Senator on North Korea Missiles / Nukes: “If we have to go to war over this, we will.” – TILLERSON TALKING NAVAL BLOCKADE

Hal Turner

UPDATED 10:22 PM EST — SEE HIGHLIGHTED UPDATE BELOW — In a brutally blunt statement about the growing North Korea threat to the United States, Senator Lindsay Graham, appearing on CNN “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer discussing today’s ICBM launch by North Korea said “If we have to go to war over this, we will.”

It is important to note that Congress (The US House and Senate) is the ONLY branch of the US Government which has the authority to Declare War.  When men like him start saying things like this on TV, people had better prepare.

As of 9:09 PM EST today, reports are now coming out from North Korean officials saying to “expect a 7th nuclear test detonation.”

Previously, North Korean officials said they were only two steps away from completing their needed testing:

1) a final, long-range ICBM test (which they conducted today)

2) A surface detonation of a nuclear bomb over the Pacific Ocean.

They’ve taken the first step above.  All that’s left for them is a surface nuclear detonation.  Look for it.

Then look for the immediate commencing of WAR between North Korea and the United States.


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is now raising the possibility of “naval interdiction” (read Blockade) of North Korea in response to today’s missile launch.  Here is the official State Department Announcement:


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