By J. Stewart Cook

Leaders are elected to govern according to the will of the people. Decisions should not be made on a whim, on the flavour of the day, or even worse, based on political correctness. This approach to governance defeats the true meaning of democracy and leaves a country being ruled by a very few.

Recently, Prime Minister Trudeau publicly stated that he is giving consideration to allowing the return of citizens who left the country to join ISIS overseas. “We are going to monitor them,” Trudeau said of the returnees. “We are also there to help them to let go of that terrorist ideology.”

And what approach will he be taking? Well, by means of a small government program called, Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence. The Centre is a source of advice, research and funding. It works with youth, communities, academia and stakeholders to help prevent radicalization to violence in Canada.  First of all, these types of government programs are rarely successful. Secondly, the odds of any success in reversing the ideology of jihadists is virtually nil. If there are benefits attached to the program, one can rest assured that the jihadists will take advantage of them all the while never having any intention of being “recycled.”

It is beyond comprehension that Prime Minister Trudeau would take such an approach. These people have killed for the benefit of their ideology. We are not talking about people who have an addiction. These are people that are virtually “programmed.” They have their own value system, not Canada’s value system. If they had to kill Canadians to move forward on their agenda they would do so without hesitation. If PM Trudeau thinks that he is creating a new approach to “brain washing” these people to uphold and adhere to Canadian values upon their return to Canada it will never happen.

Ultimately, the jihadists should not be let back into the country. In the absence of doing so, they should be held by the authorities and a thorough investigation be undertaken for each individual. Upon completion of the investigation, they should be held accountable for theirs actions abroad and punished accordingly.

More importantly, they raise security concerns. It is possible that they may continue to push their agenda while back in Canada. Nothing stops them from plotting, recruiting others and raising funds for their cause. According to an RCMP report…”In the worst-case scenario, one or more of those returnees with terrorist and/or combat experience may target elements of Canadian society. They may use Canada as a base for targeting others, including the United States.”

One can only wonder why Prime Minister Trudeau would ever contemplate expending resources on the conversion of these jihadists. This thinking is NOT found in Canadian values nor in its culture. It is, unfortunately, the view and undertaking of a leader who has very little understanding of the human psyche. We are not talking about a “selfie” with converted Jihadi Joe, we are talking about terrorists whose “selfies” exploit the dead “infidels” they so proudly killed.

  1. Trudeau’s ideology is more in line with Fidel Castro’s brand of socialism than it is with Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Diversity and cultural marxism are eroding democracy on a daily basis.

    Unfortunately, Canadians fear of an accusation of racism, bigotry and xenophobia more than losing their freedoms. Trudeau’s government has brought into being a form of pseudo- socialist governance unprecedented in the history of Canada.

    We should be campaigning for a Northern Border Barrier every bit as much as for The Wall on our Southern Border.

    • This is the new way of stabilizing the population growth pay them to have kids and get them to kill regular people

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