There is a story about a three-legged pig that illustrates some of what former President Obama did to our military. A farmer was asked why his pig had only three legs. He replied: “You see that pig. One night our house caught on fire while we were asleep. Without regard for his own life, the pig raced into the house squealing away. He went from bedroom to bedroom waking us up. He dragged our baby out the door and saved all our lives.”

While Bill Clinton loathed the military, Barack Obama tried to destroy it. Obama left the pig with only two legs. But worse, he tore its heart out and castrated it.

Obama moved our military beyond hollow to a point where the foundation, the ethos, its morale and traditional values were attacked. Obama created a quad-sexual military with its LGBT policies, and he put females in foxholes, both of which are readiness killers. His defense budget language mandates equal opportunity to all “regardless of their gender, their race, or their self-identity.” The military has led the league in unbiased opportunity, but what the hell is self-identity? All these changes had a profound impact on the ethos, the foundation of military discipline and order. We see the remnants of Obama in the naval and other readiness disasters. The materiel side of readiness can be fixed, but the ethos side is more problematic.

For example, I doubt if there has ever been a greater injustice done to the discipline, moral and ethos of our military than the Bowe Bergdahl sentence. Bergdahl is a common, sniveling coward, a traitor who deserted his fellow brothers in arms – in combat – and admitted it!

Bergdahl is not the problem; we have few of him, and we have vastly more of those who risked and gave their lives to rescue him. The problem is the judge, Col. Jeffrey Nance. We have too many of him in our military courts and in the leadership of the military.

Nance thought more of a traitor than he did of the dead and mutilated soldiers who sought to rescue that traitor. This judge has set a legal paradigm to comfort every traitor and deserter from now on. This sentence could never have happened before Obama. In fact, I think it is without precedent in our history.

It was during the presidency of Barack Obama that we saw the emergence of soldiers like Nance.

The fact that he could render such a verdict and be comfortable facing his contemporaries speaks volumes about our military today. There were no Col. Nances in the Army I served, nor were there any like Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl, who preceded Nance and first investigated Bergdahl’s desertion. Dahl actually wanted to exonerate this traitor because he grew up in rural Idaho and was homeschooled.

We saw another Nance/Obama clone in the judge who presided over the Nidal Hasan trial, Col. Tara Osborn. She replaced a judge who insisted Hasan follow military rules and remove his beard. The military leadership at Fort Hood feared obeying military discipline and decorum would be too harsh on the killer and replaced him with Osborn, who allowed this cold-blooded killer to defy military decorum and keep his hairy face.

These soldiers may have been influenced by Bergdahl’s five years of captivity when he was allegedly tortured. We don’t know that. In any event, he brought it on himself. Whatever the terrorists did to him, I would bet that Bergdahl told them everything they asked, adding to the carnage of those who searched for him.

Was Nance influenced by the comments of his commander in chief (illegal command influence, as was said)? Of course he was. There were two commanders in chief during the trial of Bergdahl. One, Barack Obama, honored Bergdahl’s return with a White House Rose Garden reception, and his administration lauded his honorable service. They said he had suffered enough. (What is the affinity Obama and his lemmings have for traitors and terrorists? He traded five terrorist killers for one traitor. And he pardoned perhaps the greatest traitor, numerically, in our history, Pvt. Bradley/Chelsea Manning.) The other commander in chief, Donald Trump, agreed with Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers, that Bergdahl was a deserter and a traitor who deserved the full measure of the law. Which commander in chief do you think influenced Nance?

What Obama has done to the justice system of our country (literally torn the blindfolds off Lady Justice) has bled into our military. And equally tragic, he also attacked the Christian foundation of our country and tried to remove God from our military. When an accomplished speaker, Oscar Rodriguez, a veteran, was asked to speak at a fellow veteran’s retirement ceremony, he was physically accosted. The commander, Lt. Col. Michael Sovitzky, sent three of his troops, in uniform, to physically drag Rodriguez out of the room for saying God in his speech. It is hard for me to visualize uniformed military service members turned into goons at the command of the likes of Lt. Col. Sovitzky. Tragically, our military became filled with Slovitzkys during Obama’s presidency. Attacks on chaplains and others expressing biblical teachings and religious beliefs are rampant.

The military I served could not get out of their mouth Obama’s modus operandi, “leading from behind,” perhaps the greatest oxymoron of all time. Nor would the military I served have understood the Obama/Panetta doctrine declared by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta after Benghazi: “(The) basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s taking place …”

On its face, that is a remarkable, indeed incomprehensible, change from America’s doctrine in past wars. By that standard, there would have been no Normandy or Inchon. In fact, I cannot think of a war we fought in which we did not go into harm’s way without real-time information, or to save lives – something the president refused to do in Benghazi.

I have heard a leader at the highest level say in one breath that the military must reflect our society, and in another that it is unique. He was half right. The military is unique, and for that reason must never reflect our society. A civilian can leave his job, per Bergdahl, or not show up for work, and there are no serious consequences. Not so in the military. The majority of civilians cannot meet military standards. Should we change those standards to be more like society? One four-star general actually wanted to reduce our standards to accommodate female soldiers.

We can only pray that the military will return to the ethos that has secured our freedoms this many years. Obama had no clue about readiness or ethos. He walked softly and carried a big carrot; he softened the leadership of our military.

Stand by for a reversal of the dishonorable discharge of Bergdahl and a huge monetary payback for his years as a traitor and deserter.

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  1. Absolutely brillant and decisive indictment of Obama and the perfumed princes who sought to destroy the US military.

  2. Book of Revelation Chapter 17, verse 16-
    “…they will leave her ruined, naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire…”
    Is America “her”? Does ruin mean destroy our economy? Does naked mean helpless to defend ourselves involving our gutted, confused military? Does eat our flesh mean an invasion that divides up our land by foreign invaders? Does burn mean a nuclear destruction coming our country’s way?

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