“Former Governor says Mika Brzezinski ‘can go pound sand somewhere’

The daily car crash that is MSNBC’s Morning Joe did not disappoint Thursday, with Joe Scarborough attacking Mike Huckabee after the former Arkansas Governor defended his daughter, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Appearing on Fox News, Huckabee responded to a verbal attack on his daughter made by Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, who lectured the press secretary for defending President Trump.

“Go home. Go home. You’re doing nothing if you stand by this president.” Brzezinski said Wednesday of Huckabee-Sanders, demanding that the Press Secretary should resign for telling reporters to get their minds out of the gutter and to stop applying sexual connotations to what the President says.

Brzezinski’s outburst was part of a wider verbal tirade against the women surrounding Trump, including his own wife and daughter.

“I was stunned that of all the people who are going to give a lecture on morality and family, and marriage, it’s going to be Mika? I’m sorry, but I just found that stunning,” Huckabee told Fox host Martha MacCallum.

“I’ll probably have to take half a baby aspirin tonight just to be able to get to sleep because Mika Brzezinski attacked my daughter, who is one heck of a strong lady, a great mom, a lovely wife, and a terrific public servant,” he said.

“She deserves better from other women and it just amazes me that even the women who say they are feminists are doing everything they can to discredit my daughter,” Huckabee continued. “To her credit, my daughter stands strong and tough and walks into that lions den of a press room every day and I believe represents women, represents the president and represents strength in an incredible way.”

The former Arkansas governor added, “Mika can go pound sand somewhere as far as I’m concerned.”

“The fact that some people read that tweet and immediately saw something sexual in it says a whole lot more about the people who read it than it did about the president because those are the exact kind of words that he has, in fact, used time and again.” Huckabee also noted.

While Huckabee was lauded for eloquently defending the Press Secretary, who has also been the target of attacks by leftistsregarding her appearance, Joe Scarborough was apparently disgusted that a father would defend his daughter.

“What a sleazy thing to do,” a visibly angry Scarborough said, adding “You go and you actually talk about — Mika never talked about marriage.”

“She never lectured on the morality of any of that,” he exclaimed. “What a sleazy thing for you to do. What a judgmental, predictably stupid thing to do.”

“It’s unbelievable.” Scarborough raged.

  1. Does this jack-arse have a daughter.??? This A-hole is beyond word. Is he for real.?? What father would not come to a daughters side with jerks like him.!!!! This guy is totally out of reality . What a baffoon he is. NO wonder I don’t watch that station.!

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