Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself from Uranium One Scandal – Must Recuse Himself as AG

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It’s obvious that the Attorney General has been compromised. Deep State must have some incredibly embarrassing evidence of wrongdoing by the former senator.

Sessions recused himself from the Russian witch hunt which has dragged on for months despite ANY evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

There is however myriads of evidence of the DNC and Hillary Campaign colluding and exchanging money with the Russians for faulty information on Donald Trump.

President Trump is baffled at the Attorney General’s meekness and lack of judgement.

Now AG Sessions has reportedly recused himself the Uranium One investigation too.
That means he has allowed the actual guilty parties in the crime ring to investigate themselves.

It’s stunning!


Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a small group of lawmakers in late September he was recused from appointing a special counsel to look into potential corruption surrounding the Uranium One deal and Fusion GPS’s work on the Trump dossier, according to one of the lawmakers present.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Breitbart News on Wednesday that he and other House Judiciary Committee Republicans had met with Sessions at the Justice Department on September 28 in advance of an upcoming committee hearing with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein later this month.

Gaetz said that when he asked Sessions to appoint a special counsel to investigate the 2010 Uranium One deal and Fusion GPS, the attorney general stood up, said he could not discuss the matter because he had recused himself, and walked out of the room, leaving them with a group of Rosenstein staffers “who showed no interest.”

“He said that anything that had to do with 2016 election, or Russia, or the candidates in the 2016 election, fell under the scope of his recusal, and he left the room,” Gaetz said.

“It was Sessions’ position that his recusal on the Russia matter divorced him from any oversight on Uranium One and Fusion GPS. That’s troubling. Sessions’ recusal is a function of his involvement in the Trump campaign. In no world does that impact his judgment as it relates to Fusion GPS and Uranium One. But he views the recusal more broadly. That’s troubling because that puts Rosenstein in charge,” he said.

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  1. oh good grief, what good is he? Sessions doesn’t have the courage to do his job. Rosenstien shouldn’t be in charge he worked for Mueller, he was on the uranium one board. Fire Sessions and get someone with some guts and brains to do the job . Let’s get behind this President, the way we did Obama.

  2. Just the fact that he hasn’t brought investigation against Hillary and obama and the rest of the dirty gang is enough for me to fire him and get someone in there to do their blasted job. I had high hopes for Sessions and he has failed me big time. Time is wasting and we can’t put up with him any longer.!!!!!

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