By Joe Ragonese

There have been times in my life that I was called a hero; however, I am not.  The way I see a hero is someone, other than a firefighter, running into a burning building and saving sleeping souls within.  That is a hero.

While an infantryman may be very brave when he charges a superior force, it does not make him a hero, because he is trained to charge, even overwhelming numbers, as an infantryman.  But a plumber, who willingly faces off against a gunman, who has just shot and killed over 40 people in a church, now that is my definition of a real hero.

As everyone reading this knows, on Sunday, November 5, 2017, Devin Patrick Kelley came armed with a Ruger AR-556, and two handguns, then entered the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, a town about 30 miles east of San Antonio.

Dressed in all black and wearing a ballistic bullet proof vest, with a ceramic plate to stop rifle rounds as well, he walked to the pulpit, turned and began shooting churchgoers.  His aim was to kill everyone inside that church, over some slight from his ex-Mother-in-law and his hatred of Christians.

The coward chose the gun free zone, knowing that he would be the only one armed as he mercilessly killed anyone who he saw.  He targeted children, some as young as 18 months old, simply for being frightened and whimpering or crying.

The shooting lasted for several minutes, as he unloaded over 450 bullets into the churchgoers.  It was a steady stream of bang-bang-bang-bang.  That continuous gunfire attracted the attention of the man who lived across the street, plumber, Steven Willeford.  Willeford had been an NRA firearms instructor and owned several firearms, which he kept locked in his gun safe.

Willeford stated, “I got my AR out of the safe, loaded up a magazine, and went across the street to see what was going on.”  In fact, Willeford, in his haste, forgot to put on shoes and ran, barefoot, across the street, where he confronted Kelley.

Kelley saw Willeford running at him armed, and opened fire.  Willeford returned fire as Kelley jumped into his pick-up truck and rolled down the window so he could continue to shoot at Willeford.  Bullets flew in both directions, and evidently one struck Kelley, as he dropped his rifle in the parking lot and sped away, trying to make his escape.

Willeford’s actions saved unknown numbers of people who had fled to the parking lot to escape the gunfire inside the church, but heroes don’t stop because the threat is fleeing, real heroes go after the evil doer, because that’s what heroes do.

Enter hero number two, Johnnie Langendorff.  Langendorff, who was unarmed, was on his way to his girlfriend’s house in Sutherland Springs, as he drove past the church Willeford stopped him, jumped in his truck and quickly said that the man who just shot up the church was getting away.

“I knew that fellow needed to be caught,” Langendorff said, and he gave chase, with speeds of up to 90 miles per hour.  Willeford fired a few shots at the fleeing truck, but admitted to Langendorff that he didn’t know how many bullets he had loaded into the magazine, so couldn’t be sure how many he had left.

The duo called the sheriff’s office and kept the dispatcher appraised as to where they were.  Finally, Kelley’s pick-up flipped off the road.  Both men approached the vehicle carefully, and found the shooter dead; apparently from self-inflicted wounds.  “I never thought that he had any more guns on him,” Willeford admitted.

Willeford humbly says that he is not a hero, giving all the credit to God.  “All I did was what anyone else would have done, had they heard the shooting first.  God gave me the knowledge and tools I needed, and protected me when I needed it, I am no hero.”

This is the real story of the Sutherland Springs church shooting, but you have not heard it on any MSM outlet, because it does not fit in with their far left, everyone’s a victim agenda.  They are consumed with lecturing us on the need for more gun control, the victimhood status of each person inside the church and the trauma suffered by first responders.  After all, everyone is a victim.

To the MSM, the fault in this massacre isn’t that the shooter was a rabid anti-Christian who had nothing but hate in his heart for those who love God, or that he loved leftist rhetoric and followed CNN; no, the fault lies with the fact that we need more intrusive gun control.  Not that any they have suggested would have helped in this or any mass shooting situation.

Heroes are not something the MSM wants Americans to know about because they are not victims and are real Americans who believe in God and Country, and probably mom’s apple pie.  But you and I know about the good in America, the good people, who Hillary and her Democratic friends call ‘deplorables,’ those who want to Make America Great Again.

The facts are in, the carnage over the past few months has been atrocious, but out of each incident there was good, true Americana, like the heroes who protected women and children as machine gun fire rained down on the country music venue in Las Vegas, or the policemen who confronted the truck murderer in New York City; real Make America Great Again heroes who placed other lives ahead of their own.

Real Americans are not victims, but heroes, just like Steven Willeford and Johnnie Langendorff, who surface in every tragedy from Las Vegas, to New York City, to Sutherland Springs, Texas.  There are more real American heroes across this great nation than all the sniveling snowflake victims that the left parades across the pages of the MSM each and every day.  But you don’t know about it, because the MSM hides that knowledge from us.

Now you know the truth that the MSM is hiding, America is making a recovery, and, try as hard as they can to, they cannot stop it.


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