The Coming Break-Up Of America: Part 4—How To Stop It

By Frosty Wooldridge

“A Constitutional Republic demands citizen participation.  Citizenship means ‘action’, not sitting in the bleachers watching the game with a beer mug in your hand.  Your children’s lives and the future of this country depend on your actions in 2017. The worst mistake you can make: to think that you can do so little that you do nothing at all.”  FHW

Thomas W. Chittum, author of, “CIVIL WAR II: THE COMING BREAKUP OF AMERICA,” brings concrete historical evidence to the impending conflicts in America.  By looking around, you, the average American, can see this tragedy building.

In part 4, you learn what you can do to change course.  When enough Americans take action, we can move mountains and change our country’s course toward a viable and sustainable future.

With 12 to 20 million “illegal, undocumented, border jumpers, Anchor babies, visa overstays, ad nausea” or whatever the mainstream media wants to call them living on U.S. S il—a dozen cities sport 51 percent foreign born immigrants, over three million Middle Eastern immigrants enclaving against American values—“America, we’ve got a problem.”   One of the aspects of the disintegration of Rome stemmed from its importation of Vandals that neither cared about Rome nor gave allegiance.  In the end, they ‘enclaved’ more of their own until they became more powerful, by sheer numbers, than Romans.  The cult of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ being jammed down Americans’ throats by both parties is an example of self-induced national suicide—just like the Romans.  In this case, both Republicans and Democrats wear the same sombrero given to them by leaders south of the border.

In a 2003 speech by former Colorado Governor Lamm, “How to Destroy America,” he said, “My sixth point for America’s downfall would be to include dual citizenship and promote divided loyalties.  I would celebrate diversity over unity.  I would stress differences rather than similarities.  Diverse people worldwide are mostly engaged in hating each other—that is when they are not killing each other.”  A walk down the streets of Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago or New York proves the chilling anti-American sentiment.

Chittum writes about economic collapse.  In 2017, we reached $20 trillion in national debt.  Our second president, John Adams said, “There are two ways to conquer a nation: by the sword and/or by debt.”

Chittum talks about how our own Congress ramrods 2.1 to 2.6 million immigrants down our throats annually while outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring jobs to other countries.   How can we ever maintain a decent standard of living by adding 3.1 million people annually into the USA?  Doesn’t anyone ‘get it’ that the reason they flee Mexico and China stems from the fact that they can’t feed, work, educate or clothe their own populations that explode out of control?  Why create the same crisis here?

Like many companies, American Flyer, the little red wagon that we all pulled in our childhoods– offshored its production to China.  But thousands of companies are moving production out of our country—leaving our people in unemployment lines.  It’s a lose-lose situation for U.S. citizens.

Chittum talks about phases of Civil War II:  1. Tribalization, or the undermining of the concept of citizenship.  2. The creeping loss of democracy to private, governmental institutions and international bodies.  3. Gradually falling wages.  4. The slow decay of infrastructure in our cities and the abandonment by Americans and their replacement by minorities wedded to welfare and affirmative action. 5. Growing legal and illegal immigration to transform America into a typical Third World country.  6. Massive drive for gun control to cripple military potential from the working class.  7. Cooperation of the mass media to dumb down the population.

Near the end of the book he makes projections that you can see happening right now:

  1. Shrinking hourly wage.  2. More immigrants than Americans.  3. Foreigners hold most Federal Debt.  4. Twenty million Third World slums on our borders known as ‘colonias’. 5. Manufacturing jobs moved out of the USA making it impossible for us to make or sell anything to the world.  6. Republican and Democratic politicians refusing to deal with the immigration crisis. Worse, both parties aid and abet it.   7. Growing power of advocates of Aztlan or the reconquest of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas by Mexico.

Our country is in deep trouble and worsening fast. I spent two weeks on the border from El Paso to San Diego.  Immigrants successfully pour over our borders at 500,000 per year. (Source: Dr. Steve Camarota,  I saw them loading up in buses.  I saw them squashed 30 to a van.  I saw them crawling through the desert bush with my night vision scope.  I interviewed Border Patrol officers who are hamstrung by Congress.  Trump changes that recently, but they keep coming.  The illegals they catch, border patrol agents release illegals on the border only to try again until they succeed.    I saw the safe houses.  I saw the lay-up areas.  I saw the millions of pounds of trash left in the desert.  I saw the invasion first hand.

What can you do?  Democracy is not a spectator sport.   YOU need to start acting, writing, calling, pushing, shoving and screaming at your mayors, radio stations, newspapers and reps that you’re tired of this invasion.  Demand a total immigration shutdown, NOW!  Demand troops on the border.  Demand English as our only language.  Support building a wall to stop the $50 billion in drugs every year from being offered to your kids.  Demand no benefits for illegal aliens.  Demand E-Verify be passed.  Stop DACA.   Demand no amnesties for illegals.  Demand deportations begin.  Demand the rule of law be followed and employers of illegals be arrested.  Call your senators and house rep!

Will Chittum’s book prove prophetic?  Will Rome’s history become our history?  It all depends on you.

Join seven million other Americans to empower yourself at these websites: ;   It’s free and you can forward pre-written letters by fax to your Congress critters.

If you would like me to speak at/in your city, conference, social group or clubs about the consequences of mass immigration into America, please contact me.  My program:  “The Perfect Storm Descending Upon America” articulates the consequences of adding 100,000,000 (million) legal immigrants to America within the next 30 years.  It spells out what we face as to shortages in water, energy and resources. It spells out the sociological chaos created by mixing 196 (the number of countries exporting their citizens into our country) different cultures, languages, religions and worldviews from those 100 million immigrants. It illustrates our dilemma as environmental and quality of life consequences.

Additionally, if you would like me to speak on your local radio talk show, please give them my name, topic and contact information. Or give me theirs and I will contact them:  [email protected] ,


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