Merkel Government Admits It Wants the Anti-EU, Anti-Muslim Polish Government Gone and Replaced by SJW’s

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A diplomatic spat has developed between Berlin and Warsaw after the German Defense Minister said that her country should support the “democratic resistance of the young generation” in Poland.

This scandalous remark from Germany’s top military official immediately led to a strong rebuke from all levels of the Polish government, which rightly interpreted her statement as an implied threat to aid the Soros-linked Color Revolutionaries in their quest to carry out a regime change in the Central European country.

As an overly simplified backgrounder, the ruling Law & Justice conservative party has been working to cleanse Poland’s permanent bureaucracy, or “deep state”, of the holdovers that their Civil Platform liberal predecessors had hurriedly stacked into government in a last-ditch attempt to derail their opponents’ legislative agenda until the next election. This is very similar to what the Democrats have been doing against Trump, but it’s just that PiS, which is the Polish abbreviation that the Law & Justice party is popularly known by, has been comparatively more successful than their allied American counterpart, hence why there’s been a proportionate increase in foreign support to the Color Revolution movement in response.

Germany hates PiS because party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s ideology of “EuroRealism” contrasts with Merkel’s “EuroLiberalism” in every way, from dealing with the migrant crisis to the future organization of the EU as a whole. PiS is even being sued by Brussels because of its refusal to accept the forcible relocation of even a single Muslim migrant, and its ambitious “Three Seas Initiative” aims to consolidate a new power bloc in Central and Eastern Europe in order to oppose Germany’s post-Brexit centralization initiative for the EU in favor of a more hands-off and reformed approach that respects the national sovereignty of the bloc’s members. It’s long been suspected that Berlin was backing the anti-government movement in Poland, and the country’s media has reported on this for nearly two years already, but the German Defense Minister’s sloppy statement on TV seemed to present the strongest confirmation yet that this is indeed truly the case.

This diplomatic spat will probably soon die down, but the damage that it wrought to bilateral relations won’t likely go away so long as PiS continues to govern Poland, which might be for the foreseeable future seeing as how they secured the country’s largest-ever post-communist electoral victory in 2015. Warsaw is now more motivated than ever before to continue strengthening its relations with its “Three Seas” partners, particularly Hungary but potentially even Austria under the coming premiership of Sebastian Kurz. In addition, PiS stands validated in the eyes of the Polish people for having apparently been right all along about German interference in their country’s domestic political affairs, which will embolden its supporters and might even convince some of its less-radical detractors to reconsider their positions.

This controversial episode is also very curious because it came at the same time that Poland ended its precautionary Flexible Credit Line with the IMF and Reuters launched an infowar attack against the country by provocatively suggesting that Poland’s job boom was inadvertently stoking inflation, which makes one wonder whether the Defense Minister’s veiled threat was timed as a “dog whistle” to coincide with a new asymmetrical regime change offensive against Warsaw.

Meanwhile, 60,000 fascists and white supremacists marched in a demonstration in Warsaw Saturday, as Poles celebrated their country’s Independence Day. Protesters marched under far-right banners, with one reading “White Europe of brotherly nations.” Many carried the national white-and-red flag as others set off flares and firecrackers, filling the air with red smoke.

State broadcaster TVP, which reflects the conservative government’s line, called the demonstration a “great march of patriots,” and in its broadcasts described the event as one that drew mostly regular Poles expressing their love of Poland, not extremists.

“It was a beautiful sight,” Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said. “We are proud that so many Poles have decided to take part in a celebration connected to the Independence Day holiday.”

4 comments on “Merkel Government Admits It Wants the Anti-EU, Anti-Muslim Polish Government Gone and Replaced by SJW’s
  1. Nice analysis. The Germans have the worst leadership one can imagine. Its pitiful to see a proud nation lead by communists in pink pussy hats.

  2. Poles for a traditional Poland are not
    “Far Right”!!! Please cease with this brain washing term.
    These people are normal people.
    Like patriotic Americans they want a Government for the people not for the multi-national destroyer class.
    God bless Poland & God bless the U.S..
    Jack the Prac in Texas

  3. They’re called fascists & white supremacists because they don’t want their country turning into a terrorist infested sharia shit hole like every other country that’s taken in these 3rd world mostly fighting age male invaders. What Poland does or doesn’t do with their country is nobody else’s business especially Angela Merkel who has intentionally destroyed her own country for a seat at the globalist a table in their coveted New World Order. I think Poland should start shipping their liberals to Germany & should start accepting conservative immigrants from Germany England France Italy and every other country that has been decimated buy these faux refugees building a stronger nation of conservative patriots to fight the coming war against them. Isn’t it funny that after centuries of dumb Polack jokes they turned out to be smarter than everyone else?

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