Tapeworms, Leftists, and other Parasitic Creatures

By Joe Ragonese

Flies, I hate them.  They buzz around until you are forced to swat them, because if you simply shoo them away, they come right back.  They return because something has attracted their attention.  Leftists are the same way, you can shoo them away, but once you have attracted their attention, they keep coming back, just like that pesky fly.

The difference between a fly and a leftist; however, is that God designed the fly to act in the way it does.  Flies are here because they a part of God’s plans to recycle the earth.  Flies are an important part of the cycle of life; they start the process of decomposition that leads to renewal of the earth.  Leftists, on the other hand, don’t seem to fit into God’s plans, because they take and give nothing back.

Leftists are parasites, like tapeworms.  A tapeworm does not contribute to anything on earth.  In fact, a tapeworm only exists to procreate and live, always taking from everyone else.  That is what leftists do, only procreate and live off of everyone else’s hard labor.  Like all parasites, they take everything and give nothing back.

Left unchecked, a parasite will eventually kill its host.  They will gorge themselves until what has been feeding them, sometimes for many years, will simply die due to the parasites that are devouring them.  Today, the NFL has found itself squarely in the sights of the worst parasites on earth, progressives.

The NFL has known for many years that feminists and leftists of this country (who call themselves progressives) want to put them out of business.  To counter the constant attacks on the NFL, owners banded together to formulate a plan to placate them.  The thing they forgot; however, is that they are parasites who will gorge themselves on any offering, until finally killing off the organism, in this case, the NFL itself.  The most important thing they forgot is that you cannot placate a parasite, they are insatiable.

The NFL is not he only organism under attack by the left.  Leftists have gone unchallenged for 100 years.  The Democratic Party tried to placate them, only to be completely devoured by them.  Look at the Democratic Party of 1917 and of 2017, they are nothing alike.  Leftists, a coalition of communist, feminist, anarchist, and other anti-American rabble, calling themselves progressives, began the takeover of the Democrat Party, soon after the 1917 communist revolution in Russia.  The end result is today’s Democratic Party.

The left was unchallenged for many of those years; Republicans were always too polite to confront them, and the rest of us, the working people of America, were too interested in earning an income to counter the left. The left offered the perception of a growing movement, so much so, that much of corporate America fell into its parasitic trap, including the NFL.

The threat of losing business, because they held solid business views, caused them to modify their structure to accommodate leftists.  Of course, we know there is no accommodating a parasite, they will simply keep taking until there is nothing left to give.  Kellogg comes to mind, on the verge of bankruptcy because they caved into leftist parasites.

Perception became the reality.  That is an important lesson.  Even though there were only several thousand leftists who took the time to write letters to those corporations that they wanted to cave into their leftist spell, because they were on welfare or otherwise doing nothing of value and had the time to write to corporations, it seemed to be a groundswell of discontent.  Cowed by the hatred spilled out by these corporate public relations imbeciles, the perception became the reality.  The boycott was born as a tool to obtain progressivism, with only a few thousand letters written.

Much of corporate America fell in line with progressives because for the past 50 years they have been using the boycott as a tool to get large corporations to succumb to their tactics.  People like Jesse Jackson, merely needed to suggest a boycott for a perceived racial prejudice, and that corporation that he targeted handed him any payment he demanded, simply to leave them alone.

Conservatives, and the rest of us working people, didn’t have the time or the inclination to boycott anyone for redress of any of our complaints.  Many of us are business owners ourselves and didn’t want to pressure other businessmen and women.   That was our weakness and the left used it like a meat clever against us.  They splintered us, cut us into different groups and classes, and kept attacking like the parasitic creatures they are.

The time has come for us to stop allowing progressives to devour us alive.  To do so, we need to use the boycott ourselves.  It is already beginning, look at the ratings for CNN, and the NFL.  President Trump’s election to office is another indication that we will no longer be led to our own demise.

The NFL has gone past the point of any reasonableness in trying to placate the left, in the process becoming anti-American, and spitting in the faces of those of us who love America, respect the flag and those who served in the armed forces.

We are the ones who enjoy the NFL, not progressives.  It is us in the stands, watching the NFL on TV, or in the parking lot tailgating, not progressives.  We the people, who love America  watch the NFL.  It is us, the fans, whose faces the NFL is spitting on .  Many of us have already turned off our televisions to the NFL, if you are not one, I urge you to do so; however, now we need to make the time to bring home the point that it is a new day in America.

The NFL is spitting in our faces to placate the left, that parasitic organism that will continue to devour us all until we no longer exist.  Call it tough love, but we need to let those organizations and advertisers who are being used by the left, know that this is a new dawn in America.  We the people must demand that our concerns are acknowledged.  We must Boycott the NFL, and every advertiser that supports them.

Not only boycott, but send them emails and letters telling them that we will no longer use their products and services, as long as they advertise with the NFL.  The tried and true tactic of the left can be just as easily turned against them.

Below is a list of 25 NFL advertisers who need to be made aware that we the people, are fed up and will no longer use their products and services:

  • Pepsi- they are on top because they are the worst offender, advertising several different products
  • Anheuser-Busch -once America’s beer, now made overseas
  • Barclaycard US
  • Bose
  • Bridgestone Tires
  • Campbell’s Soup Company
  • Castrol
  • Courtyard Marriott
  • Dairy Management, Inc
  • Dannon
  • Extreme Networks
  • FedEx
  • Frito-Lay
  • Gatorade
  • Hyundai Motor America
  • Mars Snack Foods
  • Microsoft
  • Nationwide
  • News America
  • Papa Johns
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Quaker
  • Verizon
  • Visa
  • USAA (This one really hurts, it is an organization for veterans, how can they advertise knowing these people disrespect veterans and everything we did to earn their freedom)

The time has come to fight back; we can’t expect President Trump to do this alone, he needs us to have his back.  Take the time to email these corporations and see how quickly the NFL caves into the pressure, as will their advertisers, once they see massive numbers of we the people letting them know that we are angry.   Remember, it is the perception, only a few thousand leftists take the time to send in letters threatening a boycott, and the corporations cave.  It’s time they cave into our demands.  The perception will be the truth, we the people are angry.

The left has been doing this for over 50 years, it is now time to take back America, and make it great again.


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