Mrs. Merkel’s Multi-Cultural Wonderland


A school in Germany has re-located its annual Christmas party after a single complaint from a Muslim student.

The school, located in Lüneburg, announced that it would re-locate the event “out of consideration for those of other faiths.”

Attendance of the party, which had previously been compulsory for both students and teachers, will now be voluntary.

The decision was made after a Muslim student complained about “the singing of Christian Christmas carols” because they were “not compatible” with her religion.

Many students were furious at the move, with one commenting, “Something is being made a problem where none was before.”

However, student spokeswoman Thurka Parathaman said the outcome was correct because students of other faiths had to be taken into consideration.

This serves as yet another reminder of how Europe’s Christian heritage is being slowly eroded as the continent undergoes an influx of mainly Muslim migrants.

A Christmas tree in the Italian city of Bolzano was recently removed from the town hall after fears that it could “hurt the feelings” of or “offend” Muslims.

“Respect for every religion should not be confused with the removal of the traditional symbols on which our society is founded,” remarkedlocal politician Allesandro Urzì in response to the incident.