Would you vote for Judge Roy Moore if you lived in Alabama?

By Joe Ragonese

Before you answer, consider this; dirty tricks are the only thing left to Democrats.  They are void of ideas, are leaderless, and can only win elections by use of lies and deception.  Just look at the Virginia election.  Even though Gillespie did not embrace President Trump, and had he done so, he would have won in a landslide, his opponent, Ralph Northam reverted to stating opposition to illegal immigration as a way to be victorious, even though his track record is opposite to the position he staked out near the end of the race.  Of course, since winning, his position has reverted to his far left beliefs.

Phil Murray won the New Jersey Governor’s race, highly touted by the MSM as proof that the Trump train has stalled.  In truth, Murray won because no Republican could have won that race after the trashing of Governor Chris Christie over the past four years by the MSM.  Christie may have earned some of the scorn himself; however, had any Democrat acted like he did it would have been ho-hum to our ‘journalist’ in the MSM.

You would never have heard a sound about what Christie did had he been a Democrat. Just look at the trial of Senator Bob Melendez from New Jersey.  He is charged with corruption, accepting bribes in exchange for setting up sexual misconduct for one of his biggest contributors; yet you hear nothing about it in the MSM because, he is a Democrat.

That is the nature of politics in today’s society.  Donald Trump won the Presidency by a landslide because the overwhelming number of Make America Great Again Americans saw through the lies told about him.  Near the end of his run for President, women came out of the woodwork stating they were sexually mistreated by him.  They have all since disappeared.  None of us had a clue as to how corrupt and how skewered against him the election actually was.  Since then a lot of the filth Democrats have perpetrated against us has come to light.

We knew that the MSM was 100% against Trump, we saw through that.  We knew that RINOs, who bandied about the title of “Never Trumpers”, were doing everything within their power to deny him the Presidency and we saw through that, too. But, we didn’t know that the federal government, under Barack Obama and his DOJ, along with the FBI and every other agency within that government, was actively working to deny him the Presidency.

We did not know that there was a conspiracy between the federal government, the DNC, and the Hillary for President Campaign to insure that Donald Trump lost the election.  We knew that there would be massive fraud at the polling places, with both dead and illegal immigrants voting in massive numbers, so we went to the polls ourselves, in huge numbers to overcome that.  However, we did not know that paid operatives were massed to deny us access to Trump rallies and in some cases polling places.

The depth of the scandalous behavior by the left was unthinkable to us.  In fact it was a miracle that we overcame all of the obstacles placed in our path to the polls, to actually elect Donald Trump our 45th President.  The left kept up their dirty tricks before, during and after the election, coming up with a ‘Russia stole the election for Trump narrative’, based on illegally bought information, bought and paid for by President Obama, the DNC, and the Hillary for President campaign.

While the Russia dossier was not illegal, Obama, the DNC and Hillary paying for it was.  The dossier was rubbish at best, but a willing MSM used it against candidate Trump and later against President Trump.  So did the federal government, and all of the intelligence services, including the FBI.  James Comey, then FBI Director, used the false information within the dossier as probable cause to obtain FISA warrants against candidate, and then, President-elect Trump and all of the members of his staff.  In fact, anyone who had anything to do with him, including journalist, like Sean Hannity, fell under the scrutiny of Comey’s FBI.

The level of corruption within Obama’s government has never been seen in the history of this nation.  United Nations ambassador, Samatha Powers, was used as cover to unmask those who were making calls to Russians to learn what they were saying, and to obtain names and transcripts of conversations that should have not been available to her.

National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, went on a fishing expedition to undermine candidate and later President-elect Trump, using the DOJ and FBI.  Comey was so invested in destroying President Trump that he leaked classified information to the press, and did everything within his power to have a special prosecutor selected to investigate Trump, even though there was no indication, other than innuendo and false information in the Russian dossier, that he had done anything wrong.

The level of chicanery used by the Democrat Party, in conjunction with the MSM, may have been in use for many years, but only after the election of President Trump has this level of dishonesty finally been exposed.

This has been said as a preface to asking the question, would you vote for Judge Roy Moore if you lived in Alabama.  And my answer to you is to look at the recent record of sophistry perpetrated by the left and MSM in their attempts to defeat President Trump, and everyone of us who voted for him.  Yes, an attack on a populist like President Trump and Judge Roy Moore, is a direct attack on you and me.

I do not know if Judge Roy Moore ever dated teen-aged girls when he was in his 30s.  If he did it was a reckless act; however, the initial reports only indicated that he dated a 14 year-old girl, (who worked for Hillary for President and Joe Biden, among other Democrats) and the most sexual thing he did was kiss her good-night.  That report did not work to condemn Moore, so a more salacious event had to be reported.  Miracle of miracles, along comes another woman who says she was 16 (legal age in Alabama) and sat in Judge Moore’s car when he was a District Attorney, and that he guided her head toward his private parts.

She said that she was a Republican and therefore believable, even though she showed up with the most leftist of feminist Democratic lawyers, Gloria Allard.  Let’s look at Republicans, like Senator Mitch McConnell, whose personal senatorial PAC has spent over 30 million to defeat Judge Moore, and who believes that seeing him elected a Senator would directly challenge his leadership of the senate.  In fact, McConnell has made false statements that if elected, Judge Moore would not be seated.  That is a lie as he cannot stop him from being seated.  RINOs are little different than Democrats when it comes to the end justifies the means mentality.

The falsehoods and lies, the deception and skullduggery behind the attacks on Judge Moore are too loud and too orchestrated to be mere coincidence, and too close to an election that is very important to us who voted to Make America Great Again, to be believable to me.

Even if everything said about Judge Moore is true, it is less than Bill Clinton did while he was President, let alone what he did prior to that.  The accusations against Judge Moore amount to little more than he liked young girls, (not children as the left is accusing) but none of his behavior rose to the level of sexual misconduct; simply the poor judgement of a young single man.

Nothing he is accused of (at least at this writing) has been against the law.  You cannot say the same for Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, or even George H.W. Bush.  What Judge Moore is accused of rises to the level of Joe Biden giving Angela Merkel an unwanted shoulder rub, caught on camera for the world to see when he was Vice-President, which no one made mention of.  It was inappropriate, not illegal.

For the past 40 years Judge Moore has run in the State of Alabama as a Democrat and Republican, for offices from District Attorney to Supreme Court Judge, twice, and during all of that time no one, not one woman, has ever expressed concern for past events dealing with him.

Yet, 28 days prior to an election that Democrats would really like to steal, and RINOs really want a Republican to lose, because it isn’t one of them, all of a sudden, women are coming out of the woodwork to state that Judge Moore behaved poorly 40 years ago, is beyond hard to believe.

If I lived in Alabama I would make sure to vote for Judge Moore for Senator; and I urge all MAGA Alabamans to do just that.

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  1. After all these years of faithful Government Service to
    the Tax Payers of Alabama, and all the elections he was
    involved in over 40 years and no complaints what so ever, i would vote yes for Judge Moore to be a Senator from Alabama. Hope he wins and goes to DC to help Drain that swamp.

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