of Harvey Weinstein’s, who try to convince us that they are the normal ones and those of us with an ounce of morality are evil.

Morality shapes culture, culture does not shape morality, which is why the least moral people tend to be the most abusive. This brings us right back to this recent spate of sexual misconduct charges that are being brought out; a new one against some powerful man every day. Many of the charges are very believable; after all, men who are leftists usually are keen to take advantage of others.

Matt Lauer of NBC news is the latest to be outed for his bad behavior and dirty deeds. The supposedly powerful woman, Katie Couric, admitted that Lauer harassed her continuously while they worked together. A woman earning several million a year for her television presence should have been able to go to her bosses if that was in fact true, and have it stopped.

But, she didn’t because the deviance on the left is so pervasive that she knew nothing would be done. Being equal in a feminist world meant that being abused by a male feminist (leftist) had to be acceptable; until it wasn’t.

Harvey Weinstein was a powerhouse in the liberal media and political world. He was untouchable, until outed by a reporter who had to really work hard to have his story told. Once told, the floodgates broke open. Sexual misconduct charges erupted across every endeavor and occupation. Movie stars, producers and directors, politicians, news anchors, and entertainers; all of their bad behavior was opened for the world to see.

While the opening shots were fired at Fox News, Roger Ailes, and Bill O’Reilly, when the floodgates were opened, the torrent landed squarely on the male feminist movement. Matt Lauer, NBC, Garrison Keillor, NPR, Stephen Blackwell, Billlboard Magazine, Hamilton Fish, New Republic, Mark Halperin, ABC News, Michael Orestes, NPR, New York Times and Associated Press, Roy Price, Amazon, Charlie Rose, PBS and CBS, Glenn Thrush, New York Times, Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone Magazine, Leon Wieseltier, New Republic, Matt Zimmerman, NBC, comedian, Louis C.K., actors, Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck, and many others, Congressman Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., Senator Al Franken, D-Minn., and Congressman John Conyers, D-Mich., although more have been, and more are exposed every day, this is only a partial list.

Over ninety percent of the allegations of sexual misconduct have been raised against male feminists, like Lauer; men of the left. It is not surprising that so many charges are against those on the left, most (not all) conservatives have moral standards and believe in God and the Bible. Only conservative men are gentlemen, those on the left tend to be the pigs that women so despise. Likewise, the only ladies left in America are conservative. Simply compare our present First Lady to the last and the difference is like night and day.

This writer sees the current sexual abuse phenomenon as a watershed moment. Two things will occur because of it. The hypocrisy on the left will be exposed to all, especially Millennials, causing a shift back towards a more moral society, and simultaneously, hard core feminists will try to turn it into an anti-male campaign. The left will embrace this anti-male agenda, after all they need all the divisions between Americans that they can get.

Those who think that I am paranoid about the left’s, especially feminists’, desire to turn this situation into an anti-male campaign, only need to read the article and tweets of Emily Lindin.

Emily Lindin is a columnist for Teen Vogue, whose tweets say, “I’m actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations.” She then went on to advise the young impressionable girls who read her tweets and Teen Vogue, that, “If some innocent male reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am willing to pay.”

And there it is; the true desire of feminists; to undo the patriarchy, the system that made America great. Her tweets are the opening shot of one more social justice warrior who wants to transform America from a fully moral and functioning society into some leftist ideal of a communist utopia.

Her tweets have already been on several other blogs and publications. Millennials, especially females of that age group, have grown up with classes in high school and college that fill their empty heads with that exact anti-male premise. To the real feminists, men are the problem and women are the victims.

As the culture wars continue, sexual harassment will be used as a weapon in the fight. Like a pistol, it can be used for good or evil. Good if it opens Millennials’ eyes to the hypocrisy on the left, evil if it is used to further lower our moral structure.

No matter how it plays out, the genie is out of the bottle; the left can no longer hide behind a cloak of superiority, they are the ones engaged in the war against women.

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  1. The power people will try to begin greater, more awful wars to distract the public focus. Then how about a dive in the economy lifting inflation through the roof? Peace

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