One Year Complete – The News is Good and Bad!

By Joe Ragonese

Donald J. Trump is almost done with his first year as President.  It has been a remarkable year.  He has beaten ISIS, although they may show up in North Africa again, but he has defeated their Middle East caliphate, which was supposed to be the home ground for the eventual world caliphate.  Just to remind some who may have forgotten, President Obama, all of his advisers and the MSM said that there was no way they could be beaten without a major American effort with boots on the ground.

The organization that Obama called the JV team, beat him and all of his policy experts, turning O and team into the JV squad.  With a real leader in place they were beaten and beaten badly in less than a year.

It took some American boots on the ground in an advisory and support capacity, one that should have been there in the first place, but in order for O to turn President Bush’s victory into a defeat, he removed them without regard of the consequences.  Of course among those consequences was the formation of ISIS.

That victory alone would be something any president would be proud to hang his hat on, remember how proud O was of killing Osama bin Laden?  The MSM made O out to be a lion for having the courage to take out the world’s most wanted terrorist.  O used that assassination as the basis for his 2012 presidential run.  Even Hillary used it to build up her credentials while running in 2016.  The press lionized her for her role in the killing.

Has anyone heard a peep out of the MSM about President Trump’s victory over ISIS?  Only a week ago I had to prove to someone that ISIS had been defeated, and that person watches FOX News.  Even they are mute on this huge victory.  But the defeat of ISIS pales in comparison to President Trump’s domestic record during this first historic year of his presidency.

The economy is not only good, it is excellent.  Due to cutting regulations, 10 cut for every one added, he has put into place a business friendly climate so that small businesses can thrive once again.  The onerous regulations imposed by O cost the nation billions of dollars in lost revenue and man-hours, just to insure the regulations were met.  By cutting those draconian regulations, the economy is billions ahead without even creating a single job.

Yet, by cutting those regulations, the climate for conducting business went from cold to hot overnight, and job creation went through the roof.  As of this writing, the unemployment rate is down to a 17- year low of 4.1 percent, and the labor market has exceeded expectations by adding hundreds of thousands of new jobs.  Jobs in every industry, including manufacturing, which O, his minions and the MSM said could never return.

The gross domestic product (GDP) is rising way beyond any expectation.  Under O, the MSM made sure to dumb down expectations.   They said that we would never see a 3 percent GDP in the next 10 years.  The largest GDP that O was able to produce was a mere 2.1 percent.  When President Trump’s economic advisors said that a 3 to 4 percent GDP was expected due to his policies, everyone called him a liar.

The GDP has been at 3.3 percent to 3.8 percent for the last two quarters and is expected to rise above 4 percent next year.  A six percent GDP is possible during Trump’s presidency, especially since the passage of tax relief.  Putting a businessman into office has paid off for the economy.

The economy is not his only success; this President has installed over 17 federal judges and one Supreme Court justice.  All of his picks are strict Constitutionalists.  That legacy will live for the next 40 years to fight off the leftist judges appointed by O, Clinton, and the judges chosen by Bush 41 and 43.

As if that isn’t enough, President Trump signed into law a new tax code on Friday, cutting taxes at all levels and corporate taxes to lure businesses back into America.  The DOW had been soaring prior to this bill signing, simply on the confidence that it would pass, and it continues to climb.  By November 30, the Dow had hit a new high 63 times since President Trump’s swearing into office, based on his actions in dealing with the economy.  All of those actions were without congress having to pass any legislation.

Illegal border crossings are down to a level that has not been seen since 1971, and ICE agents have rounded up thousands of felons who are here illegally and deported them.  MS-13, the violent Colombian drug gang is under attack by the federal government, many of its members are illegal immigrants.  Our DEA and other federal agencies are taking the opioid epidemic seriously, something ignored by the past President.

While the wall has not been built yet, it will be; however, even without it Trump’s number one promise is being taken care of, that of illegal immigration.  Sanctuary cities are still hiding illegals, but court action is under way by the Trump DOJ.  Leftist judges appointed by O and Clinton are obstructing this administration from punishing those sanctuary cities and states, like California and Illinois; however, once it works its way to the Supreme Court, that problem will be taken care of.  The DOJ must place a high priority on that, but until then, under this President, ICE agents are gathering up illegals in those cities and deporting them.

The DOJ is no longer waging a war against local police departments, in fact it has withdrawn several Obama era suits filed against some departments, and lifted sanctions placed on others.  The removal of surplus military gear to local law enforcement, approved by Bush 43, and revoked by O, has been reversed and again local police departments are receiving surplus military gear and hardware.

Some may remember how important that military hardware was in the capture of the San Bernardino, California Christmas terrorist attack.  While the terrorists were already dead, they had a bomb in their car, and a military surplus armored vehicle was used to check out and remove the device.

Housing starts have rebounded, creating more jobs in construction.  This new housing boom is due to more people earning, and now wanting to join, or rejoin, main stream America in home ownership.  Due to more income, credit is again open and houses are being sold, new and used.  The used housing market is seeing prices climb, and it looks like they will soar in 2018, exceeding housing cost prior to the 2007 housing collapse.

All of this while most Americans know none of it; because none of it is reported by the MSM.  There is more, but I will not delineate all the things that conservatives think are important, such as fighting back against political correctness, like saying Merry Christmas at the White House Christmas tree lighting, or telling the MSM that not just the extreme right was at fault in Charlottesville, Virginia, but the far left was there and they were equally guilty of coming for a fight and creating violence and mayhem.

All of this is good news, and should indicate an optimistic outcome for the 2018 midterm elections; however, that is not the case.  Due to the globalist Republicans in congress, there is a divide as big as the Grand Canyon between them (RINOS) and Trump Republicans.  That fight cost a Senate seat in Alabama this month, and electoral defeats in Virginia and New Jersey last month.  Those electoral defeats portend a horrendous outcome after the November election.

Not only the infighting between Republicans, but apathy among Trump voters cost the Alabama seat, and the apathy was the worst part of the loss.  Judge Moore lost because not enough Republican voters went to the polls.  Democrats were all crazed up due to their extreme hatred of President Trump, which has been the main news out of the MSM over the past year.  To defeat Moore, and in your face to Trump, Democrats went to the polls in record numbers in Alabama, while voters who went to the polls for President Trump last November, stayed home this time.

The MSM won in Alabama, and can do the same across the nation next November.  The apathy on the part of Trump voters is due, in part, to all of the successes mentioned above.  President Trump was elected to office to do exactly the things that he has done.  He put working class people back to work, their pay is climbing, and everything that looked bleak under O has changed.

The working class is no longer worried about finding or keeping a job.  They no longer need two or three part time jobs, the economy has surged because of Trump’s policies and the middle class who put this President into office are no longer worked up to go to the polls in great numbers.

Voters have a short memory, and they only live for the day.  All of President Trump’s success may create a great legacy, but will not allow him to keep his Republican controlled congress.  This writer predicts, oh yeah, first of the year predictions and the year isn’t quiet over yet; anyway, the Senate will revert to the Democrats after the midterm election and the House will be very close.

So the good news is that President Trump kept his word, and has created one of the greatest comebacks in the history of this nation, but will lose his ability to continue this remarkable turnaround because of that success.

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  1. MOST PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA OF THE ROLE OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE,,,,,it’s a package delivery service to the average mainstreet person,,,,,,,WELL TRUMP IS PACKING THE FEDERAL RESERVE WITH VAMPIRE VULTURE DOVES,,,,,,,,they will steal your savings by giving you zip for a return or damn close to it, AND EASY MONEY CHEAP WORTHLESS MONEY DRIVES UP THE PRICES OF HOMES AND VEHICLES JUST ASK THE LOAN SHARKS……,,,,HE ALSO PASSED A TAX BILL THAT IS WIDELY DENOUNCED FOR HELPING THE TOP 12345 PERCENT,,,,this guy knows and cares only about money,,,,the sooner you understand that,,,,,the rest will then fall easily into place.

  2. FOR A MILITARY PREP SCHOOL KID,,,,MAYBE HE CAN LEARN HOW TO PROPERLY SALUTE IN 2018….but then he did dodge the viet era draft with 4 or 5 exemptions. he’s no hero of mainstreet veterans like myself,,,,,but he is not the hildabeast,,,that’s all a thinking person can say about trump.

    • One of my favorite videos about the Vietnam War, the old CBS series with Cronkite, this episode, Courage Under Fire.

      • Ray,
        Walter Cronkite lied constantly about our actions in Vietnam. He was one of Stalin’s and later Kruschev’s useful idiots. He was the man who turned one of our biggest victories there into a defeat; the Tet offensive of 1968.

        He is as big a tratior as is Hanoi Jane. He was/is a part of the problem. He was fake news without anyone to call him out on it.

        To Viet vet, from another viet vet, President Trump may have dodged the draft, but he is a vet’s best friend and the best hope for this nation today.

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