The Left is Responsible for the Manhattan Massacre

By Joe Ragonese

Why, you may ask, is the left responsible for eight dead Americans and the injury of others?  The answer is simple; they enabled the murders to happen.  Ever since the attack on America on 9-11-2001, the left has been in overdrive to mitigate Islamic involvement in the obvious Islamic Terrorism perpetuated against the U.S.

To do so they use their only resource that has proven, time and again, their best weapon against America, liberal judges and the leftist federal court system.  Earlier this year efforts by the ACLU, the leftist attack lawyers funded by the likes of George Soros and Harvey Weinstein, forced a settlement in a Manhattan’s Court that shut down NYPD’s Counterterrorist Squad.

The NYPD Counterterrorist Squad was very successful in infiltrating New York mosques, and learning of plots against the city.  The squad went as far as Patterson, New Jersey, infiltrating mosques with members who were plotting attacks in the New York Metropolitan Area. In fact, New Jersey is a hotbed of anti-American Islamic fervor.

Some might remember the lies told by the MSM when candidate Trump mentioned seeing pictures of Muslims celebrating while the Twin Towers collapsed.  Those photos were found, and they clearly showed Muslims dancing for joy as Americans were still dying.  The celebrating Muslims were in Patterson, New Jersey.

Patterson is the same town that six of the 9-11 attackers called home, it’s where the van was rented in the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1994, and where Sayfullo Saipov, the Uzbeki terrorist who just killed eight, rented the truck he used as a weapon, and where he called home.

A reasonable police detective would conduct an investigation in this hotbed, were he trying to prevent more attacks in New York City.  Reason is not in the liberal lexicon, and the first assault on the NYPD Counterterrorist Squad was by a judge ordering them to stop all surveillance in New Jersey.  They did, but continued in New York City mosques until ordered earlier this year by a liberal judge, and the communist, Mayor de Blasio, to cease all counterterrorist activities.  The judge cited the complaints that Muslims would stop attending Mosque for fear of being watched.

The inevitable result of stopping police counter-terrorist work was Saipov’s massacre and eight dead.  More will follow in short order.  It’s inevitable because the template used in this truck attack mimics identical attacks in England, France and Germany, right down to fake guns.

This inevitable incident didn’t just happen, the left, including the MSM, has been hard at work bringing suit after suit in every successful stoppage of a massacre on the streets of New York City, and trying to incite more mayhem with fake news reports and HBO docudramas.  (Anyone watch last year’s TV series “Homeland,” the series did a 180 from chasing Muslim terrorists to defending them from Americans.)

Most successful apprehensions of bomb suspects happened prior to 2009, when Obama became President, and the most successful interference with law enforcement efforts to stop Islamic terrorism occurred after 2009.  In fact, after Obama became President, Islamic Terrorism was not allowed to be mentioned anywhere within the federal government.  If you cannot identify your enemy, how can you protect yourself from them?

The results of the campaign to stop law enforcement have come to fruition this year, after a concentrated four year effort during Obama’s last term, to enable attacks against America, brought on by an activist judiciary.  To stop more successful murders of Americans, President Trump must become the law and order President that he said he would be when he was a candidate.

He must order his Department of Justice (DOJ) to allow local authorities the ability to fully investigate mosques that harbor terrorists, and overturn lower court rulings against local law enforcement that hamper that end.

Congress must aggressively appoint conservative judges to lower and appellate courts, something they are not now doing, and the Department of Homeland Security must step in to provide cross-county and cross state line jurisdiction, so that NYPD can cross into New Jersey, where they know plots against them are being hatched.  Homeland Security does not stop at city, county or state lines and affects all Americans equally.

The FBI, which is dramatically damaged by Comey and Obama diversity, should go back to chasing bank robbers across state lines, and let Homeland Security take over internal espionage and terrorism tasks, which the FBI has not been doing well during the past four years.  We need an agency to aggressively go after terrorists; the FBI has not been doing that lately.

Remember that the terrorists in Boston, California and Florida had been on the FBI’s radar, in fact, Saipov was also investigated, yet they did not follow up in any of the cases.  That level of failure is unacceptable.  One out of four would have shown some initiative by them, yet they catastrophically failed each time.

Since 2009, all terrorist suspects have been captured by local law enforcement.  That must tell you that we need to fix the situation, and the only sure fix with an agency so totally corrupted as the FBI, is to start a new agency within Homeland Security.

The last thing to take away from this last terrorist act in Manhattan is that the gun control laws already on the books kept Saipov armed with only toy guns.  Some whacked out leftist remarked, and was repeated on all the MSM, “What would have happened had Saipov been armed with an assault rifle?”  Of course he wasn’t, because we have more than enough gun laws already on the books.

The left did their best to have dead Americans on the streets of New York City; they plotted, planned and executed the stoppage of reasonable law enforcement.  They own every ounce of blood smeared across the bike path taken by the Islamic terrorist that they invited into their mist with a Diversity Visa, and enabled him to kill with a truck, by stopping the police from investigating him, and the others like him, before he could be stopped.

Every ounce of blood, that is, except that of the terrorist himself.  That blood was spilled by a good guy with a gun, a NYPD police officer whose shots stopped the carnage; proving that guns save lives.

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  1. Ray
    Good for you calling out where the responsibility lies. The left have deviated so far from reason that they are either delusional or allied with the terrorists and communist who rabidly work to destroy this nation.

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