The Killing Field…and its Aftermath

By Joe Ragonese

Country music was playing loudly, the singer on stage wrapping up his set.  As the entertainment rocked the audience, over 20,000 happy people were enjoying an evening with family, friends, neighbors, and sharing their love for each other and country and western music.  While they swayed to the rhythm, a popping sound reverberated over the music.

At first everyone thought that it was fireworks, a part of the show.  The technicians on stage knew there were no fireworks scheduled, and thought the popping was a malfunction of the equipment, and frantically checked dials, connections and settings.

As Sean Hannity reported on his radio program, there was a couple sitting in their seats, listening to the music, holding hands and after 32 years of marriage, simply enjoying each other’s company and the music they both loved.  Shortly after the popping started, the woman slumped over dead, with a bullet wound to her head.  Then more people started dropping to the ground.  Little by little, everyone understood that they were under fire and in mortal danger.

What followed could have only happened at a country and western music festival, not one where drugs are openly used, because the men acted like men, chivalrous and protective of others, even strangers, and the women acted like ladies, unafraid of their femininity, and willingly accepting the protection of the men around them.  Women and children laid on the ground, while men covered them with their bodies, or stood in front of them, making themselves a barrier between them and the gunfire.

One woman reported that her husband laid across her to shield her from the bullets; he took one of those bullets and died on top of her.  Another man laid across his children, telling them that he was 52 and had lived his life.  His children were in their 20s, and he wanted them to have a future too.  They all lived.

A Marine reservist, on a first date with a young lady at the event, hearing the gunfire, pushed her down and jumped on top of her to shield her from the bullets flying indiscriminately.  The panicked woman froze, but the combat vet pulled her up and led her to safety.  There were many veterans among those in attendance from all branches of the service; they used their training to calm, direct and aid the injured.  One stole a van and transported over 20 injured to local hospitals.

After the first volley, everyone hoped it was over, until a second burst of automatic fire rained down on them, the gunman had simply reloaded or changed guns.  Confusion reigned throughout the crowd, and most began to flee toward the only exit available to them, directly towards the gunfire.

Because these were real Americans, the kind that made this the greatest nation on earth, not selfish, self-centered brats who only think of themselves, they were careful not to step on anyone who might have fallen or continued to lay on the ground for protection.  If someone fell in front or alongside them, they reached down and helped them up again.

In so many large group settings we too often hear about the tragedy of someone being crushed to death under the feet of the panicked mass.  It even happened when the doors opened at a Black Friday sale in a New York store.  But these were people who held life as sacrosanct, and would first do no harm.  They were thoughtful of others and careful.

There have been no reports, with over 20,000 people all running and trying to get to the only exits, of anyone killed or injured by the fleeing crowd.  These people were courteous to one another, and while fearing for their lives, they cared about those around them.  One woman reported, on the Michael Savage radio program, that as she and her husband rushed toward the gate a police officer grabbed them, pulled them down behind a wall and said to lay still, that they were running toward the danger.

This woman further said that one woman who was lying with them, got up and was shot in the stomach.  Then the shooting stopped, the officer stood and began trying to find where the shooter was, moving toward the danger, armed only with a pistol and knowingly facing an automatic weapon.  At one point, this women said, that she heard two guns firing at the same time, one higher pitched than the other.  One seemed to be coming toward them; that was when the police officer went looking for the shooter they believed to be in the crowd.

As the bodies lay on the ground, bleeding out, police officers, firemen, paramedics, nurses, military veterans, and doctors in the crowd stopped running to get away from the gunfire, and knelt down beside the injured and dying, to render aid.  Most of these professionals were off duty, enjoying the music when pressed into service.  Many in the crowd, seeing unattended injured lying on the ground bleeding, stopped in their attempt to escape the killing zone, and did whatever they could to aid those less fortunate than them; even if all they could do was hold their hand.  Honor would not allow them to flee while others needed aid.

One young man, a millennial, came out of the carnage with no shirt, and covered in blood.  A reporter asked him if he was injured.  The man replied, “It’s not my blood, I was trying to help some people who were shot, I wrapped them up with my shirt, that’s why I’m half naked.”  Everyday heroes under fire acted bravely and selflessly.  These are the men and women who make America great and give the Greatest Generation a run for their money, possessing the same virtue and qualities as their grand and great-grandparents.

Many of these acts have been reported in various news sources, but the main coverage by the MSM has been the call for more gun control and the politics of those described above.  One CBS executive even had the audacity to post on her Facebook page that she had no sympathy for the dead and wounded, because they were Trump voters.  She lost her job because she made the wrong choice to post what most on the left were thinking.

That is how divided this nation is, there is no coming together any longer.  It is us against them; whichever side you are on.  And therein is the worst outcome of this senseless shooting, a realization that America is hopelessly a divided nation.

No one seems to know the politics of the shooter, nor his reasons for committing such a horrendous act, but maybe it was simply to cause the final split in this country.  Maybe he wanted to start the civil war between Americans that seems to be coming.

We don’t know, but what we do know is that one side, those who listen to country and western music, who probably voted for President Trump, love America, want to see it great again, love God,  own guns, act selflessly and chivalrously, even when their life is on the line, are facing an opposition who oppose God, love sin, worship dirt, encourage unnatural acts between people of the same sex, hate America and you and me, and love the shooter for what he did to us.

The killing field did more harm then merely causing the death and maiming of so many innocents, it exposed all the good and evil within America.  The time is here, everyone needs to pick a side, good or evil, the choice is yours.

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