Self-Mutilators and Bi Polar Wackos – The Army’s Future Soldiers

By Ray Starmann

I really have to stop asking myself what’s next in the military’s long, twisted, dark journey into the subterranean hell known as political correctness and general stupidity.

As part of the military’s current trend of giving the unqualified a chance to serve; of allowing every freak of nature, social misfit, SJW and dud on active duty, the army has announced that they will be granting “waivers” to certain recruits who violate criteria related to mental-health violations like having a history of bipolar disorder, or self-mutilation.

Imagine sitting in a foxhole with a bi polar nut job who wants to cut himself with his bayonet.

Arlington, we have a problem…

The army’s PR operation, sensing a potential backlash, turned the dial up to Mach 4 on the spin cycle meter.

According to the Washington Post and USA Today, “the decision to open Army recruiting to those with mental health conditions comes as the service faces the challenging goal of recruiting 80,000 new soldiers through September 2018.”

In a nutshell, the army can’t recruit enough people, hence the decision to clean out mental wards.

Maybe the army would get more guys joining up if they didn’t see pictures of soldiers parading around in red high heels and a West Point cadet who is not only a SOB, but the Son of Stalin. Just a thought…

The army’s excuse as to why they can now allow crackpots to sign up is simply ludicrous. According to Lieutenant-Colonel Randy Taylor, “expanding the waivers for mental health is possible in part because the Army now has access to more medical information about each potential recruit.”

Uh huh…

Prisons now have records online. Does that mean I want a death row inmate running for Senator?

But, the army has made it clear that it won’t accept every self-mutilator and every guy who has the bi polar personality of a menstruating 15 year old girl. They’re only taking the best.

100 Nuts will test today, but only three wear the Green Beret…

A literal blizzard of B.S. was shoveled by Major General Jeff Snow, commander of the US Army’s Recruiting Command. According to Snow, “The biggest challenge right now is the fact that only three in 10 can actually meet the requirements to actually join the military. We talk about it in terms of the cognitive, the physical and the moral requirements to join the military, and it’s tough. We have a very good Army; there’s a desire to recruit quality into the Army.”

If you wanted quality, General Snow, you wouldn’t be recruiting the guy with the Anarchy in the UK t-shirt and 300 cuts in his arms, would you?

If you wanted quality, General Snow, you wouldn’t be recruiting the guy who pops Xanax like M & M’s would you?

Having Private Joe Snuffy slitting his wrists with his K Bar, is right up there at the top, in a long line of lunacy, which indicates that not only is the military suffering from a Number One case of cognitive dissonance, but that the SJW’s are not just in the wire, but have laid siege to the Pentagon.

Mommy Rangers, breast pumping in the field, Liberace as a company commander, soldiers who can’t spell ASVAB, druggies, homosexuals, transgender traitors who believe they served honorably, commie butter bars and a presiding bird colonel at a certain deserter’s trial who thinks he’s part of the ‘Resistance’ are all major indicators that the military is in the process of Deep Sixing itself for decades to come.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders, which is published by the American Psychiatric Association; self-mutilation — where people slashing their skin with sharp instruments — may signal deeper mental health issues.

Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo…

And, accepting recruits with those mental health conditions in their past carries risks, according to Elspeth Ritchie, a psychiatrist who retired from the Army as a colonel in 2010 and is an expert on waivers for military service. People with a history of mental health problems are more likely to have those issues resurface than those who do not, she said.

“It is a red flag,” she said.

You think?

Literally every week there is a news item concerning problems in the military.  General Mattis was brought in to fix those problems, which range from massive readiness issues to smashing the Obama era PC mandates that have put the armed forces at death’s door. If General Mattis won’t put a stop to the social engineering, then President Trump needs to find a Secretary of Defense who will.

7 comments on “Self-Mutilators and Bi Polar Wackos – The Army’s Future Soldiers
  1. I guess its the deep state still running things…How can this be allowed? What happened to your oath’s? the part about enemies… domestic… Ring a bell?

  2. The Soros/Obama plans were to infiltrate their pacifists and Leftists quietly into high and powerful military positions to slowly and without fanfare, destroy the US military from within as a prelude to an Soros/DNC/Islamic takeover of the states at some point. If enough commanders are in a cabal with Soros then when the time comes to confront the enemy, they will give orders and directions which lead to a US defeat. Bengazi, Iraq, ISIS were planned defeats, and carried out under the command of Soros appointed generals, admirals, and CIA chiefs. The Soros corruption of the highest levels of ALL the US government is more apparent every day with the obstruction of Trumps plans and the obvious corruption of his advisors. DOJ, IRS, VA, US Army, etc have Soros elements in powerful positions and they must be rooted out,fired, retired, reduced in rank and post, and publicly ruined for their treachery and corruption.

  3. This is just one more example of the U.S. Army creating tomorrow’s problems today. I mean, good luck paying all the bills and medical/psych separation payments when these knuckleheads go apeshi% and get discharged. This MGen Snow must need a psych-eval himself. The CiC needs to tell both Snow and Mattis: “You’re Fired!”
    But hey, while we are on the subject of recruiting, why not just go to Syria and set-up recruiting booths outside of mosques? After all, there are lots of out-of-work ISIS Jihadis looking for a few good infidels.

  4. Anybody with common sense should know putting in people with mental illness in the Military is putting everyone at risk.

    The entire squadron, battalion and base is now at risk from the inside.

    Communist must be laughing.

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